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The best thing i have ever seen

Discussion in Entertainment started by [pF] LuciD, Sep 24, 2013

  1. Feb 8, 2013
    I understand strict, but that's a little bit too mean. Some daughters/girls are bitches and deserve something like this, but until I see how this guy's daughter is, I can not make that judgement. I don't think using a gun to shoot his daughter's laptop is necessary, not to say it's kind of inappropriate.
  2. Dec 27, 2012
    I agree with him but not completely. Doing chores is something the whole family is supposed to help out with..or that's at least my opinion so I don't know what she was complaining about. Yes, school can really fuck you up both mentally and physically but as far as I know, the chores didn't even take longer than half an hour to do, all together. Comparing yourself with your daughter isn't a fair thing to do because we are all different in different aspects and that's one of the things that makes us all unique in our own special way. She must've really been overreacting when she said that she wouldn't be there to help her parents once they have grown old..That or there is something I missed.

    Also, what she did to her family was pretty damn awful. Literally talking shit behind her own family's back, not to mention she already did it once before and was even warned for it. I fail to see the point why he would put 8 bullets in her laptop because I think that's just messed up. Take her laptop away and give it back to her when she has learned what respect means. Should she continue, well, do something else than destroying the laptop 'cause it won't help you and not her either. Not to mention you spent 130 bucks on her software(I think?). Sure, showing her that what she does is wrong and that it needs to stop is a good thing, I credit him for being more or less calm during the video but using his gun was a bit too much for me.

    Nevertheless, I understand his message to other children/teenagers and also parents and he gave good arguments to back himself and other parents up. There was just a few things that I couldn't help but to disagree with. I might've forgotten something, should I remember anything else then I'll drop by again.
    Vicarious, Sep 25, 2013 Last edited by Vicarious, Sep 25, 2013
  3. Nov 17, 2012
    Chores are annoying yes, but everybody has to do them. Spitting on her parents faces like this is disgusting. Glad the father stood up to her bitching and took action, what a hero. I wish more parents would be like this, all the kids get what they want these days then still complain...

    My cousin, 14, has an Xbox 360, 100+ games, $300 headset, iPhone 5, Laptop etc. And still complains -_- I doubt he does any chores, he's so lazy. Shit like this grinds my gears >_<
  4. May 31, 2012
    Shooting her laptop was not just for her punishment, it was to get a point across that he and his wife wouldnt be disrespected by someone who literally has her life so easy its ridiculous. In cased you missed it he had to live on his own when he was only 16-17, worked 2 jobs, and still went to highschool and college. All you really need to do climb into his skin and walk around in it.
  5. Feb 27, 2012
    Yeah, her life is easy. My dad told me "As soon as you get a job and start helping to pay for things we need, i'll stop making you do so many chores" and really, i can agree with that. I mean, i'll probably just end up moving out before that happens since i can't stand him, but hey, i never complained when he told me that. That's fair. And this girl? No, she's just spoiled and lazy. If any of what she said was true, i would agree with her, but she flat out lied and exaggerated everything. If i was disrespected like that by my kid RIGHT AFTER i spent time doing something FOR THEM and THEIR OWN enjoyment, then yeah, i'd do something like this, especially if she has a history of pulling that crap.
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    • Apr 9, 2012
      Haha, that laptop being shot, that's just all what she deserved, end of the line. Great dad :thumbsup:
    • Feb 8, 2013
      Yes, you're right. Comparing how parents lived their life when they were teenagers with how we are living ours now, is completely different. It's a different generation. Things have changed a lot and teenagers just wouldn't be able to survive in our parents times. At the same time, technology has evolved and has came into our lives more and more, faster and faster, and we're growing up way faster than teens in our parents generation have. Don't forget, technology kind of fucked us over also. Parents can't just tell us to experience their life.
    • Apr 12, 2012
      Just... lol. Keep transfering that responsibility and blame more pls.
    • Feb 8, 2013
      I have my own opinion and I'm going to be a father one day. Don't need you to judge how I'm going to teach my children, so sit back down.
    • May 31, 2012
      Well, in some cases you would be right. But having almost everything you want and bitching over maybe 30 minutes of chores, then going on facebook and saying to the world how much your parents suck and disrespecting a lady who works a shit load more than you for you. Just simply inhumane.
    • Feb 8, 2013
      If anyone have read my first post, which is right below your first post, then it would make fuckin sense... I told you I never fully agreed on what the father did was incorrect, but on some level, I think I can spare his daughter a bit more than what his father intended to do. I simply replied to Vicarious to agree with what he said, but expanded his explanation with my own opinion on Vicarious's view. Don't be crawling up my ass for having an opinion.
    • Apr 12, 2012

      edit - meh, too harsh

      lets say I hope you dont have kids
      Andrew, Sep 25, 2013 Last edited by Andrew, Sep 25, 2013
    • Jun 11, 2012
      Hooray for the Amish, they got their kids right. Chores, punishment (I don't know why you bought that medieval looking chamber thingy with pointy things and why you aren't using it to scare the bejeezus out of your kids), restrictions, less entitled kids, more attention given to your kids instead of social media dictating how what who when why howv2.0 to bash your parents. Moment you call your responsible parent names and you think you know the be all end all at 12~17, newsflash, you actually don't. Your responsible parent when through what you when through, the basic are the same the surrounding just changed. When you got a little age on you, you see life differently...like your parents...then you go apologize for all the retarded crap you did when your were young.

      I'm more strict on punishment, gotta punishment your kids, severe punishment, months of chores and stupid things to keep that kid busy, gotta legalize hitting your kids (not violently, I was hit as a kid...well my siblings were but that scared that crap out of me so I never did what they got punished for). At young age kids associate things to things: good things -> reward, bad things-> punishment. Thus when they get older, that association sticks, like Pavlov dog but more human less dog.

      Did he go too far, maybe, but he knows how to STRIKE FEAR and should have done it long ago, except on a smaller scale (less the gun). Bunch of entitled kids, social media, twitter (is all about that twitter nowadays), computers (this thing where you go search things and then boom it tells you, it's called the internet, can you believe it), and cellular telephone (I like saying telephone, feels good to hear the word "Telephone" since it's not "hip" anymore)

      I blame the parents. Your 12 year old kid dun need no IAPPLE 5 device, get them that 90's Zack from Saved by the Bell brick phone and tell them to use it only on emergencies. And if they complained about no texting, facebook, twitter (google dictionary recognizes twitter but not facebook....how odd), throw a fresh salmon fish at their face and ask them if what you did made sense, when they respond with "No" tell them that's why.
      -Give them a pen and a paper and tell them that's facebook
      -Give them a landline and tell them that's twitter
      -Tell them to go next door and tell them that's texting
      Stop giving this crap to kids with this stupid curve. The more we advance with technology doesn't mean that a cellphone is a reward, that's a reason for them not to concentrate. It's like simulating ADD but virtually. Here's a family computer, sit here, do your homework, when your done go read a freaking book, then go to watch tv for a bit, then go to bed.

      I just fixed the kids. That would be 19.95/month.....I'm a terrible businessman. Jebus I wrote a lot, that was a little bit catharsis.
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        Benderius, Sep 25, 2013 Last edited by Bender Rodriguez, Sep 25, 2013