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Transit systems

Discussion in Minecraft started by Thorazine, Jan 16, 2012

  1. Jan 14, 2008
    Who's working on subways or sky trams? I have a small tunnel running from my res to near spawn. I don't want to start laying down kilometers of track if there are plans or existing rail. I just lined it up with 0,0 just above lava lvl (y 12), most of the length of it runs directly south. It cuts through some small mining tunnels way under a couple other residences. That's why I like to build those really deep. But due to region protection I can't bring it all the way in to the center of spawn area.

    I like that there's no teleporting but it would be easier to get some trade/economy going with a central hub. Who's working on that, and can I help? :smile:
  2. Jan 12, 2011
    I'm the one working on the Skybridge and its respective Hub stations at the corners, ever so slowly. I plan for it to extend far beyond the outlined rectangle after completing what I already have on my plate. For now, the single best way to get around is by Nether portals, though the network for that is fairly disorganized.

    You're welcome to make your own subway, but mind the fact that you will likely encounter many people'e mines on the way.

    As far as central hub for spawn, there are many locations not far from spawn that either exist or are in progress that can orient new players. When I see them, I always like to welcome and provide some basic supplies from my complex. The castle I'm working on is to further that goal.