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Suggestion to the CSGO mod creators ..

Discussion in CS:GO Zombie Mod started by royki2, Aug 20, 2012

  1. Aug 20, 2012
    I dont know but for me its looks like to basic zombie mod
    my friend built a special ZM mod in CSS and he built alot of zombies such as smoker (like l4d - he used the hook mod and changed the models - works perfect)
    he made boomer
    flying zombies
    spider zombies and more

    also he replaced the knifes in the zombies hands to claws
    so it will looks like zombie and not a freaking player

    also in cs 1.6 the zombie mod is way more evolved then this one I cant even tell what's going on there ..

    so just saying its looks kinda basic all you see its like zombies (i guess with basic classes like jump, hp, speed) chasing some cts and also you didnt changed their hands model to claw so its looks like they have knifes
  2. Jun 4, 2006
    We're working with limited resources. Keep in mind the mod is alpha, and we're working with CS:GO beta still. More zombie/human models/skins & classes will be created and introduced in the coming weeks. What we have testing now is rough for sure and needs a lot of polish.
  3. Aug 1, 2011
    That was done on purpose. One of the major building blocks that pF is based off of is the fact that we keep things to a minimum. Fewer things to download = people getting on the servers quicker and spending less time getting bored and frustrated.
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    • Mar 20, 2012
      I really hope the zombie model, which valve is creating will look awesome.
      Yea i seen these zombie claws on supreme elite with the alien-zombieskin and i would really like it if the model devs or the mapeadores guys could make some bloody claws too, but i dont know anybody in this modelcommunity -.-
      but maybe they gonna update something in their cs:go threads soon http://mapeadores.com/forum/34-masculino-male/
    • Aug 19, 2012
      Xenomorph zombies from ZR were pretty map-breaking imo. I like the way it is now, but can see some slight (very, very slight) variability to make others happy.
    • Apr 14, 2011
      True you wont see much until the full game is out. Once the full game is out the programmers/modders can then create the best mods possible.
    • Jan 30, 2011
      You're a little late there, Kosuki. GO was released last month, near the end.
    • Apr 14, 2011
      I know catching up on stuff. Been in hospital for 3 weeks :/