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The Metal Hangout

Discussion in Music started by zenzr, Sep 27, 2013

  1. Jul 8, 2012
    So In light of today's chat we had in the chat box, I decided we need a Metal thread to discover or share music that we like. There doesn't necessarily need to be screaming in the song, so Hard Rock will work as well too if you like.

    I want serious songs, please keep shit out of it that really doesn't belong. I don't care if you don't like screaming, you think it's emo, you hate whiny kids that cut themselves all day. Keep it out, it's extremely offensive, rude, and frankly I get that enough already for liking hardcore music so I don't want to see it.

    General post format will be as follows:

    Album(if you want):

    A brief explanation of why you like the song, or why you want to share it.

    I'll start.

    Life Cycles
    The Word Alive
    Not sure of the album.

    I like this song for a few reasons. Firstly this song explains my view on life, and music specifically. It's about how one should stand up for what they believe rather then what people want them to. I am also creating my own music video for it for a class this semester, so I may share it.

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    • May 15, 2011
      Song: Saving Us
      Artist/Singer: Serj Tankian

      It's about how people only want to worry about the subjects they feel are important, whilst a homeless person is unable to worry about anything but their own poverty because everything else is out of their reach. We in no way try to help these people either, just creating our own lies to tell ourselves we are doing whats right, how we can't do anything because the opportunities haven't arisen. It shows how our species seeks out our individual trifles, and ignore those of others treating them like lesser beings or subjects of nature that aren't as important.
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      • Feb 8, 2013
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        • Jul 8, 2012
          Pft you nub.

          If You Can't Ride Two Horses You Should Get Out Of the Circus
          Asking Alexandria

          First off, before anyone spews hate on AA, this happens to be my favorite song of all time right now. This song got me through a lot in high school, got my through ex's, through classes, hell this song is one of a very few limited reasons I'm still alive. I love this song a lot. Maybe my view on it is different then other people but it is what it is. I'm going to share a very small portion of part of my life in HS that relates to this song that I've never told anyone here.

          This song means more to me then just about anything else in my life. So I figured I'd share.

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          • Dec 27, 2012

            Music is, what I like to call it, a lifestyle. Because that's what it is to me; It's a very big part of my life which is why I cannot call it just a hobby.
            I'm going to share, with y'all, a song that actually really did save me from doing something really, really stupid. It made me think about life..who I am in this world and why. It also helped me through a loss of someone very, very dear to me. Actually, I still haven't been able to accepting the fact that she is gone..but this song helped me a lot.

            Song: Opeth - The Moor
            Artist/Singer: Mikael Åkerfeldt

            I can't tell you all how much this song means to me..it's beyond words.
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            • Feb 27, 2012
              First song:

              Song: Endzeit
              Artist/Singer: Heaven Shall Burn

              I think this song is about fighting back for what was taken from you, and what you should have had in the first place. By the video it that's how it seems, and that they are fighting for their freedom/ rights back.

              Seconds Song. Not so much metal, more of acoustic. But their other stuff is alternative/metal:
              Song: Hero of War
              Artist/Singer: Rise Against

              Every time i've listened to this song, it has given me shivers. War is always showed to us in the nicest way it can. They censor everything from us, and we don't really know what goes on, and this starts out as showing it not so bad, then progressively gets to the point where it shows the true horrors. Starting off with the typical becoming friends, the stereotypical haircut, the training. Then gets to a little more grim stuff where we always see and know about the fighting, not so bad. Then it gets to the torture, the shooting of young children in the rebelling forces, anything that can scar you for life if you were in that position.
            • Feb 1, 2011
              Between the Buried and Me - Alaska
              I just think these dudes are really talented and their riffs are sweet

              via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TE024YOfQNw

              The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Clarissa Explains Cuntainment
              Dig these guys riffs too, screamer dude is a bit high pitched but I don't really mind

              via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D-9MlCoHzhE

              Summer's End - Haunting Hallowed Graves
              These guys are actually pretty bad (just wait for the out of key solo) but it reminds me of good times and good friends in high school so I still like it for the nostalgia factor

              via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wBOm6gn3e2c
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              • Feb 27, 2012
                Song: Insurrection
                Artist: Gamma Ray
                11 minutes and 36 seconds of pure awesomeness. Has a classic metal sound to it, but it isn't old. This album actually came out in 2007
              • Nov 11, 2011
                I'm not much into scream-o anymore like I used to, I guess it's because I've mellowed out and what not and it reflects in the music. It's become more about the actual meaning and subtleties of the song rather than just an avenue to express frustration.

