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Resolved this is rediculous.. if you have the time read it.

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by spyderhex, May 9, 2012

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  1. May 5, 2011
    down -v

    down -v

    im sure there will be a couple people here in no time to bash me further.. np just wanted to document this hopefully there will be some unbiased opinions to follow..
    spyderhex, May 9, 2012 Last edited by spyderhex, May 9, 2012
  2. Mar 6, 2012
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i can always release and renew ip make a new account and get admin again not mad about that
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): 9 bucks buys a new copy of CSS
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): the anger isnt on this side i promise you :wink:

    You were banned for one day for this statement right here.
    You were dealt a punishment for abusing admin, and you outright said you had the means and were willing to bypass to get admin again after your previous abuse.

    Abuse Thread in reference
  3. Apr 9, 2007
    Can you summarize this? I don't have the time to look at it now, but I will at a later time today.
  4. May 5, 2011
    all of this started because some asshat wouldnt stop following me around jumping on top of my head which makes my screen bounce up and down its annoying as crap.. i asked him to stop a few times on the mic and txt then i got mad and said "why do you gotta act like a fag huh?" then then the jerks swarmed in. i know i broke the rules and i got warned.. all the other crap i got was unnecessary and a majority of the time i was just defending myself but thats my opinion.. i dont think its fair that i got warned about being banned for discrimination while their buddys can call me whatever names they please.. 30 mins or so of them bashing me goes by before another admin steps in and stops everybody.. bout time.
    just because i stated i had the ability to do something that i obviously havent (still have the same account) was definitely not a grounds for ban.. wow
    np prob kyle thnx and take ur time like i said just wanted to document this whole mess to show how alot of the the time this server works on the buddy system.
    and marshal you are digging into my past and throwing it at me trying to discredit me.. i got taken off admin a long time ago if i had intentions for cheating the system i would have done it already and deff would have not told you about it in the open.. i believe using that as a reason to ban me and get the last laugh was uncalled for.
  5. Mar 6, 2012
    Actually, I was advised in admin chat to not mute because no one was spamming at the time. The only reason you were not muted, and they were not muted. I got burned once for enacting my admin rashly without thinking. I am not going to let it happen again. As far as your discrimination warning went, it was because you felt the need to insult the LGBT culture. I personally am against this prejudice when it is directed at me, you stopped that immediately so you got now gag or anything.

    I stayed out of it for the most part except when you spoke to me about networking and what not. No one was in the wrong, but your argument truly began to disrupt game play is when Adinx gagged you and Honey badger.

    I do not think that using this information and banning you over your malicious statement is out of the question actually. This is not about the last laugh either, I was not laughing at anytime during this, or after. I did the ban so the other admins on the server would not have to. That was a blatant threat.
  6. May 5, 2011
    yeah and i was called many names like a fat worthless nerd (discrim) for example but that person did not get warned for that.. like i said many of the admins play favorites NOT ALL OF THEM alot of the admin on here are good people unfortunately they cannot babysit the bad ones.. thats what you get when people can just buy admin and arent voted in based on how they act.
  7. Mar 6, 2012
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): ino why you gotta act like a faggot? huh?
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): u gay?
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): no i didint i said stop acting like a fag
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i asked him to stop and he didnt so i said stop acting like a fag
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i complain and i get scolded by all the butt buddies in here but when a female complains she gets hit on
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lol most PF admins are fat guys who get no pussy and have no life, or a teenager social outcast lol

    I will just post this... if you can't take it you should not be insulting others.
    Also ImmortalKing was gagged for insulting you so no favoritism was taken again.

    EDIT: TheImmortalKing: A fat no good nerd
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i was deffinatly not the aggressor
    TheImmortalKing: good day
    [pF] Alias8818 killed -kevindargie with p90.
    TheImmortalKing: U do realize u sound so gay
    [SourceMod] .adinsx: Gagged TheImmortalKing.

