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The best introduction ever. Hi.

Discussion in Introductions started by KreiGeR!, Sep 28, 2013

  1. Sep 28, 2013
    Hello everyone and I'm glad to join the community along with you all !

    I'm KreiGeR, I'm a french mapper and amateur animator.

    I usually map for fun, but I'm on some big projects now and it's cool.

    I'm in a French community called 'DreamEvo' actually, I'm a Zombie Escape admin.

    I really love zombies and everything about zombies, so you might have a clue about what mod I'm mapping for..

    See you around guys :wink:

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    • Dec 27, 2012
      Welcome to the community KreiGeR! I hope you will enjoy every last moment here.:wave:
    • Dec 6, 2011

      Anyways, now that we're clear on where you can and can't cook, welcome to the community! =D
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      • Jun 11, 2012
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          Benderius, Sep 28, 2013 Last edited by Bender Rodriguez, Sep 28, 2013
        • Aug 12, 2012
          welcome to the forums.
        • Mar 30, 2013
          Salut Kreiger :smile:
          Tu vera, tu trouvera de l'aide ici. Que des bons mappeurs :wink:
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          • Feb 27, 2012
            Hello there! Welcome to Plaguefest!:party: :beer:

            What maps have you made, and what are you working on?
          • Sep 28, 2013
            @BenderRodriguez: Yeah, 1 day until it ends :frown: So sad..

            And thank you all for your welcome :smile:

            @TonyTheTiger: I didn't make that much finished maps because of dying communities, but here is my portfolio:

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              KreiGeR!, Sep 29, 2013 Last edited by KreiGeR!, Sep 29, 2013
            • Feb 3, 2012
              Welcome to pF!
            • Jun 19, 2013
              Welcome to Plaguefest!
            • May 30, 2012
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              • Feb 27, 2012
                I like the looks of ba_jail_paris_evo , that lighting and shit looks really cool. Is it using HDR? I never used HDR because i hate bloom :<
              • Aug 26, 2012
                Welcome Welcome.
              • Apr 24, 2012
                Bonjour Hollow :wave: welcome to the community!
              • Feb 11, 2012
                Howdy, Welcome to the community

                Always nice to get new people, especially when they like to map ^_^
                I see you have already begun making one xD

                See you around :thumbsup:
              • Feb 8, 2013
                Oh damn another mapper. made me so happy i got raptor face
                Welcome to the Community can't wait to see what you make
              • May 31, 2012
                Welcome brotha.
              • Oct 6, 2012
                Welcome bro! hope you have a great stay and bust out some cool maps! and dont join forces with Satin Storm if u guys ever be friends.lol i hate his maps thats all. LOL
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                • Nov 11, 2011
                  You can work with me, I'll criticize your maps until you feel like quitting. :ghost:

                  PS: WELCOME! :grin: Can't wait to play your maps.
                • Feb 3, 2012
                  Hopefully I'll be able to play your maps soon! :grin: