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Steam Family Sharing

Discussion in Gaming started by RedM00N, Sep 11, 2013

  1. Jan 30, 2013
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    • Apr 9, 2012
      Not long ago also their Trade offers, both pretty useless though this one seems more interesting of the 2... Still, I don't need all that shit. Where's EP3
    • Apr 28, 2013
      Can we just go back the the old profile format on steam PLIIS?
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      • Oct 13, 2011
        Sharing my games ?

      • Feb 11, 2012
        Heh, I liked the original too but I guess things can't stay the same. We'll see about this one.
      • May 15, 2011
        I like the idea. I have a sister whom also games and having to buy her everything is tough on my paycheck. Being able to share my games with her would be fantastic, especially if it were to allow multiplayer.
      • Apr 10, 2011
        so what happens if i start steam in offline mode, can we play the same game in Lan?
      • Aug 16, 2013
        Under the FAQs, you can't both play at the same time. If the main computer starts playing while the shared computer is on, the shared one gets kicked off or is offered to buy the game.
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