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Tragic day..

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Vicarious, Nov 6, 2014

  1. Dec 27, 2012
    Today I got a phone call from a very dear friend of mine, we've known each other for a long time. She was a victim of Leukemia ever since I first met her. In this phone call, she wished me and my family great happiness and that she loves me a lot. I knew exactly what she meant with all this so I had to fight really hard not to burst into tears. I managed to tell her everything that I wanted her to know, and I could picture a big smile on her face which made us both really emotional yet happy. I wasn't allowed to stay with her until the end but...I don't think it could have turned out any better under the circumstances we both had.

    May you finally find rest in peace Jessica, I love you so incredibly much. You will never be truly gone for me, because you are a very big part of my heart. I love you, always will.
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      Vicarious, Nov 6, 2014 Last edited by Vicarious, Nov 6, 2014
    • Jul 8, 2012
      I'm sorry man. There's no good way to handle life when this happens. You have my info if you ever want to talk about this, or anything. :confused:
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      • Jan 3, 2013
        :crying:GOD BLESS HER...........
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        • Oct 24, 2013
          That's really tragic. I hope what my status was helped you and didn't make you go the wrong way. It's kind of a weird coincidence.
          That sounds like a really amazing moment you had with her. Her last words to you seem very cheerful and she seemed ready for what was coming.
          Be happy you can remember that she was happy when she left and you got to share something that not a lot of people get to do, which is be able to let their loved ones go with a real discussion of your feelings and thoughts you may have never said to each other on other terms. You got to know someone to the very last moments and choose what you said to each other knowing that moment was coming.
          I think you're very blessed in a way.
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          • Oct 27, 2010
            The body is temporal but love is eternal. Celebrate love and it will survive all.
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