    Just so you can see. He was gagged, this was on your second post of info.
    Where as my comments from you are from the first.
  8. Nezumi
    This message by Nezumi has been removed from public view. Deleted by Seks, May 9, 2012, Reason: Unnecessary and adds nothing..
    May 9, 2012
  9. Sep 26, 2010
    If you both just stopped talking to each other, the situation would have diffused itself. Don't feed fuel to the fire and it won't grow.
  10. May 5, 2011
    you are obviously trying to avoid getting punished now and i expected that.. u were not posting what was said in between but its ok im sure the other admins will read what you didnt quote.
  11. Nov 29, 2010
    Okay, for the first few lines I can understand, however after the incident you kept on egging on these admins for an excessively long time and testing their patience, I'm surprised you weren't removed sooner.

    Marshall was also in the wrong for getting so involved into this, there's a point where you stop too.

    That was the most childish piece of writing I've ever had to read through.

    Also: If you're ever caught with a new steam acct on the same ip address, you're going to be permanently banned from all our servers. Keep that in mind.
    Clam Chowder, May 9, 2012 Last edited by Clam Chowder, May 9, 2012
  12. May 5, 2011
    THE ABRIDGED VERSION there was some dialog on the mic as well... sorry.

    ston3d snip3r (o_O): ino stop jumping jesus..
    TheImmortalKing: I can for like 3-4 hops
    TheImmortalKing: lol..
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): ino why you gotta act like a faggot? huh?
    Honey Badger: how do you know he's acting
    Honey Badger: he might really be a faggot
    Kali-Ma ^_^: lmao
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): getting on everybodys head and jumping up and down
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): shits annoying
    Honey Badger: he's just trying to mount you
    Honey Badger: he likes you, thats his way of showing it
    Honey Badger: just hold still, and he'll finish in a minute
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): ur obviously trying to be funny
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): and ur not
    Honey Badger: aww, you mad?
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): u gay?
    Honey Badger: its ok princess, dont be so butthurt
    Honey Badger: its just a game
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): no shit
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: How long have you been a part of the internet Sniper? Don't you know Honey Badger don't give a shit.
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: He will win.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lol u must be his boyfriend
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: No point is too far for him.
    Honey Badger: god damn right Marshall
    (Admin) [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Sniper, discrimination is not allowed on these servers. Stop Now.
    Honey Badger: :heart: Marshall even more :grin:
    Why so serious? killed Kali-Ma ^_^ with awp.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): niether is trolling
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): or blocking
    Satsuki | そらのおとしも: Can you slay classic?
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): dont single me out
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Yes Satsuki?
    Kali-Ma ^_^: he is not the only person in the roo doing something wrong
    Kali-Ma ^_^: room*
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): they dont give a sht they play favorites
    Honey Badger: ah, but he's being the biggest twat about it
    Honey Badger: and that singles a person out :grin:
    Satsuki | そらのおとしも: can you slay classic? hes jumping on my head and affects my aim
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: I do not know Honey Badger....
    Honey Badger: indeed, i rarely play here
    Honey Badger: but at least i got jokes to go with my hate :grin:
    Honey Badger: as opposed to just homophobia
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): admins come on here at late hours and do what they want all the time i know how this server works
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Sniper.
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: We have logs
    xeoleonova: Lmfao
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: If you have issue with an admin, take it to the forums.
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: This discussion is over.
    Honey Badger: lol
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): no sht man i used to be an admin here i know
    Honey Badger: gg so hard
    TheImmortalKing: shoo
    TheImmortalKing: go away
    LuciD: my favorite admin is harvey
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Then you know the rules, and you are blatantly breaking them.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): everybody talks sht on this server so get off my case thank you
    LuciD: simply because his avatar, the old scientist bald guy is probably how he looks like irl
    LuciD: maybe a bit hatter
    LuciD: fatter*
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: No, I will not because you keep bouncing from person to person picking fights.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): and name two people i have picked a fight with?
    Honey Badger: me, and the other person you called a faggot earlier
    Honey Badger: boom, theres 2
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Yep.
    Honey Badger: :grin:
    INO: i havnt said a word :shutmouth:
    Honey Badger: :grin:
    Harvey: word
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: You have picked a fight with Me, Badger and another.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): the question was for marshal and i didnt pick a fight with him he said something to me
