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Starbound beta inbound

Discussion in Gaming started by Kyron The Wise, Dec 2, 2013

  1. Apr 29, 2011
    I searched for a little bit, and as far as I can tell, there are no threads about the Starbound beta going live in two days. In fact, I don't seem to be able to find a thread about Starbound at all. Either I suck at searching, which is possible, since I AM the Legendary Ganderp, or there is in fact no thread on this, which would be unacceptable.

    My question is this; How many of you are going to be partaking in the glory that shall be Starbound?

    Since I am bored out of my mind, I'm going to go ahead and pull a Vadleon. That's right, it's time for


    First off, what exactly Starbound is, for those who don't know.
    For those who are too lazy or too stupid to read walls o text. Starbound will effectively be Terraria in SPACE.
    However, it will be so much more than that. You see, calling it Terraria in space just isn't enough. It's more like Terraria, on several variants of drugs, dipped in nuclear waste, then strapped to a rocket and fired into deep Space. When I say Space, I mean SPACE. As in, an entire procedurally generated universe. As if that weren't enough, there will be stupendously large amounts of content, including things like different alien races to play as, questing, thousands of items, and Mechs. Yeah. Mechs.

    There is so much more that I am not including here, as there is so much that will be within the game, and I am much too lazy to talk about it all. Instead of going over all of that, I will talk about how this here beta is going to work.
    The Beta is going to go through Three Stages. The first stage, which is what is coming in 2 days, is the Progenitor Stage, which would be comparable to Minecraft InDev.
    The Progenitor Stage is going to be buggy as hell. If that's something you No Want, you probably shouldn't get the game until the next stage comes out. This stage is for those who want to help the devs out by reporting bugs, and willing to take relatively shitty gameplay in order to do so. This stage will be characterized by the aforementioned bugginess, and rapid updating on the part of the devs. Also, you most likely will lose saves due to the rapid updating. You have been warned.

    The next stage will be the Automaton stage, comparable to the early Minecraft Alpha. This stage will be more stable than progenitor, and largely feature complete, though the main quest won't be in, along with certain other features. Also, this stage will be about optimazation, unlike Progenitor.

    The final stage before full release will be Bio-Organic, similiar to Minecraft Beta. This stage is all about getting ready for full launch, and crushing the last few bugs, as well as implementing the features that weren't in Automaton.

    PS: Post may or may not be expanded, depending on how lazy I am

    PPS: Yes, I am in fact still alive.
    Kyron The Wise, Dec 2, 2013 Last edited by Kyron The Wise, Dec 3, 2013