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Tony's Maps

Discussion in Mapper Portfolios started by Tony The Tiger, Apr 15, 2015

  1. Feb 27, 2012
    Figured i might as well make a portfolio of some of the maps i've made.

    First map i made was zm_theedge, obviously based off of Quake 2. It's pretty horribly balance, but i think it's still pretty decent for my first map ever.

    Second map i made on my own was zm_surf_n_cade. There was a really high request for a surf zombie map for a while, so i took the role of making it possible. There is hardly any surfing, though. It took a while to get the best of both worlds and to make it work right, and with some help from Kyle, it became a thing. It also has some badass music.

    Next, i made zm_cbble_tredux because the version we had on rotation sucked and was horribly balanced. So i remade it, and it became really popular surprisingly.

    Last ZM map that i made was based off of Duke Nukem 3D, zm_duke3d_l1. I really enjoyed making this map, and i think i made it pretty accurate to the original. All of the original secrets are there, except some are a little different to get to since the map doesn't have a working jetpack :wink:

    I had started to create a ZE map based off of Megaman X5, but i didn't even finish stage 1 before i stopped trashed the idea. @Luffaren had made me a Sigma model too! :frown: i may continue it some day, but i dont have any plans of doing so right now.

    This ZM map absolutely rapes your FPS when outside on a full server. I think it looks nice, but of course at the cost of FPS. I never did actually finish this map.

    This was a map that i started for the gamebanana christmas mapping contest, but never finished. Or even go close to finishing. If you've played CoD4, you'll recognize this map.
    Those are my creations so far. There are tons of ideas i have started but were scrapped. These are just the ones i've made the most progress with.
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      Tony, Apr 15, 2015 Last edited by Tony The Tiger, Apr 16, 2015
    • Oct 24, 2013
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      • May 31, 2012
        Megaman one looks cool. I wish there was some motivation to revive that project; maybe when ZE becomes more populated (self-sustaining).
      • Mar 19, 2015
        I really like your zm maps :heart: That Megaman map looks interesting. Keep up the good work
      • Mar 26, 2012
        I didn't know you made theedge.

        How big is the Megaman map? I think ZE would be better if we had more variety of smaller ZE maps.
      • Feb 27, 2012
        I was really happy with how it was turning out so far. But i just can't sit and do one project forever. I also needed someone to make animations for the models. Sigma wasn't a big deal, but Megaman and Zero would have been nice.

        It was my first one. I remember Sajak was trying to teach me to func_detail things as i went along, and apparently i heard "func_detail everything" and i did that to my whole map. I couldn't figure out why it was leaking so i ended up putting a big box around it. Then he figured out what i did, and told me to undo. Now the map has literally no func_details, which is absolutely horrible. The other thing was, that when we tested the map on ZM, people were complaining that the map was too bright. I had no idea what they were talking about. Retslag sent me a screenshot, and the HDR brightness was blinding. I remember he was using sm_blind on people so they didn't have their eyes raped.

        It wasn't very large yet. Just enough for 1 stage so far. I had just started making the Rooftop Battle where you would fight Sigma, then there would be a little more area to run through, then the stage would be over. I was aiming for 3 stages.
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        • Dec 17, 2007
          It would be awesome if you could finish it, I wanted to start getting into ZE if we could ever get it up and going again. Especially with all the newbie admins coming into ZM I'm about to get a headache lol
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