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Suggestions for MiniGames. [!shop and rtd]

Discussion in CS:S Custom Maps started by Peter, Jul 2, 2013

  1. May 27, 2008
    So, in my time of being here I've noticed something others servers have that we don't: two plug-ins and certain maps.

    !shop and rtd are features that would give maximum customization to regulars, donors, and admins. With this choice, players would be attracted by customization to make their character look better (and play more often, which benefits the server and the player).
    Maps have often been complained about in the MG server; much controversy has arose over maps such as mg_big_city, xmas_nipperhouse, mg_smee_tower, ski_mountain, goldeneye, warmcup, etc. I know many players who love said maps, but to be fair these have nothing to do with MG. I am no longer defending "it's a nice break from MG all the time" because it's all any regular PF users ever wants to play while some PF users and others want to play MG only. Also, I wish to add and request that the server slots be reduced to 48, as fifty seems too high to achieve for us currently. It's not too much of a loss, but it also opens up opportunities for new maps with a lower slot count.

    Give Me a Reason Why
    Without such attractions, MG has been deteriorating over time, suffering at low points and doing (on occasions) better than ZM at peaks. This odd population count isn't due to the fact of "children playing because of summer", but the type of map and ability of choice the player will have. I recall our MG server being the greatest and almost always retaining a constant population of 40+.

    !Shop Functionality
    For those of you who aren't familiar with !shop, it is a command available for all players on the MG servers, giving a cosmetic advantage to anyone who wishes to use it. Rewarding players with credits, they can enter !shop into the chat and are given a choice to actually shop with their credits, access their personal inventory of already purchased and/or default (given) items, or refund items.
    !shop items may include the following:

    • Trails – a pattern or texture that follows the player for a short period of time. With the extreme choice of all the patterns out there, this leaves the player with customization as to what pattern they prefer.
    • Trails can also be modified to the player's wishes; i.e. – length, width, duration, and/or opacity.
    • Tracers – another pattern/texture feature, but it shows where your line of fire is and where your bullet went. Basically it "traces" behind your bullet! Also modifiable.
    • Hats – because who doesn't like hats? Kitty ears, party hats, and even crowns can be unlocked through the credit system.
    • Skins – a possibility, and new feature to !shop that many others don't have.
    • Titles – who wouldn't want to be Princess Peter.(M+D)? Or Master Kyle?

    Sounds Good and All, But How Will It Work?
    !shop serves as an inner, personal command. Credits may be given to any player who has joined the server for the first time. A preset would be set at a high enough amount to buy at least one trail and one tracer, but hats and skins will be more expensive since it will rework the model. Refunds are not limited, but as usual the refund price is will result in less credits than the player had used on said item. Admins, be them level 1-3, LSA and Management will not be able to change their credits, to keep everything in the server fair gain. However, I was thinking we could implement something to where players who wish to gain credits faster, or rather just straight up buy them, have the ability to, dependant on their donation to us. Prices for credits can be worked on in the future and immediate access to this would be a bad idea. Donors and admins may/may not get a monthly allowance added to their account.

    RTD Functionality
    Unfamiliar with RTD? No worries! RTD stands for "Roll the Dice", which is a command that allows players to either gain an advantage or gain a disadvantage, or even something harmless to everyone. Common functions of RTD are:

    Health Related
    • Nobody Likes Me: You will lose health for every teammate death.
    • Pacifist: You will lose health for every enemy death.
    • Avenging Angel: You will gain health for every teammate death.
    • Punisher: You will gain health for every enemy death.
    • Health Level Up/Down: You have gained/lost a random amount of health!
    • Poison: You have been poisoned!
    Ability Related
    • Long/High Jump: Your jump length/height has been increased by ___%!
    • Short/Small Jump: Your jump length/height has been decreased by ___%!
    • Rabbit: Your speed has been increased by ___%!
    • Turtle: Your speed has been decreased by ___%!
    • Blinded: You have been blinded!
    • Drugged: You have been drugged!
    Physical Attribute

    • Invisible Man: Your opacity has been increased by ___%!
    • Colour Master: Your model colour changes at random!
    As you can see, there are so many RTD options awaiting any player, good, bad and neutral. Here is a link to a great plug-in: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=172445

    So, About Maps...

    Maps have been a pain for any MG server as old maps get older and more boring while new maps are almost never added. PF's MG is lacking in the fact that a lot of players love Death Match maps such as ski_mountain and others listed above in the Overall section. These maps, upon a lot of players asked, should be removed as they've agreed they aren't Mini/Multigame maps. They have nothing that really merits the Mini/Multigame aspect that defines the type of variant that is MG. These are great maps...but not for MG; the rotation time is too fast and the server ends up on one of those maps 75% of the time. Removing these maps is an option, but MG is in definite need of more maps. More maps means a higher rotation time and that means MG maps will outnumber these Death Match maps, making it more fun for everyone. We care about the players and if it means adding more maps, we should do it.

