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CS:S Stats!

Discussion in Server Updates started by Brian, Jun 10, 2012

  1. Jun 4, 2006
    http://stats.plaguefest.com for short or just click the "Stats" button on the main navigation.

    I know there's the whole debate of who gives a shit about stats or rank, but leave that alone as that crap is tired. If you don't care about your stats/rank, awesome, keep on doin' yo thang and ignore your rank. You might find some of the stats it collects to be interesting however. If you do fancy stats and rank, cool, knock yourself out.

    General Features
    • All stats are generated in real-time.
    • Google Maps integration - player locations.
    • Hitbox - weapon accuracy
    • Awards, ribbons, ranks - daily awards are given for various actions & events, ribbons are given to those who rack up daily awards, and ranks are earned as your stats increase.
    • Graphs - view various stat changes over time (most graphs can be clicked for larger views)
    • Steam integration - profile data pulled from steam if available
    • SourceBans/VAC integration - view ranked players who have been banned
    • Basic server stats - players, uptime, fps over time: see what maps pull down the fps or cause dips or rises in players:
    • In-game info menus / commands
    Mobile Access
    Stats can be accessed via your phone or tablet. Just visit stats.plaguefest.com via your mobile browser.

    shot_000009 shot_000010 shot_000011 shot_000012 shot_000013

    Common In-Game Chat Commands
    • Appears in Hud/Menu
      • rank - Current Position
      • next - Players ahead in the ranking
      • top - Top 10 players in the ranking
    • Appears in In-game Browser
      • load - stats/graph from all servers in the ranking, shows players, kills, etc.
      • status - current server status
      • clans - clan rankings
      • cheaters - ranked players that have been banned by sourcemod or vac
      • statsme - statistics summary for yourself
      • weapons [weapon] - weapon usage
      • accuracy - weapons accuracy
      • kills, kill, player_kills - stats for players you've killed (5 or more only)
      • actions [action] - server actions summary
      • help, cmd, cmds, commands - help screen
    As with any menu, use 0 to exit it early, otherwise it disappears automatically after 15 seconds.

    If you want more information visit the help page (?) on the stats page. On there you can find how points are calculated and also how to add additional info to your rank profile if you wish (name, email, homepage, etc).

    Navigation Tips (if you're familiar with gameme you'll probably be peachy)
    1. First page you see is an overview of all the ranked servers. Click on a server to receive the navigation links for that specific server, which will appear under the server's name.
    2. The 'Servers' page on the sub navigation for a specific server is actually just that server's overview. It's called 'Servers' as multiple servers can be set to 1 ranking (as explained below under unimportant info).
    3. Clicking various links or graphs will usually provide further data, for example, clicking on a City or Country name on a player's location will then look up all players who live in that same city or country for that given game server.

    General unimportant info I suspect no one will read:
    • Each server has a separate ranking, each 'ranking' can contain multiple sets of servers, currently it's 1 server per ranking as this makes sense for us, since our servers are all very different. If we had say.. a few 24/7 map type TF2 servers for instance, those might be grouped into 1 ranking instead of 3 separate ones as it's just default TF2 on a certain map 24/7. This way players could increase their rank by playing on any of the 24/7 map tf2 servers, as they're all very similar and offers the player more shit to do all the while adding data to their stats, if they give a shit about that.
    • Some commands are disabled and may not function such as servers, place, etc despite the help file listing it as available.
    • Servers have only been monitoring since about 4:00 AM this morning, not a lot of data is available yet.
    • Various options / settings may be tweaked and altered as time progresses.
    And some screenshots:

    statsshot1 statsshot2 statsshot3 statsshot4 statsshot5 statsshot6 statsshot7 statsshot8 statsshot9
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      Brian, Jun 10, 2012 Last edited by Brian, Jun 11, 2012
    • Mar 19, 2012

      EDIT: Why does PF not have a thanks rating???

      EDIT 2: Very well done

      EDIT 3: dislike the chat log
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        jookbob, Jun 10, 2012 Last edited by jookbob, Jun 10, 2012
      • jookbob
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        Jun 10, 2012
      • Jan 5, 2012
        Good job man! :thumbsup:
      • Jul 14, 2010
        Many thanks to those that got this working
        ! :thumbsup:
      • May 15, 2011
        I have a reason to play again. Weeee~
      • Apr 9, 2007
      • Aug 1, 2011
        I am sorry, but is it just me or does anyone else not like the whole location thing? I personally don't like the fact that anyone can know where I am from without me telling them.

        Can that aspect of the Stat's thing be fixed?
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        • Feb 1, 2011
          Anyone can find out almost exactly where you are by looking up your IP. You're really not any more exposed because of this than you ever were before.
        • Aug 1, 2011
          I know if someone wants to know where I am, they probably can find me. But this shows without any effort, handing out my location on a silver platter.
          I just don't like the idea of it, sorry. That's just me.
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          • Jul 14, 2010
            Idk about you but it doesn't even show my correct location, no IP website does really, they're all off by 50-200+ miles and they show the wrong towns. The states are right, but anyways just because it shows your town doesn't mean it's revealing your identity. Turn down the paranoia.
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            • Aug 1, 2011
              I DON'T WANNA. :<
            • Mar 9, 2012
              Crazy stuff, good job.
            • Jan 5, 2012
              creepy, but nice
            • May 12, 2012
              You should be more worried about your IP address that is thrown around all over the place depending what games you play and websites you go to (even Facebook, etc.). Having stats merely show your state or city is nothing compared to when someone can track your IP and find the exact house you are in. I understand that privacy is a big issue and that it is very important, however I feel that having a location on the stats page is harmless.
            • Nov 16, 2011
              Google already knows everything about you :3
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              • Feb 12, 2012
                Awesome, this is so much better then gametracker. Goodjob :razz:
              • Mar 19, 2012
                get to tailoring!
              • Feb 12, 2012
                Is there any way to look the chat log page look a little cleaner? narrow the rows up maybe?
              • May 14, 2011
                Well now i have a reason to be a "try hard". Damn minigames used to be so relaxing! :razz:

                Amazing work though!

                Totally agree, this is kind off annoying. I don't mind the country/ state but <100km^2 is getting a bit close to home