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Resource Super Combine Soldier Playerskins for CS:S and CS:GO

Discussion in Resources & Tutorials started by JorisCeoen, Apr 11, 2014

  1. Apr 9, 2012
    Hello folks!

    I have recently been very active in character modding and porting skins. I have practically had most of the information necessary for making these possible. I can now port between any game and CS:S + CS:GO (and of course between the 2).

    I present to you my very first packs for both of the games with the Combine Super Soldier:

    CS:S Combine SS Playerskin
    CS:GO Combine SS Playerskin


    I hope you'll enjoy these!

    With this I'd like to mention that people who have requests can now ask me what specific skin they would, provided it's already existing as completely personal requests are something harder to look into.

    For those who will be using these, enjoy! I can agree that it's not very interesting for the CS:S one as PF already has a server side one, but I'm sure this is the first Combine SS playerskin model for CS:GO.
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    • Oct 18, 2012
      It would be amazing if you could make pF skins :3 like on a reg cts back for donor but with like the black camo (pF Donator) and admins (pF Admin) ect ect just suggestions. Atm idk what I'm saying I just woke up lol
    • Apr 9, 2012
      Well that would involve changing the texture only I think. I have had requests from Roots in the past for making entirely new skins. Maybe I should dig into this if they are still interested.
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      • Mar 4, 2015
        Is there way how to port also MetroPolice (CivilProtection from HL2) to CS:Source ? :razz: