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The admin is always right..?

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by Air_Force, Jun 7, 2011

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  1. Jun 7, 2011
    Just wanted to pass along my frustrations about M Infantry tonight. I've been playing on your servers for quite some time and never had any issues with admins prior. M Infantry has been going off instantly on people for things that aren't "their fault". After myself and M Infantry killed someone in a small room on zm_facility_v1 we both attempted to exit the room at the same time, (note, we can't both fit same time), 3 seconds later in admin chat "Move Yahmahn55, blocking is not allowed". Now, with 2 people going at the same door, obviously we have two options, one gives in and just moves or just ztele, which ive been told prevents people from blocking X room. 3 seconds after the first warning "Yahmahn55, last warning blocking is not allowed". Now here's where i have the problem, the moment the game doesn't go exactly right for him, he flips out and uses admin as a "sheild". With no time to justify myself or defend myself i found myself "forced" to do something that I thought wasn't illegal in the first place, perhaps it is common courtesy, but I've been told countless times that blocking in many cases isn't an issue because i can just ztele. M Infantry did this to others on the same map, which is why I felt the need to come here and say it.

    If I am in the wrong, please let me know and I will move on, however given all the circumstances, admin rights were abused in this case without a doubt.
  2. Sep 25, 2010
    Sounds like this story can be told in different perspectives. We will have to wait for infantry's input.
  3. May 6, 2011
    Well I am sorry you felt that way.

    However, you were blocking the doorway, as other zombies were trying to get out, myself included.
    Perhaps you didn't like it that I backstabbed you there.

    Anyways sorry you think that, but, please understand I asked you to move, and you just stood there. But, you could have "ztele" out of there as well, why would you get angry saying I abused my powers.

    The only reason why I said you were blocking was because you were also disrupting other zombies from moving in or out of there.

    Also, you mentioned there were other things, that I did....
    Perhap it might be a good idea to share those as well, so those can be discussed. If I need to be corrected, of course I would be more than happy to accept. Also, I had never done this to anyone who doesn't deserve to be warned.
  4. May 6, 2011
    I thought I also should add that,

    Though not appropriate, but please understand I did warn you not just once. Some "Admins" will not give you that courtesy, as where they would just outright kick you for blocking.

    However, people had discussed with me in the past if they felt I been unfair, and I would explain what happened and why I did, what I did more in depth. Often they are not happy with my decision, and sometimes they would just move on. Of course there has been incidents of trolling, but....mostly, if you like to discuss with me....I will be more than happy to, within constraints of course. I can't explain and discuss through the whole evening.
  5. Sep 22, 2010
    No, the admin is not always right. If you have heard this so or believe so, then it is entirely false.

    Yahmahn you do have a right to complain.

    and to infantry, as far as blocking goes. I really don't see where you would need to warn players unless they were DIRECTLY infront of a survivor.

    Edit: and or just flat out annoying you by blocking admins for "fun"
  6. May 6, 2011
    True, but please understand he was blocking in contempt that I backstabbed him is one, another, there were others in there, that by blocking the doorway that is disrupting gameplay. The rule dosen't just apply if there were humans there. If blocking a doorway disrupts gameplay, it is also warranted for enforcement.

    I also support complaining on forum and of course ADMINS are never right. But, in this case I have followed protocals of the rules.

    I had never also said "Admins Are Always Right" so not sure why you would be upset with me.
  7. Sep 22, 2010
    Don't misunderstand infantry, what I said is as is. As "Admins are always right" is part of the title and I'm reiterating it.
    Now if the players are truly blocking from a "kill" then yes that would make infantry correct.

    I shouldn't have to rephrase this, but fine.
  8. Jun 7, 2011
    As stated prior, I simply felt this was something to be handled outside of "admin warnings" because it happens all the time and noone was being blocked from CTs. The first time you used admin chat to warn me, i attempted to leave (turned around and tried to run) but at this point you had been very impatient and were trying to run out as i was trying to run out. Which is when the 2nd warning was issued (All within seconds). I still don't have any personal issues against you M Infantry just the actions and how the situation was handled incorrectly, when no rules were broken.

    Thank you for the commentary AkaDemikz, have a great day.
  9. May 6, 2011
    "After myself and M Infantry killed someone in a small room on zm_facility_v1 we both attempted to exit the room at the same time" This was in one of your statements, note that "killed someone else in the small room". The room had other zombies, and there were other zombies trying to get into the room and out of the room.

    The rule of the server,
    3. No blocking/inhibiting access to areas of the maps.
    This includes blocking ladders, jump areas, doorways, and spamming button-activated doors on certain maps.

