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Team Fortress 2: Mann vs Machine

Discussion in Gaming started by tupac serbia, Aug 13, 2012

  1. Jun 3, 2012
    (straight from the TF2 website)

    This is Saxton. Hale! And that legion business in the title was a Bible quote to let you know how serious this all is: Bible serious. So listen up, mercs. Some puny coward's built an army of robots to fight his fights for him. I don't know if robots have human emotions, but if not, they’re doing a Saxxy-worthy impression of them, because they look mad. Also, Reddy tells me they’re heading straight at Mann Co.

    So there's a big fight coming, and I'm going to need you mercs to fight it for me. Not for coward reasons, though. Fight reasons. I got a and I can't fight both fights at once. Well, I could, but the fights are on different continents.

    Boyohboy. If you're like me, reading the word "fight" this much has got you in the mood to fight. Last thing you probably want to do right now is read. Unfortunately, Bidwell wrote a stupid report on all the heavy hitters you’ll be running into out there. If I was you I’d skip it.

    Alright, enough reading advice. It's man-to-man talk time. I am not going to lie to you: I am going to have to lie to you. You men are absolutely prepared to deal with this, and you are going to be just fine. Right. End of lie. Now get ready to absorb some bullets so they don’t hit my factories.

    We have 48 hours until robots arrive. Get moving.

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    • Apr 1, 2012
      looks epic!
      don't think scout/spy would be as useful if this is really a some sort of tower defense game.

      soldier, demo, heavy, engi, medic are going to be staple.
      if robots catch on fire, then pyro with the phlog for some epic lulz.

      if the giants can go down in headshots, I'll take some machina snipers to deal with them
    • Jun 3, 2012
      well, assuming the robots don't turn extremely fast, then the scout could be a good distraction class/hit and run (assuming there's more than one route for the robots)

      also what if spy could sap/backstab robots? that would make it viable

    • Apr 1, 2012
      it's still lacking in details

      I'd assume it's going to be a tower defense style game where you strategically camp 1 spot and fend off waves of robots.
      depending on the map layout, robot's details/mechanics and how the game works, scout and spy might or might not work.
      (e.g. will robots be able to detect spies like the current valve's TF2 bots?)

      but as I said, heavy, engi, soldier, demo and medic are going to be staple for powerful defensive capabilities. aside from medic, these 4 classes are also good at crowd control and AoE damage.
      uber might not be as valuable if robots don't build sentries, so kritz or quick fix will do.

      damn, they have snipers. so I guess counter snipers might be necessary.
    • Jun 3, 2012
      Weeeeell, TDs usually have more than one route for the enemy to take (unless they're casual shit), so I don't think camping classes would work all that well (also there's an enemy robot that specifically targets sentries)

      Heavies are slow, and would probably be very vulnerable to robot snipers and spies, Engineer has the focus on his sentries by the robots, and Demoman has an extremely limited range

      Soldier + Medic seems like the best choice (although medic may weigh down the team), but spies and scouts have a whole lot of utility that may or may not be important. Who knows?
      Post Merged, Aug 13, 2012
      I just realized... what if this is like Killing Floor? I mean, it does say that the game mode has upgrades that you buy with money dropped by robots

      Holy shit, I'm hyped
    • Aug 1, 2011
      Heh, Neat. Watched this last night, shows how Valve left clues in the game about this.

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      • Apr 1, 2012
        more details were released today
        welp, this is going to be KF style.

        holy crap, sappers can disable robots lol...
        I wonder how the frenchman can disguise as a robot....