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Target selling MTG Commander Decks for $9

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Vadleon, Jan 23, 2014

  1. Jan 12, 2011
    Title doesn't say it all - lemme explain.

    So me and my friend were shopping at Target yesterday for random things and noticed they had a Mind Seize deck (the blue boxed one) in stock up front in their main card section. Being the chase deck of the set and being worth well more than retail, I nabbed it quickly. My friend was unsure if Target was doing the whole "mark up specific things because it's worth more" thing (which I knew they wouldn't because they price them all the same as a major retailer), so I entertained the idea and went to a price scanner to find it ring up as $8.98. WHAT. Scanned again and got the same price.

    "Wasn't there another commander up front?"
    "Yeah, the white one."
    *share look, both run*

    So we grab the other deck and scan it up, again showing $8.98. Remembering that most Targets have a secondary card section near the toys, we hastily went back there to find another Evasive Maneuvers (white box) and scanned it too. This time, however, it showed up as $29.99. Scanning each of the white boxes gave different prices to our puzzlement, so upon closer inspection we noticed the cheaper commander decks had a certain sticker on the barcode that overrode the price. Why? Maybe some overstock they wanted out? Maybe it was shipped that way from their distributor? Maybe it was entered into their system wrong by some careless employee? Maybe it was marked down due to damage to the box (which they had in the form of the odd tear here or there, but in the grand scale of things is pretty minor)?

    In any case, we decided to leave the fresh, unstickered retail box behind and go ahead and buy the other two, all the while doubting that such a gross undersale would go unnoticed. We rang up without incident and walked out with two commanders for under $20. HOLY. CRAP. THAT WORKED.

    So it could've been a fluke that the commander decks were marked down. Sometimes stores do clearances on things for...... reasons beyond understanding. But just in case, we decided it'd be safe to check another Target. After driving home and telling my brother about the find, we made our way to the mall to check that store. Found a couple more. Then we drove out to the college and got yet a couple more. And out to Mall of Georgia. And found more. All of them with stickers ringing up as $8.98 while non-stickered boxes remain at their retail.

    Why? I don't know, but it's something that ALL Targets appear to be doing around here, so there's a fair chance that you guys could benefit from this as well in your areas. As far as we can tell, the boxes don't have anything in common with each other (aside from the obvious sticker), other than scanning up as "Magic Toy" as opposed to "Excell Magic" or some such, and the only thing wrong with them is maybe a bit of damage to the outside, but all the cards are present on the inside and undamaged. I guess it's whatever their distributors/pricers decide is appropriate. The sticker does say "DO NOT BACK STOCK" after all, so whatevs. :neutral: *Shrugs*

    Picture time!

    Our collective haul for the night:

    GEDC1244 scaled

    The receipt for one of the purchases:

    GEDC1250 scaled

    The sticker in question:

    GEDC1251 scaled

    TL;DR - Go to your local Target, and check the bottoms of any commander decks you find. If they have a sticker over the barcode, grab ALL of them and find a price scanner. Chances are that they'll ring up super cheap and you'll find yourself with a slightly more empty wallet. Enjoy!

    Edit: Don't forget that most Targets have a secondary card section near the toys, and not just the main one up front. Happy hunting!
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      Vadleon, Jan 23, 2014 Last edited by Vadleon, Jan 23, 2014
    • Feb 8, 2013
      So, I want to know, since it seems like you feel you've found something cheaper than usual and that you ripped Target off instead of the opposite. What is the actual price of these boxes of cards? Are they $29.99 each? Sorry, I'm not a tabletop gamer.
    • Aug 7, 2012
      Awesome, I'll have to stop by Target later today and see if the ones near me are doing the same.
    • Jan 12, 2011
      Indeed, the standard retail for the current run of commander decks is supposed to be $29.99. Card stores have a bit more liberty with their individual prices so the decks can be priced higher than that, given the relative usefulness and value of the cards within each deck (though since major retailers have them too, they're encouraged to be a little competitive). Finding them for $8.98 a piece is a steal, and I'm sure their distributor will figure out the error eventually. But for now.... :nailbiting:

      Oddly enough, according to the register at another Target, these are indeed referred to as "Magic Toy: Commander" in the pop-up, so it's not like they don't know that they're supposed to be commander decks. I just suppose someone up the chain dun goofed. :silly:

      Cool, report back if they are, since it's still possible this could be a local-state thing for my area (however slim that already seems). I'm in GA, so if it's confirmed to be happening in multiple states, then they dun REALLY goofed. :razz:
      Vadleon, Jan 23, 2014 Last edited by Vadleon, Jan 23, 2014