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Not Abuse various admin abuse, patrick bizzle, richard420, amongst others

Discussion in Admin Abuse started by lucid, Jul 12, 2012

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  1. Mar 25, 2012
    earlier today in the very wee early hours on the morning (or very late wednesday, i don't remember the exact time) i played on hellz multigames. on this map you have to run to the middle to pick your selection. i won the first round, lost the second, and won 6 or 7 times in a row after that (maybe more i dont remember, but atleast 6 in a row). i picked skip rope every single time i won, because i like it.

    now, after the 7th round, i had picked skip rope a total of 6 times, and we were doing skip rope 5 times in a row at that point. now everyone was bitching and shouting at me, but i was having a jolley old time because it's my favorite map and i dont like anything else besides skiprope. i dont care if anyone else doesn't like it, i won the race, so i choose.

    then what happened was the admins started freezing me. they froze me and told me not to pick skiprope, even though i won. what kind of bs is that, you are going to freeze me because you lost and don't want to deal with it? i won the race, i should choose what i want to play no matter what. if you dont like it, then you should run faster.

    then what happened was i think richard420 froze me BEFORE i started running. he just froze me at spawn. i couldn't even move when the race started. i swear on my life i remember recording the demo of it, but i cant find it, i spent like 1 hour looking for it, it wasn't recorded >.<

    i won the race after that a couple of times and i asked if i could pick skip rope and they told me no. if i picked skiprope after he told me no i would of gotted BANNED, keep that in mind please. what kind of bullshit is this. they told me i was trolling, but i wasn't... i just really like skiprope, and i didn't want anything else on the map because i thought it was really bad. besides i dont know whats the definition of "trolling", they just use this stupid word to describe anything they dont like, i searched the rules i didn't see anything, how is this a bannable offense.

    there were admins who were threatening to kick me or ban me, wtf.

    can someone please get the logs for that game? i swear i recorded the demo, but i failed at it.
  2. Feb 1, 2011
    Sounds like you got what was coming to you. If you win the selection every round and pick the same map more than three times in a row despite the rest of the server bitching at you, expect something bad to happen. You failed to provide any context or proof, so your claim is kinda out the window to begin with. I guess we'll see if anyone comes up with logs or something to flesh this out a bit more.
  3. Oct 29, 2010
    No one wants to play the same thing over and over on a multi-game map.

    Keep in mind you're not the only one on the server, being the best at running to the middle doesn't mean you can ruin the map for everyone else.
  4. Mar 25, 2012
    i dont understand this notion of "ruining" it for other people. so if im the best at shooting lets say, and i kill everyone on the other team. I ruined their fun time and their chances of killing others, but this is acceptable. I can be pro at shooting, come join the server kill everyone with 0 deaths, but if i win the race and choose what i like, this is not acceptable. it's a competition to pick the map, and if i win it every time then i should pick anything i want. if you dont like competition then make it random like randomizer. not to mention on one round i was frozen before i even started running.

    and i dont care what the hell anyone else wants.... no one wants to lose in a shooting match either, but if someone kills them they die.

    not to mention, there are people who want to play the same map every round, because they are the ones picking the map in the race they WON.
  5. Sep 25, 2010
    If you spam the same map over and over again while the server is complaining, you will get removed by an admin. I see no abuse up to this point.
  6. Dec 2, 2011
    Do I even need to Reply?
  7. Jan 27, 2011
    Yes were frozen. And yes you were warned atleast three times to not do it again. Once by myself, patrick, and richard. You purposely kept doing it to troll and now you came in here acting like it is your favorite map and dont want to do any other map.

    This happened at around 9 cst and like others say, you saw it coming.
  8. Sep 14, 2008
    I totally see what you're saying lucid, but everyone is right. spamming the same round over and over again is a no no. NO ONE besides that person want's to play the same thing over again. That's why it's a multi map, so you can choose something else the next round. Just be mindful of other players. I know it can be difficult sometimes. Especially if you like jumprope or slide or whatever it is. Or if you've seen other players do this as well.
  9. Mar 25, 2012
    wtf are you people talking about im trolling, wtf is a troll. i pick jumprope because i like jumprope the best, i never even liked the other maps in hellz miltigames they are bad. i dont care if u dont like it or not, run faster. it's a race and the winner picks whatever he wants.

    not to mention i was frozen once at the begining of the round for nothing. this is already 100% admin abuse.

    first i was frozen after I won a race. this was the first time i was frozen. i won the race, and as i was running to jumprope some admin froze me, unfroze me and then instantly froze me again.

    then the next round i was frozen before i was even able to move. the admin froze me before the race even started, how is that not admin abuse. im sure u can find in the logs that he froze me like the second a new round started, which would make it impossible for me to have made it to the middle of the map. i was frozen before i could even move. he can't just freeze me for nothing before the round starts.

    by the way i think i tried posting here but it didn't work..... it kept giving me this fucking stupid "you got rick rolled XD XDDDD" bullshit, wtf. yo admins this rick rolling shit is not funny anymore (it never was), stop kicking a dead horse dear god. i spent like 20 minutes trying to look at my posting history to see if i posted a post i tried to make here and all i get is rick roll. it's not even funny, just fucking stupid. rick roll is funny like once in a blue moon for something really random and unexpected, like reading a long story about something that really promising and then getting rickrolled. not getting rick rolled half the time you're trying to access a forum.
  10. May 16, 2011
    The only reason you were froze was after getting multiple warnings from myself and every other admin on the server at the time. You are correct you won the race and you get to choose but not the same thing every single time. The whole point of the map is to play different games not jump rope the whole time we are on that map. Sorry but you were trolling and the chat logs can probably prove it (if anybody wants to post those?)
  11. Jul 20, 2010
    I still see no abuse and lucid you know what is trolling stop trying to play dumb it's not working. Richard came into mumble asking me, momo and another lsa about this. Picking the same exact thing over and over again is considered trolling, more so when the server is telling you to pick something else and you just laugh it off and pick the same exact mode each and every time. It seems people were starting to leave the server because they didn't want to play jump rope each and every time. Again stop trying to play dumb you know what trolling is and have been banned before for it. Learn from this and stop trolling people just to amuse yourself it won't end well for you. No abuse here locking the thread until a root can get on to post logs.
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