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Unban request number 2.

Discussion in Help Desk started by Nyastle, Nov 17, 2012

  1. Jun 27, 2012
    "You have been banned for trolling on mako as well as bhopping. You have been banned on numerous other servers for this same reason. We don't need people like that around here. For this reason, the ban will stay"
    Im banned only at 1 server. Its CSI or whatever its called.
    I got that ban about 3-4 months ago. I dont troll anymore since that perm ban on that server.
    About demo:
    "51,000 B-hopped to glitch win extreme. 66,500 B-hopped onto the earth truck"
    Agree. I deserve a ban for this (but not perm).
    "72,500 Says he/she can bhop as long as its under 350 velocity."
    Of course I can. Sv_enablebunnyhopping means u can bhop under 350 vel. If u not agree - blame valve.
    "78,000 troll earth maybe? Killed a human if I saw correctly, but zombies were close."
    Zombies were closer than that human.
    "130,500 Most likely a troll wind. Apparently went AFK right after getting to the reactor, but went AFK hiding the materia sprite inside the reactor. Came back from AFK during the same boss fight."
    Its a part of the game. I cant be 24/7 near my computer. Sometimes i need to be away from my pc. So it isnt a reason to get a ban.
    And yeah,how I said,I dont troll anymore.
    It would be nice if u guys will unban me.
    And im sorry for that bhop,I wont do that anymore. Also, Sorry for bad eng.
  2. Jul 16, 2012
    Looking at the ban reason, it appears you were banned for bhop scripting (Bhop @ 51k tick shows script. Goes 0-800 in 3 hops.)

    Scripting leads to an automatic permanent ban, regardless of situation.
  3. Jun 27, 2012
    The thing is, I didnt use any bhop hack / script.
  4. Oct 29, 2010
    I hate to get involved with decisions of higher-ups. And I know I am in the minority.

    But having been familiar with him, I feel it's important to give my input:

    I played with Nyastle alot. However, we hardly ever talked.

    I'm actually very familiar with Nyastle from playing a number of ZE servers with him the past couple of years. We were never close, but I knew who he was.

    I perceived Nyastle as a very, very skilled CSS player from the beginning (He's been a STEAM member since 2003). He posses a mad skill in bhop (apparently very precise: he posted a video of him in-person playing CSS, and showing how he does his bhop live with the keyboard in order to quell all suspicions that he was scripting. We weren't the first to suspect, apparently)

    God knows how many servers he has played in CSS (MG, ZE, ZM, regular de_dust2, etc), and the fact that he has not been banned by any of them (aside from CSI--but not for bhopping) should prove that despite constant scrutiny, he is overall perceived as legit.

    When news went around that he was permabanned (for scripting), that surprised a huge number of us--we had all already doubted he was a scripter. This also needs to be taken into consideration: the CSS update completely wrecked the bhop settings at the time of his ban, so we all knew how infamously easy it was to abuse bhop in this server. . .

    I mean, back in the older days when MG was much more populated, I've witnessed a few players (legit players and regulars, actually) momentarily reach speeds greater than 1000 when bunnyhopping (all were in the MG server). I thought nothing of it, since they weren't doing 7 perfectly timed bhops in an upward direction on a 45° incline

    As for the trolling part: Nyastle used to be in ZES (Very skilled ZE clan that had its image corrupted by the trolling ways of Kaczor and Focus, which led the overall ZE population to perceive the clan as a clan of trollers), but from what I had read from an in-game conversation between him and Tony, Nyastle had voluntarily left ZES long, long ago.

    I haven't seen him troll since in any of the servers (then again: I started working two jobs, so I'm hardly ever on.)

    Nyastle isn't a bl1Zz, so in my humble opinion, he should be given a second chance (albeit, on a short leash).
    Again, this is only my input.
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      meeko, Nov 17, 2012 Last edited by meeko, Nov 17, 2012
    • Feb 21, 2007
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      • Jul 14, 2010
        The ban wasn't entirely for scripting. It was for potentially that, and griefing, exploiting, and retslag kept the ban because you have bans across more than 4 servers for the same thing. While I don't think you script, you have a bad history across servers for glitching and exploiting.

        I could see reducing the ban to a week or month (Expired) but I won't do it unless others agreed.
      • Sep 25, 2010
        I can live with a LAST chance.
      • Aug 2, 2010
        I don't see a reason as to why we would accept a troll that has been kicked out from other communities.
      • Oct 29, 2010
        ADDED EDIT: Retslag's links all date no later than the very beginning of August of this year.

        Several months has passed since then; surely he would have changed (as he claims), no?

        In the event he is given one last chance, he is at the mercy of all administrators here anyways, as his mere presence will subject him to intense scrutiny from there on out.

        Given his history, 99.9% of the administrators (especially the demo submitter) will be extremely hungry to hammer the final nail into the coffin should he grief/exploit.

        I'm bowing out of this thread, as Retslag indicated he wanted root/LSA opinion on this matter (and I need to sleep/work/thread will be locked by then).
        meeko, Nov 17, 2012 Last edited by meeko, Nov 17, 2012
      • Jul 20, 2010
        I shall side with Rxn and Ret's on this. Also I'm pretty sure that our ZE settings don't allow you to go from 0-800 velocity seeing as it has different settings than lets say the MG server where you can get those speeds because that server has settings that allow that to happen.
      • Sep 22, 2010
        I will side with Deto on this, it is always easy to get rid of a player, but always harder to have someone return.
      • Jun 27, 2012
        I didnt have 800 vel. Also, I got donators boost per jumping. With that boost u dont even need so strafe to be faster than other guys. + U could notice that I strafed a lot and those jumps wasnt perfect at all.
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        • Feb 21, 2007
          Maybe its the Christmas spirit, or maybe its the fact that I wrote your name on a piece of paper, and let my dog chew on it......but I am going to unban you.

          I suggest you stay away from anything close to bhopping. I also suggest you stay away from trolling, or griefing.

          Any future bans, for anything, may (likely) result in a perm. Unbanned.
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