              • Oct 13, 2011
                Song: Ankh
                Artist/Singer: Scarab

                Song: Hushood AlNar
                Artist/Singer: Narjahanam

                Arabic death metal is pretty awesome imo, but there aren't many famous bands. I'll post some more foreign metal bands later.
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                • Aug 1, 2011
                  Thought we had like 6 billion music threads (First time seeing this thread, I know its from September). Oh well, metal is fine :3

                  Song: Final Flight
                  Artist/Singer: Metal Core Pony

                  Also, ponies.
                • Oct 13, 2011
                  Song: Sündenbock
                  Artist/Singer: Haertefall
                  From: Germany
                  Genre: Death Metal

                  Song: Wachstum über alles
                  Artist/Singer: Saltatio Mortis
                  From: Germany
                  Genre: Medieval metal

                  Song: Битва (Battle)
                  Artist/Singer: Satanakozel
                  From: Russia
                  Genre: Folk Metal

                  Song: Beethoven's Nightmare
                  Artist/Singer: Dragonland
                  From: Sweden
                  Genre: Power Metal

                  Song: Lions in a cage
                  Artist/Singer: Pentagram
                  From: Turkey
                  Genre: Heavy Metal

                • Oct 24, 2013
                  For those who don't know or can't tell by my trbngr clan tag and my party animals avatar I've had for a while, I'm a huge Turbonegro fan.

                  They have made an album with so many different rock genres sounds it's ridiculous. They aren't shy about saying they stole a riff.
                  You can hear their influences easily in their songs and you'll feel like you've heard the song before. These guys are the true rock metal punk band.
                  The guitarist (euroboy) has a great way of taking sounds from classic rock/metal bands and throwing them into their songs in a way that is respectful and pays homage to the original.
                  Their drummer is damn good and he writes a lot of their songs. Their lyrics are tongue and cheek, dark, morbid and don't take themselves seriously at all. They make you want to party.
                  The original singer, who just left was fucking awesome. I would say he has sung in at least 5 different languages, these guys aren't stupid.
                  I don't and won't listen to their new singer. I refuse to accept that as turbonegro. He tries too hard to keep up the original singers personality.
                  These guys started as a voice against racism in Norway.
                  They also did the song for the Age of Conan video game.

                  You have probably heard some of their songs.

                  Hot Cars
                  Hot Cars and Contraceptives
                  I particularly like this song because it has a crazy bongo breakdown that fits perfectly somehow.

                  Flower Box
                  Small Feces vol. 1
                  I love this song because it's so filthy and catchy. There's been times I've played it over 10 times in a row. It's a little more punk than metal.

                  City of Satan
                  Party Animals
                  This song shows their huge influence from classic metal like Sammy Hagar.

                  Selfdestructo Bust
                  Apocalypse Dudes
                  This song is just so fucking hard driving and heavy.

                  Hot Stuff/ Hot Shit
                  Party Animals
                  More of a Blue Oyster Cult type of metal, but definitely rock and roll.
                • Jul 8, 2012
                  Going to revive this, in hopes of more discussion.

                  One of the very first metal bands I loved. Mudvayne was probably the band that lead me into all the glory that is metal.

                  Here is my one of my top favorite songs by them. This song is probably one of, if not the most, influential in my entire life. This song has so many memories for me.

                • Oct 13, 2011
                  Song: Verrückt
                  Artist/Singer: Eisbrecher

                  I thought this was rammstein at first.

                  Song: Nightfall
                  Artist/Singer: Xandria

                  Dianne is hot ok. Post some symphonic metal bands if you know any. Except following:

                  Nightwish, epica, after forever, kamelot, leaves' eyes, haggard, sirenia, tristania, within temptation, therion, rhapsody of fire, delain, sonata arctica, symphony x, avantasia, edenbridge.

                  Song: Mjölner
                  Artist/Singer: Thyrfing

                • Nov 29, 2012
                  Yessss, a metal thread. My type of music right here.

                  Song: Hybrid Earth
                  Artist/Singer: Erra
                  Album(if you want): Augment

                  via http://youtu.be/HQIH45i4fmU

                  I love rock/metal music because the lyrics in my opinion have more meaning and depth to them. I listen to this type of music all time to help me relax, cheer me up when I'm sad or just to have a good time. My little escape from reality.

                  Another song I love.
                  Song: Where The World Ends
                  Artist: Betraying The Martyrs

                  via http://youtu.be/n6i7BwYXoI4
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                  • Jul 8, 2012
                    I totally forgot about this thread. Time to post some new songs brb.
                    Post Merged, Jul 26, 2014
                    Song: Jaded
                    Artist: Saviour

                    via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Z3xZED1doA

                    This song has done a lot for me emotionally too. I discovered this band last summer and have not stopped listening to them ever since. Sadly early this year they announced that they would be doing their final tour. There were from Australia so I never got to see them. :/ Fair warning these songs can be kind of "Right in the feels" kind of songs.

                    Song: Morning
                    Artist: Saviour

                    via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C9OVpFNjqHA

                    Song: Vomit
                    Artist: Saviour

                    via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6xOxxTQvpU

                    Song: Devi's Night
                    Artist: Caliban

                    via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwbLDiATifE

                    I am also a big fan of Euro Metal, Caliban being one of my favorites.
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