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The Indie Royale Alpha Collection #1

Discussion in Gaming started by Taters, Feb 24, 2012

  1. Mar 12, 2008
    At the time of this post: 6 DAYS LEFT.

    It features 3 games, Towns, 3079, and Wyv and Keep

    check out the other two if you like, I want to talk about 3079.

    It's if Minecraft, Quake, and Unreal had a hot, greasy 3-way and this was the result.

    At this current posting, it can host multiplayer servers through port-forwarding and it looks pretty funky. Ask josh and matt as well, we were all playing this untill a few minutes ago.

    By default, you are sided with the humoids. These are freaky-looking snake beast things that have (this is important, so pay attention!) a head ON their shoulders.

    The "Neanders" have their head on their CHEST, And look like these ugly beast monkey-fucks. it's pretty easy to distinguish the two, but if you happen to bust a cap in a humoid ass, you best get ready to die. Being alpha, it's incredibly unpolished, and the character models glitch way, WAY out of proportion, and a few features haven't been added yet, such as the turret, and better lighting. However, it reminds me of when minecraft went alpha. There is so much to do in this, and yet there isn't enough. You can play for hours on end with just the tools you have at your disposal right now.

    Basically, when you start the game you are communicating to your HQ. While descending to the planet below, you see some strange, flying red demons, and when you get near them, they start to pull you closer to them, almost like a magnetic attraction. if you can dodge them and get to the world below without dying, you may keep the weapons and gear you have on you. If you miss, however, you get a red-hot demon cock up your ass, and when you respawn, you get to rough it till you can find some free gear on the floor or punch a neander to death and pray it drops something. That part isn't easy.

    On to gameplay: You can choose to be a melee character, or a ranged character, There is an assortment of Swords and Guns to buy from traders, and collect off of enemies. These include, Pistols, Grenade launchers, Sniper Rifles, and Miniguns. These weapons also have different effective range, and also a bevvy of different enchancements, such as more melee damage, improvements to sneaking, more energy regeneration, added defense, etc... You can obtain jetpacks, and grappling hooks as well. These too, can even be enhanced. These are affected by your carry weight. After a certain threshold, you will not be able to fly/use your hook untill you sell or drop some heavier gear.

    NOTE: Guns do NOT use bullets, but instead what's called ENERGY. if you shoot too fast/or use a high-energy weapon it will knock your "life support" off temporarily, and if you die, you cannot respawn. You have to visit a recharge station, or wait for your energy to slowly regenerate. "Life support" is your second chance at playing again, and as long as you keep at least 25% energy, you can respawn no problem.

    There is a ton of on-screen action, as this is supposed to be a war-torn world, and in single player you can definitely see shit hit the fan. On multi-player, however, there weren't very many things to kill at first. we had to walk around for a bit to find them. But dang did they bring the pain for the first hour or so.

    There are a menagerie of weapon add-ons as well, such as improvements to accuracy, damage, and secondary skills like engineering (better weapon upgrades, lower chance of an upgrade breaking/failing) Sneaking (for pickpocketing, and surprise attacks) And strength (How much you can carry, How much damage your unarmed attacks do). The best part? You can explore buildings and pick up loot for FREE. it happens frequently and it's a great way to get armor/weapons/upgrades early on, and will prevent you from dying a lot. To build anything, there is an item called the Construction Tool. It can create anything from Metal blocks, to Stone blocks, Light blocks, functioning doors, storage blocks(Chest), turrets (Coming soon!), /home waypoints, and recharge stations (Basically health and energy restorations). These blocks have varying costs though, and the Tool itself has 48 'units' or 'build points' to use per Tool, so block placement is crucial! It's incredibly useful and can be recharged at a merchant for a small fee.

    There is also a quest system in place, and believe it or not, quest markers as well. This game could really use a mini-map or just a map function in general, as we were having a hard time locating each other and had to resort to teleporting around using coordinates... but it's still good fun.

    EDIT: I'm posting a link to the imgur album. http://imgur.com/a/0BZp2 I'm posting up some screenshots in a spoiler, so 56K WARNING I guess?

    While the pics i've included look incredibly like minecraft it certainly does not play out like that. at times you might find yourself wandering about, but that's half the fun! merk some neanders and get gear, sell it and buy better gear. i'm very excited about this.

    If you're looking for something new, and fun to kill time on, you cannot go wrong with this. If you are to pick up the IndieRoyale's Alpha collection, at least get it for this title. It looks very promising.
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    • Jul 19, 2011
      I want to hear from josh about creating a server before i buy this game.

      He convinced me to buy Nuclear dawn :wink:
    • Mar 12, 2008
      Nuclear Dawn is a good choice. they recently fleshed it out a bit and fixed a lot of bugs.

      Idk if there will be a server. might depend on how many actually buy it. We played 3-players, and peter was hosting the server. ran pretty damn well, but idk how much it took to run it for a while/if it did at all. I guess he could throw something up. idk.

      I forgot to mention: you can do a single player game, and import that into multi-player. Everything on the character you bring to/from multi-player will come back with you on that character. You can also have multiple characters, but the storage system works similar to terrarria: There can be one storage, and it will hold 8(?) weapons or equipment per storage block for each player on the server, so you can use a group of storage blocks for everyone on the server.
    • Dec 6, 2011
      Bought. Thanks for this @Taters , I hope this game turns out well.
    • Mar 12, 2008
      I'm playing it right now. lol.

      I haven't tried the other two yet, Towns looks cool too, and remember these are DRM free. If you have another computer you use for travelling, and need games for entertainment that don't require internet, these are a great add.
    • Jan 10, 2009
      i bought them earlier today while i was at school. i'll download them after i'm done with my homework. 12 hours from now.
    • Jul 19, 2011
      Anyone else think 3079 is good?