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Turned my desktop into a folder view

Discussion in Technical Support started by Tony the Tiger!! :D, Jun 3, 2013

  1. Feb 27, 2012
    Yeah, i've never seen this before. It's absolutely terrible, and it's making me upset. I'm almost 100% positive it is from Microsoft Office 2013. I have Hyperdesktop installed, and the key combination to take a screenshot is CTRL+Shift+6. Well, when i did that about 5 minutes ago, it did this. What do, and how fix. And yes, my desktop is a mess, i really should clean it up.

    EDIT: Also, when i do CTRL+Shift+7 and CTRL+Shift+8, i get two other views just with larger icons, but i dont get out of the stupid folder view. And 1-5 and 9 do nothing in that combination.

    EDIT 2: Solution found from here.


    1. Press Win+R, type regedit.exe, and click OK.
    2. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Shell\Bags\1\Desktop.
    3. Leave the registry editor windows open. Then, while pressing the Ctrl and Shift keys together, right-click the taskbar, and choose Exit Explorer from the context menu.
    4. Go back to the registry editor, and change the LogicalViewMode and Mode values to 3 and 1, respectively (i.e. the default values).
    5. Press Shift+Ctrl+Esc to bring up the Task Manager.
    6. Click on File > Run new task. Type explorer.exe, and press Enter.

    Additional information
    Here are the possible values:
    LogicalViewMode | Value | Description
    Details		|  1  | Details view
    Tiles		  |  2  | Tiles view
    Icons		  |  3  | Icons view
    List			|  4  | List view (Windows 7 and later)
    Content		|  5  | Content view (Windows 7 and later)
    Mode			| Value | Description
    Icon			|  1  | Medium-size icons
    Small icon	  |  2  | Small icons (seems unused)
    List			|  3  | Object names are displayed in a list view
    Details		|  4  | Object names and other selected information are shown
    Thumbnail	  |  5  | Thumbnail icons
    Tiles		  |  6  | Large icons
    Thumbstrip	  |  7  | Display icons in a filmstrip format (XP only)
    Content		|  8  | Content mode (Windows 7 and later)
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      Tony The Tiger, Jun 3, 2013 Last edited by Tony the Tiger!! :D, Jul 11, 2014
    • Nov 29, 2012
      Post Merged, Jun 3, 2013
      lol jk,wtf happened though? o:
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      • May 31, 2012
        I don't think it's from MS Office 2013 because I have it too and I can't think of a way to fuck up my desktop that way lol. I was looking at personalizing my desktop but I have no idea how you got there. I would blame your hyperdesktop software. Can you uninstall hyperdesktop and see if it undoes the fuck-up?
      • Jan 21, 2011
        Looks like office isn't the only thing you've got installed. This on win7 or win8? Have you tried rebooting?
        Post Merged, Jun 3, 2013
        Hyperdesktop just takes screenshots and uploads them to imgur. Highly unlikely it's the cause.
      • May 31, 2012
        But the problem occurred after he tried using a shortcut related to the Hyperdesktop software :razz: so it's possible.

        Good question about the Windows 8; I am not 100% up to date on all of Windows 8 features and they drive me crazy so that is also possible.
      • Feb 8, 2013
        Tony. I have bad news. You can't fix it if you can't even fix it. :shame:
      • Dec 27, 2012
        That would annoy the crap out of me too.
        Sadly, I have no clue of how to fix it whatsoever, sorry.:quiet:
      • Apr 9, 2012
        Did someone talk about a messy desktop?


        It's been going on this way for years now
      • Feb 27, 2012
        No, it's not Hyperdesktop. I've used it for quite a long time now, including that key combination.

        I am using windows 8. And i just installed office 2013 yesterday so i could type up my homework. Unless maybe i updated something and it adds a stupid feature like that. I've tried rebooting, yes.

        Mine used to be worse when i had Windows XP... i had icons ontop of icons >.>
      • Apr 9, 2012
        A yea, well I had icons passing by way behind my screen, so I had to open my desktop in explorer xD A well, that was another time
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