    .adinsx: badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom
    Why so serious?: lmfao
    TheImmortalKing: calm down sniper
    LuciD: i pick fights with harvey all the time but he always just gives me the silent treatment
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): so like i said before get off my case
    LuciD: like for example
    Honey Badger: it was ISO i believe, who you were calling a faggot when i first joined the chat
    TheImmortalKing: CALM DOWN
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): no i didint i said stop acting like a fag
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): he was going from person to person jumping up and down on thier heads and it makes ur screen bounce up and down the sht is anno
    Kali-Ma ^_^: How about everyone is this room is a fag. Lets drop the petty fighting and play the dman game.
    LuciD: kali-ma are you indian?
    Honey Badger: you trying to hit on me Kali?
    Honey Badger: cause... i might be into that
    Honey Badger: ^.^
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i asked him to stop and he didnt so i said stop acting like a fag
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Kali-Ma, good idea. :razz:
    LuciD: kali-ma whats your ethnicity
    .adinsx: why do you care about that lucid
    .adinsx: seems to be an odd question
    LuciD: im just interested
    Kali-Ma ^_^: None of your business... I am here to play the game. Not get a hook up.
    Honey Badger: lol, idk, you seem to be flirting with me :heart:
    Honey Badger: its ok though, i dont mind
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i complain and i get scolded by all the butt buddies in here but when a female complains she gets hit on
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): there ya go
    Honey Badger: i dont know if Kali is a femail
    Honey Badger: male^
    Honey Badger: im just hitting on him/her anyway
    Honey Badger: gg again son, gg
    LuciD: i need to google the origin of the phrase "kali-ma" to find out most likely where he is from
    Honey Badger: its called "banter" and as long as you dont take it to far, its fine :smile:
    Honey Badger: but when you get butthurt about it, then you get all ragemode
    Honey Badger: and ppl's feelings get hurt :smile:
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: How did you get from me telling you to stop picking fights with people to Kali-Ma being a woman?
    Honey Badger: lol ikr
    Kali-Ma ^_^: I am a woman, and Kali-Ma Mean Warrior Goddess... Do some research and you would know.
    Honey Badger: yea, ill get right on that
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): just let it go kali you know it wont do you any good
    Kali-Ma ^_^: I already know. I am leaving now
    Kali-Ma ^_^ has Disconnected (0:0:51200870) from United States.
    Honey Badger: and im guessing that "Kali-ma' was from game of thrones or some shit
    Honey Badger: like we'd be researching that lol
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lol most PF admins are fat guys who get no pussy and have no life, or a teenager social outcast lol
    Honey Badger: could you be more butthurt?
    TheImmortalKing: stoned sniper that sounds like you
    Harvey: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    khgw.Noshot: why every one so angry
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i dont get buthurt
    TheImmortalKing: ur the sad troll
    LuciD: no, most pf admins like power trips
    TheImmortalKing: who keep talking
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: I am a 24 year old Server Engineer with a 7 month old daughter and I am engaged.... STFU
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): kali is like 5 feet away from me i get mine son
    Harvey: zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
    Harvey: i am a fat lazy slob with no life
    TheImmortalKing: Good for you troll
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): and im a cisco networking engineer say what?
    TheImmortalKing: Hows it feel to be a troll?
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Oh Yeah? What certifications do you have?
    *Spec* [pF] Alias8818: First step is to admit it, Harvey.
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Since you're a Cisco Engineer
    Harvey: yeah i know.. :razz:
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i have my CCNA what about it?
    *Spec* [pF] Alias8818: We can do this.
    khgw.Noshot: i got you all beat so shut up
    xeoleonova: u got your ccis
    LuciD: le derp
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: LOL!!! You're still a little Guy... Come back with at least a CCNP
    Harvey: someday I will upgrade my CCNE to a CCIE
    LuciD: you are a fucking MORON
    TheImmortalKing: OWNED
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lmao it doesnt matter what you have from cisco
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): that was wasted time in college
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Are you stupid? Cisco owns the networking world...
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): cisco engineers are a dime a dozen
    TheImmortalKing: Now its wasted time...
    LuciD: move
    LuciD: fucking blocker
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): you obviously dont know shit
    Honey Badger: please kick him lmao
    khgw.Noshot: lol
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): google will be taking all of our jobs very soon :smile:
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Oh really? Please enlighten me.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i just did
    Satsuki | そらのおとしも: noobs
