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This Medusa boss...

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by [NaZeF] A342100, Jan 6, 2014

  1. Dec 2, 2013
    I have seen her on the recent version of Mountain Escape, exactly which map is she from? And why the holy hell did they add her. Even if the CTs have like 35 players, it takes about 30 seconds for everyone to die, even shorter than that, not to mention the map seems to like changing after her. I say if they continue to have her as a boss, she needs a immediate nerf, I understand you can't look at her as true to many tales about her, she is simply OP as all hell. Not to mention I don't recall the server beating her once, unless someone would like to enlighten me. All I see is a rediculously overpowered boss that is harder than Convoy itself and the final boss on Predator escape. I'm wondering the name of the map because from what it seems, it came from a map I have never heard of. Then again, I been into Zombie Escape for roughly 4 years at this point, so my knowledge is very vague and limited. Also for the hell of it, who actually likes Parkers Pit, am I only one on this planet that enjoys it? We never play it anymore. :thinking:
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    • Feb 11, 2012
      Medusa boss is from mg_serpentis_temple. She isn't even that hard to beat, and there should be couple kill videos on youtube.
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      • Seeker
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        Jan 6, 2014
      • Apr 28, 2013
        Speaking of medusa, this boss on the original version of serpentis used to crash the mg server but Kaemon fixed it. The mountain version had the cause of the crash removed so the boss functions differently than in all of the versions of serpentis.
      • Dec 2, 2013
        Thanks for the explaination, that makes sense now. She's still overpowered as fuck if not properly prepared though.
      • Mar 30, 2012
        But that's why you have players like me (OK maybe I'm boasting here a bit.~) who know the boss fight and will assist newer players on mic.
      • Aug 12, 2012
        someone make a mountain event to beat medusa :wink:
      • Apr 3, 2013
        Wrote some helpful tactics for this boss.
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          Kloud, Jan 7, 2014 Last edited by Kloud, Jan 7, 2014
        • Mar 20, 2012
          We killed it already once. I dont see a problem with the hp. People just die 2 soon very often. But Im kind of against it to play it nonstop with noclipmodeselesction..2-3times should be enough even with 2 times extend. Or it will get boring and causal soon.

          we need a second player if speed guy dies, just btw...This is where we always fail.
        • Mar 29, 2012
          i like parkers pit, The reason map changes alot is because server reaches the entity limit of the source engine
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          • Aug 10, 2012
            holy shit I remember that! Wow thanks for finding this video. Brings back good memories ^^

            Also, medusa isn't too hard to kill if everybody knows what they are doing. I find the best way is to divide in groups, have one guy try and kite her while the other groups can attack.