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Not Abuse Tony The Unicorn, the king!

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by sylvinhooo11, Dec 14, 2013

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  1. Dec 9, 2013
    Hello guys, I was playing today on Zombie Mod, on zm_firewall and i saw a lot of crouchs and vendys machines in the stairways exit, and then i read on the chat occasionally, sexual retard: you see the mess that i did?" I started to laugh, this guy is a legend of black humour and trolling on the server. Then I said on chat if it was me shooting it, he(tony) would kick me, because he keeps following me, tracking me down everytime i am on a server, just because greenmeaniez is saying that i'm cade breaker, and, I can't even shoot a single vendy from nowhere he is gonna say i'm cadebreaking, i was two times kicked by him by ''cadebreaking" Now I have to try to avoid shooting anything now when this guy is on the server. Then when I see I was banned for 1 hour lol!! I know it is short, but I don't care, he is abusing his "power" not only with me on the server. In the previous kick he froze me first, like others admins, good admins do like freezing, slapping, or saying in the mic, not only in the chat, because i rarely see(only if a friend of mine is talking to me, and I see he is playing and staring me down when zombies or with the flashlight in front of me. Yesterday I forget the name of the guy but he was telling a fun trolling story, everybody was laughing and then the guy mutes him, come on... the main goal of the server, or any server, not only is playing, but mainly to have fun, and this guy is ruining the fun of the game.

    I'm a donator, and agree with the price, think it is fair, but I really don't agree with 15 bucks being an admin, it will allow serious "imature"(IN MY OPINION) kids to abuse their "powers". To be an admin, in my opinion, it should be like 100$ OR being enough mature to be an admin of this great and popular server. I was used to play with Harvey as admin,Bacon Fest(legend),Dillinger talking very high on game and making everybody laughing out loud,Mc Tazland, Detonator and good admins nowadays like Sephiroth the beast haha(zombie), Doc, Pyroman, Seeker, John Dodge, Ghosted, and lot others, guys that participate of the fun too.

    Anyway, when it ends this donator plan of 2 months, i think its better to stop playing on the server, because I can't stand this guy, tracking me all the time, and ruining the great server, and community in general.

    I know it won't change anything, but I had to say that, it is always good to have the feedback of the members of the servers.

    [nickname: sour cream and onion STEAM: STEAM_0:1:52537769]

    ps: Sorry about my english, I say only the basic because I'm brazilian...
  2. Jul 14, 2010
    You are expected to read the rules when you join the server. You kept blocking the stairwell as a zombie against other zombies by pushing more couches into it. (You did it to me once). You were warned atleast twice to stop and it's not Tony's fault if you weren't paying attention to chat. The ban is only an hour and should expire soon (already did). Don't be an ass and block other zombies. It may be funny to you but it's pretty damn annoying when half the zombies are stuck in the basement because of trolls.
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