    TheImmortalKing: Stoned sniper you just seem like a duesch I just am reading the whole convo and finally felt the need to say smthin ur just a
    TheImmortalKing: total tool
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Lol... Google buys it's hardware from Dell, idiot.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): thats why ur sittin garound playing CSS getting fat
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lmao
    Honey Badger: indeed, not like you right?
    Honey Badger: lol
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): of course like me
    TheImmortalKing: So are you lol fail troll is fail
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i didnt say i was a lazy nerd i am
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Okay okay okay, guys... we will excommunicate him.
    TheImmortalKing: Hes an air hade
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): wasnt*
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Sniper, no more talking sweet heart.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): im comfortable with what i do its you guys that are lying/ or in denial
    Honey Badger: lol
    TheImmortalKing: ROFL
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): bragging about being a network engineer lmao
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Mhmm... :/
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i was just letting you know ur not the only one
    LuciD: hahahah, if you're so smart, why are you so bad at zombiemod
    LuciD: ahahahahahahahah
    Honey Badger: lmao
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): because its how i waste my spare time
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i dont commit my life to it lol
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): if i played all the time id be good at it too
    *Spec* Harvey: lol, he likes to pretend hes house..
    *Spec* [pF] Alias8818: House? :grin:
    Honey Badger: doubt it
    *Spec* [pF] Alias8818: YES!
    *Spec* Harvey: bue seriously, he is a surgon
    *Spec* Harvey: but
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): but no i have a 650hp rx7 i work on on my spare time dont got too much time for zombies lmao
    (Admin) [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Alright, Sniper. I am going to have to tell you to now stop. This is out of hand.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): yeah it is because i just put you in ur place
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): getting way out of hand lol
    TheImmortalKing: stoned sniper ur pathetic...
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): just drop it
    TheImmortalKing: Just kick him
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): google is taking your place
    TheImmortalKing: Hes a fail troll
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): and mine too
    TheImmortalKing: ANd a loser
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): for an extra 20 bucks they will do everything we do
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): educate yourself dont get mad at me son
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): im being very civil
    TheImmortalKing: Ur trolling is what ur doing..
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): not calling names anymore, just speaking the truth
    Honey Badger: ffs, mute in player list doesnt gag them on this server?
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: No.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): not raging, not calling names, just talking
    Honey Badger: welllll ffs
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): gonna kick me for that?
    Honey Badger: so i have to read what this tool has to say...
    Honey Badger: votemute
    Honey Badger: votegag
    Honey Badger: lol
    TheImmortalKing: Agreed
    INO: im sorry for jumping on ur head stoned :[
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lol yeah sounds good
    TheImmortalKing: Lets all vote to ban stoned
    TheImmortalKing: sounds good to me
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): truth hurts so silence me
    *Spec* Harvey: I say let him live in his fantasy world.. it makes him happy
    Honey Badger: no, you're stupidity is giving me a headache
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Yes, I agree with Harvey
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lol
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): not a big deal ill save the conv and post it myself let everybody read it
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): yes i broke a rule like 30 mins ago you decided not to kick me you gave ur warning and now im being civil
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i know the website dude ive had an acount for a looong time
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: I have not spoken to you.
    Honey Badger: telling the admin he's stupid isnt very civil lol, but ok
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i said he was stupid? lmao when?
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i simply told him google is taking networking jobs off the market so not to brag about being one
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: I do not understand how you can think Google is taking networking jobs
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): well then do some research
    ThE MottO: rofllll
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Why don't you tell me. :/
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: You seem to know all about it.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): ur uninformed not my fault
    Honey Badger: cause the troll is just talking to talk
    Honey Badger: votemute
