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SYDESHOW hacks solved...

Discussion in Help Desk started by SYDESHOW, Aug 11, 2012

  1. Nov 9, 2011
    replay the demo, but with r_3dsky 0. It's not wall hax but can see silhouttes of the players. r_3dsky 0 is used to help increase fps in maps like mako and pred. Didn't know it was illegal in MG maps. I thought everyone has it on. Thanks for providiing demo, the voice comments were funny... "maybe he has some kind of materia wall hacks or something..." LOL unbans pls thanks :razz:
  2. Aug 1, 2011
    Since you disagree with the ban, feel free to file a ban protest.

    It may not be hacking, but it can still be considered using an exploit in the map since the background was supposed to be black and not blue. It's up to the LSA/Management on this one though
  3. Oct 29, 2010
    What map was it on? (NVM: It was battlebuilder)

    It's worth to give the r_3dsky 0 claim a look. Earlier today, I was playing mg_battlebuilder after a couple hours on ZE (where per Hannibal's written suggestion that is embedded at spawn in Mako, I JUST discovered the usefulness of r_3dsky 0 for fps-intensive maps, such as Pred and Mako).

    However, for those who unintentionally leave on r_3dsky 0 when hopping from ZE to MG, there is potential for the user to be mistaken as a wall-hacker or some sort.

    For example: Today, I JUST discovered what r_3dsky 0 does (Yea, I big noob). So, I play some ZE, with improved fps.

    Later, I hop on to MG, where I played some ski mountain, and then battlebuilder.

    Nothing special happened. . .until one round, we played "Hunt" in battlebuilder, where the map becomes pitchblack, viability is limited to only 10 ft, and a team of zombies must hunt down the humans.

    In this particular case. . .it was then I discovered the potential for r_3dsky 0 to be abused. In the ensuing round, the visibility was still poor. . .but there was no pitchblack atmosphere. Instead, the sky was blue, and in open areas illuminated by the bright-blue sky, I could see the silhouettes of the hunters. I got excited and shot at them, but due to the fact that I had a submachine gun, that the hunters were far, far away, and that they had 500 health, nothing happened.

    So I just sat in my cave/ledge.

    Moments after, I had a mini-epiphany--it dawned on me that the r_3dsky had the potential to be abused.

    However, I got bored and left almost immediately after. (No, I never used it again.)

    I considered telling this to Luffaren (I thought he'd be interested to know), but seeing that it was only Hunt that the r_3dsky 0 could be abused, and that I very seldom play MG anyways, it slipped out of my mind.

    ADDED NOTE: I just viewed the demo. His claims of using an r_3dsky 0 is consistent to what I experienced with r_3dsky 0 in battlebuilder hunt mode.

    He apparently can only see players who are illuminated by the blue sky (hence shooting only at the silhouettes).

    If anything, IMO, ban should be reduced from "hacking" to "exploit of the map" or something (and the perm-length taken off).

    The administrators here should be alerted to the potential abuse of the r_3dsky.
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      meeko, Aug 11, 2012 Last edited by meeko, Aug 11, 2012
    • Mar 19, 2012
      remove "r_3dsky" command?
    • Feb 24, 2011
      Thank you for bringing this up to me, i never really though about the exploiting abilities using "r_3dsky 1" in that manner.
      This would be easily fixable though, adding the surrounding brush inside the real map instead of the 3d skybox.

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      • Apr 4, 2009
        Lowered the ban to 2 days for now.
      • Nov 9, 2011
        i was looking through my cstrike folder and yep, i have that map recorded (I record my games for these types of scenarios) and the map before I hopped to battlebuilder I was playing ze mako -> map changed to michelles map then server hop to MG server. The command is part of my fps cfg file. Didn't know it was an exploit because i would assume everyone was playing with the command turned on or off in that matter and it was like my second or third time playing battlebuilder on MG server. It's like using the strafe run, not everyone knows it, but it's knowingly using it to gain speed boost, yet it's legit to use it... Call it accidental exploit, past is the past... Can you lift ZE/ZM server bans or all bans are linked to all servers.

        OH and BTW, on ZE maps can you clarify speed boosts rules.
        -bhop on flat surface: illegal (<- of course)
        -bhop on uneven "ie: slopes/stairs": (from what i remember this was legal, but i was told in game by (i forgot if it was a real admin or a rental admin) that it's illegal)
        -strafe run: I don't recall a rule but it seems everyone does it.
        -1 touch boost "ie: jumping onto a ledge or coming off from a jump": I've seen players and admin(real and rented) use this but not sure the ruling

        BTW i just want to hear the clarification from REAL ADMINS not RENTAL COPS... no offense... For future references. Thanks.
      • Oct 29, 2010
        Bans are global, so until it's resolved completely, you'll have to stay banned from all of them.

        -Indeed illegal.
        -Also illegal.
        -Just fine.
        -Assuming I'm understanding what you're referring to, I don't think there's any problem with this.
      • May 15, 2011
        What's a rental cop?
      • Jul 20, 2010
        Idk what he's going on about lol maybe he thinks some admins aren't real admins? o.O
      • Nov 9, 2011
        RENTAL COPS are the ones who paid for admins.. they usually have mixed opinions on rules... like i said.. no offense
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        • Mar 12, 2008
          This rental cop thinks you should stay banned for exploiting.
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          • Jul 16, 2012
            every admin pays for admin.
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            • Apr 4, 2009
              This Real Cop agrees.
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              • May 15, 2011
                All admins pay for their privileges. We are all trained in the same fashion and we all abide by the same rules. Really you just offended EVERY admin here, regardless if your intentions are not hostile. :\
              • Mar 13, 2010
                I was there for this. People were freaking the fuck out.
              • Oct 29, 2010
                I certainly do not intend to toot my horn Sydeshow, but I feel I need to say this. . .

                It's rather fortunate that a couple of people here recognized the whole episode as an r_3dsky exploit--and not a wallhack, as originally thought--which led to a drastic reduction of your ban duration.

                (Original ban duration was set as permanent. Apparently, upon reading additional input, Haplo reduced it to two days).

                Seeing that your ban duration is due to expire in less than 24 hours. . .take the punishment as a slap on the wrist, and let's all move on.
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                  meeko, Aug 12, 2012 Last edited by meeko, Aug 12, 2012
                • Nov 11, 2011
                  I'd agree with meeko, very well said. Although the command r_3dsky 1 can easily be forced server-side if Kyle wishes to implement it. If not, just keep an eye out for potential hackers. Good job guys.
                • Apr 1, 2012
                  don't, I've always played with r_3dsky 0 because of my crappy computer
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