    14. Do not grief
    Do not purposely disrupt gameplay with dickery/asshatery.

    Of these two you cofirmed on that you did block, in turn blocking you are causing disruption to gameplay (which is griefing other players zombies or humans doesn't matter), that is kind of acting like an person in contempt. No one likes being told something especially by an Admin, sure seen you playing on the server, but I am paying money to be an admn to do my part in making this server better, because I enjoy playig here. Issuing you verbal warning is tiresome, as it takes time out of my play, and as you said I could ztele out of there. I only did issue you warning because you were in direct violation of those two rules, or I wouldn't issued you warning. As you were disrupting other zombies from leaving and entering that small room.

    Again, sorry you think I am not a good Admin, and that you think I theatend you. But, I was doing the job which I participated in making this server a better place. But, you did break the rules, it doesn't matter if there were humans there or not. Disrupting gameplay and breaking those rules I mentioned are not acceptable.

    Honestly speaking, would anyone else had explained all this in the manner which I am doing it yahmahn55. Complaints are never discouraged by me, but, read carefully why I did what I did, then hopefully you will see why you were sought as blocking by me.
  10. Jun 7, 2011
    Since we are beating the dead horse, technically didn't you break the rule by also blocking? I was unable to get through when you made your advance at the door after the first warning. I know you are trying to make the server a better place, all I ask is you decide when its necessary to put on the admin hat and when a simple request over mic / normal chat is the better venue. As I also stated, after requested to move, I did, but was unable due to your impatience.

    Since you seem stuck on the fact that "Again, sorry you think I am not a good Admin, and that you think I theatend you" allow me to barney style it for you. I don't think you are a bad admin. You overreacted through your admin powers to get something done that did not require as I have stated before. Yes, you did threated me to move "Final warning". That is a threat of something to come if I do not "adhere" to your requirement. The situation in the end was this, two people not able to get through a door because BOTH are trying at the same time, who is more right? You see it as you, since you felt the need for admin voice. Also, that is griefing myself technically, because i wasn't breaking a rule when you gave the 2nd warning, so please hop off your high horse for a moment and really thing about the issue itsself. I'm not blowing this up to be some huge ordeal, it was simple, you used your admin powers to get something done when you were just as much in the wrong.

    Even after all this, I won't think any less of you, but I felt the need to post it so I did.
  11. May 6, 2011
    As stated there were three zombies trying to get out of the room.
    You were on the right, the other behind me, how would you like me to move? Also, I felt you were in contempt that I backstabed you that was why you would not move.

    I waited seconds for you to move and spoke over the mic to ask you to move, before I issued the txt warning, then waited couple of seconds to issue you another "final" txt warning, the threat (which you felt as) yes was last warning as it was truly blocking the doorway. As we had other zombies trying to enter the room as well at that time.

    Hopefully you got it out of your system that you thought it was not fair, and I was threatening you. But, warnings always sound like threats, because admins have the power to remove people from game. That is why the server has protocals and rules for us Admins. Which, you could not deter nor explain that I did not comply on.

    Hope root admins or forum mod can consider this post resolved or provide final input so this can be locked.

    Thank you "yah" for your post, and I will definitely observe my wording more closely in the future, for the feelings of other players. But, understand most admins, we also more than welcome any inquiries within games, on steam, or such as this forum.
  12. Sep 22, 2010

    First off, as I have just stated, we have the !ztele function just for this purpose. There shouldn't be warnings if you are trying to leave the room as you can !ztele out of it. Secondly, it is not griefing as it doesn't obstruct players if there are OTHER methods to move around. And considering the player isn't blocking a survivor, he isn't breaking rules from what I see.

    Stop the flame war here or I will have to end this childish conversation for everyone.

  13. May 6, 2011
    We admins sometimes warn people for not double stacking on elevators, as it inhibits gameplay.

    We warn people not to block hallways, because other zombies are trying to move through there.

    !ztele is a great function.

    The room next door, has humans, !ztele is great way to move. Prohibiting zombies to move easily does prohibit zombies from moving easily, ztele would brougt myself and possibly other zombies to the spawn zone that is far out of the way.

    Anyways this is my last word on this.
  14. Sep 22, 2010
    Warning for stacking on elevators, however there are other ways up, there isn't a need to enforce it period; it may be the fastest, but you might as well let them learn how to play and become better by letting them work it out themselves.

    Again with blocking, admins too need to show courtesy towards other players as we too are players, we shouldn't need to have a problem with this.

    If zombies are putting effort to killing survivors, then you have no right to deny them their chance at it with rule breaking of "blocking" .

    Ending this now. [IMG]
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