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Or maybe you're misinformed and cannot cite your sources.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lol im doing nothing but typing im not raging mc spamming or doing anything wrong
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): so go ahead and abuse that power
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: If you were going to get muted/gagged you would have been already.
    Report admin abuse at PlagueFest.com
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Stop taunting.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): im not taunting ur buddies are trying to convince people to vote for it
    TheImmortalKing: fucking dead
    Honey Badger: derp, there is no vote dumbshit
    TheImmortalKing: noob
    Honey Badger: or we would have minutes ago
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): see thats what i call taunting
    .adinsx: stop talking before it turns into a fight please
    TheImmortalKing: You sure type allot lol such a duesch
    ThE MottO: HHAA
    Honey Badger: douche^, not duesch
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lol dont worry ill post the conv
    TheImmortalKing: I say duesch
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Ohhhhhhhhh
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: I get it now.
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: You're not an admin because you abused. :/
    Honey Badger: lol
    Honey Badger: i was wondering about that "i was an admin" thing
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: No wonder you are taunting to abuse....
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lol good job buddy
    ThE MottO: shit
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): im not taunting anyone
    TheImmortalKing: haha that just makes him even seem like more of a fag
    TheImmortalKing: Stoned sniper ur so pathetic dude im crackin up over here
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): all of your friends keep asking for a votemute and ban
    .adinsx: seriously everyone just drop it.. talk about something else
    Honey Badger: you're an annoying tool, and are going out of your way to troll
    .adinsx: i dont give a fuck about your drama
    TheImmortalKing: DONT FEED THE TROLL
    TheImmortalKing: LETS ALL STOP
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): so im not the one taunting they are insulting me every time i get infected so... you are flipping it on me
    TheImmortalKing: IGNORE HIM
    miscman: who is trolling :O
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): and yes i got kicked off admin for slapping a player.. something a select few admins get away with but i didnt
    miscman: what part
    [SourceMod] .adinsx: Gagged ston3d snip3r (o_O).
    TheImmortalKing: LOL
    .adinsx: dont talk aboutit
    .adinsx: i want it dropped
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): smart choice
    Honey Badger: wow, what an arrogant cunt
    .adinsx: smart choice
    .adinsx: ?
    Honey Badger: :grin:
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lol
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): thnx for the conv guys should be an interesting read for some of the other admins
    TheImmortalKing: Ur a pathetic butt hurt troll
    .adinsx: i said enough
    TheImmortalKing: A fat no good nerd
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i was deffinatly not the aggressor
    TheImmortalKing: good day
    TheImmortalKing: U do realize u sound so gay
    .adinsx: wtf seriously
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): wow
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): he was being a little bit harsh
    Honey Badger: you called several people faggot earlier, stfu troll
    (Admin) .adinsx: respect all players as you would your own mother or just leave
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i mean hell i just got warned 30 mins ago no discrim and he has been spouting those insults for a good min now..
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): lmao
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): damn adinsx you snap em in shape real quick like
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): props
    TheImmortalKing: Stoner ur a sad sad man all I gotta say now Im done
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: You are doing just as much instigating.
    *Spec* [pF]Marshall [no sound]: Stop.
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i disagree
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): but whatever
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): i can always release and renew ip make a new account and get admin again not mad about that
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): 9 bucks buys a new copy of CSS
    ston3d snip3r (o_O): the anger isnt on this side i promise you :wink:
    Honey Badger: then stop talking
    -kevindargie: i think you should just play both of you since thats what you came in here to do
    Disconnect: You have been banned by this server, check bans.plaguefest.com/ for more info.
    Disconnect: You have been banned by this server, check bans.plaguefest.com/ for more info.
  13. May 5, 2011
    i took like 30 mins to take all relevant txts and put them together into one conversation... so it isnt just you quoting my defensive responses :neutral: thank you.
  14. Sep 25, 2010
    This is ridiculous and stupid. Both of you were acting like children. Stoned, from that conversation you were just asking for trouble... You are very well aware of the rules, don't instigate and troll. You deserve your 1 day ban.
    Marshall, you need to chill the **** out. This situation could have been easily diffused by ignoring stoned.
    This is not worth wasting time over :locked:

    EDIT :> Where did the locked emoticon go D: ?
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