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Trade me, bro.

Discussion in Gaming started by Taters, Apr 2, 2012

fgnar doodak

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  1. Mar 12, 2008
    Hello. This thread is to help me clear out/add some more stuff to my steam inventory.

    It can be viewed here: My steam inventory

    Friends/Friends of Friends only, because i don't like making my inventory public. Sorry.

    I will trade games I own for games/DLC I do not own. I (currently) have a small, but juicy selection. The things in the STEAM tab are for trade. If you have some stuff you want to trade, post it here, PM me, or msg me on steam.

    Some rules, just because.

    No trolling. I prefer to wheel-and-deal with the community than those mouth-breathers on the steam forums and their retarded, under-handed ways, so If you come in here going "LOL want 50 earbuds for your whole inv!?" I will mark your post as spam and fap to the thought that I will not trade with you.
    • I would like to trade for stuff as close to the cost as the steam store values it (example: Fallout: New Vegas=$19.99, i would take DLC for things i own, or stuff on my wishlist which adds up to ~$17-$19.)
    • No TF2 Items. I am not interested in them.
    • I *may* trade you a FULL COPY of New Vegas or other, similar value game for 1 of the New Vegas DLC, i am looking for Gun Runner's Arsenal or Lonesome Road.
    • Guest Passes will, of course, not be traded.

    Lets keep this a clean and fun thread. I'm looking for good stuff, and you are too. If you have any requests, i'll see what i can do.
    Taters, Apr 2, 2012 Last edited by Taters, Jun 13, 2013