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The reason I haven't touched ze_surf_facility...

Discussion in Completed Maps started by Motanum, Jul 31, 2012

  1. Jan 9, 2012
    ...Is that I was working on my l4d2 campaign! It is finally done and I can move on and finish ze_surf_facility!


    I am not sure if I should upload to this forum, or it went somewhere else. Technically, it is a completed bunch of maps :razz:

    Anyways, I hope you can give it a try and enjoy the campaign!
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    • May 14, 2011
      Great work with it!
    • Dec 6, 2011
      Badass man, that map is pretty sweet. Looking forward to trying it when I install my L4D2 soon.
    • Nov 11, 2011
      Oh snaps! Awesome work bro!
    • Jan 9, 2012
      It's a campaign, so it is actually 5 maps.
    • Apr 9, 2007
      Just watched the trailer you linked on hlmappers, nice!
    • Apr 18, 2012
      Downloading...and...INSTALLED. Going to play it when I get a team or some shit.
    • Feb 14, 2012
      Going to install L4D2 to try this out. Looks good.

      Ok I installed and played it. Great level. Couple of thing that stuck out in my mind.

      1) Bot path on the ladders in stage one after powering up the dam are glitchy. All three bots fell to their death at the same time on them.

      2) Stair cases decending into the dam after the extraction point change are glitchy. Coach got stuck and I had to put him down like a dog.

      3) The second tank in your massive finale doesn't really do too well path finding in that elevator shaft. He fell off a high platform to his demise for me without even getting a chance to rumble with him.

      4) The voice acting at the helicopter is annoying. I know you're trying to be funny with it but remove it or increase the time between voice taunts.

      Other than those 4 excellent map. You place the weapons and med kits well and the finale although it didn't feel like a typical L4D finale was a nice change with the alarm sequence. It was definitely worth re-installing the game for thanks for the hour or so of fun. Would play again.
      Canadian Moose, Aug 1, 2012 Last edited by Never Enough, Aug 1, 2012