    I'm extremely passionate about breathing new life into the MG server. It's long overdue for a makeover and I think if we were to give this a try, we'd get something fun out of it and in the balance, a populated server. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Keep any and all conversation on topic. Anything irrelevant will be deleted as always.
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    • Feb 8, 2013
      Hahaha! Good thread Peter. I've actually had that in mind while watching my bro play MG on another server with these shops. It would be a pretty good feature. I've always wanted that Mudkip Mask. :thumbsup:
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      • Nov 6, 2011
        totally support everything except rtd cuz that shizzz is wack son
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        • Nov 11, 2011
          Everything except rtd. But if not, I'm still cool.
        • Feb 27, 2012
          I've always wanted a shop. And !rtd seems like it can be fun.

          My solution that i thought up for those that don't like !shop is to make a command that a player can use to disable all of that for just him. Meaning for example, !toggleshop would make it so you don't see any trails, skins, hats, etc on your end, but everyone else sees them, as long as they have it enabled. Idk if you could do that or if it's possible, but that was my idea.
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          • Jan 6, 2013
            Sounds fun!!!
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            • Mar 12, 2008

              I'm just playing devil's advocate here so if you don't wish to read this all, there's a tl;dr at the bottom.

              I'll say this again, but it seems really tacky. RTD is pretty lame, not gonna lie. The whole idea of gaining X or losing X wouldn't jive well IMO. For me to be OK with this we would need to be a pure CTvT server. This means buy zone maps/hostage rescue and such. I don't think this would work well with MG. I understand the point of RTD is it's randomness, but in my opinion even having RTD would make us "another one of those" servers. As dillinger said:
              and he wouldn't be wrong. "Fun" mods get boring after a while.

              Unless the !store list is pretty extended and worthwhile It's probably only worth adding for shits and giggles. No doubt people would come try it for a few days, get tired of it, then it goes back to being empty again.

              Some options about the store are also meh:

              Trails = it's like holding a giant glowing sign saying "shoot me" except it's a trail and follows you everywhere. Also bullet trails showing where you are and blocking your view of the target.
              Hats = tf2
              Skins = I can agree with that. Cosmetic things like this is something I can accept.
              Titles = That would also be OK. Having a customize-able title (probably with store, and more options are available the longer they play/"tokens" spent etc)

              I also realize that all of these are completely optional, and it's up to the player whether or not to utilize this. I'm just airing concerns I have as it might be a waste of time/energy.

              tl;dr: I just think we need to purge 80% of the rotation and fill it with actual fun mini game maps.
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              • Nov 6, 2011
                dude im not gonna lie our pf mg server is pretty boring atm its hardly ever filled even though its the summer so although you dont agree with some of the stuff that is proposed you should second guess like the server is really dead esides a few night out of the week we need to spice it up obv ppl are getting bored of this so called PURE sever and tbh its kinda dumb i think this shit should be added
              • Mar 12, 2008

                You add spice to :poop: it's still gonna taste like :poop:.

                We add spice to a stale rotation and it's gonna be a stale rotation but with spice.

                If brian likes matt's idea and wants to try it out, by all means.
              • Apr 9, 2007
                Wouldn't it be spicy though?

                Good idea!
              • Mar 12, 2008

                If you add too much, sure.

                It's too early for this, Graham.
              • Feb 3, 2012
                PLIS! :grin:
              • Apr 3, 2013
                [IMG] [IMG]
              • Apr 9, 2012
                Aaw yea, RTD I know that, I've seen it a couple of times in the past on MG servers. It's very funny even if it looks odd a first glance, everyone should give it a try!

                I love MG, but I have never seen the MG server with over 20 players since the day I joined PF, so I assume this is a long-standing problem? It would indeed be nice to see that fixed as MG is truly one of the best mods of CS:S!
              • Sep 25, 2010
                While being fun rtd interferes with game play and ruins maps, I'm not a fan of rtd.

                I didn't like Store idea at first because all those cosmetic item just get in the way of views etc which is extremely annoying but with @Tony's idea of toggle feature I think this could be great.

                From this we also have to consider mappers, the following restrictions are needed:
                • Shop must be allowed to be disabled for certain maps that use up a lot of edicts
                • Items should not change a players properties because maps use these(classnames, filternames etc.)

                @Taters you do have a point that our mg maps just suck and we need more fun maps but store adds a sort of "rpg'ish" element to the game where players have to play for x minutes for x item. I've seen from other servers that players do this and like it for some reason. Even steam is doing it right now with steam levels and badges and what not.
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                • Jan 14, 2012

                  Very good idea, totally agree. All those trails, hats and tracers drive me crazy on some servers with 40 players... This link shows how this is done: https://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?p=1800526 Probably peanuts for @Kyle to add this to a shop

                  Agree, RTD would mess up a lot of maps. Maybe only enable it on a few real CT/T maps?
                • May 15, 2011
                  Although I hate rtd/store, it does bring in people, especially the kids in school. As for MG, could someone make a thread with a poll of all the MG maps, and give the community a chance to vote on which maps they would like to remove/keep?
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                  • Feb 3, 2012
                    The only servers I've actually seen good use of !rtd would be Deathrun servers. Could it be possible for us to have one?
                  • Jan 14, 2012

                    Maybe we can make an event around it? We collect 5 awesome (multigame) maps and test them during an event. Announcements on forum + ZE & ZM. Vote in game after test, add good ones. Repeat. :smile:
                  • Dec 6, 2011
                    Just as long as everybody isn't a goddamn white Master Chief, I think it'll be OK.
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