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Discussion in Work in Progress (WIP) started by GrandOp, Feb 18, 2012

  1. Oct 16, 2011
    Some lovely people on plague fest ze server said I should post something about this big project that I am doing to get the word out more, keep people up to date on whats happening but also and most impotently it allow me to get feedback. The post below was first posted on i3d, but still appeals just as much plague fest as it dose to i3d. To say sorry about just copying pasting from i3d, I decided to add a few more screen-shots than i did on i3d.

    Original i3d thread: Link


    Let me first say, its been a while since i been on here but i am hoping that this big project i am taking on currently will make up for that.

    Sooooo what is this "new big project"

    Well gather around and i tell you. In this project i am hoping to do a massive update to two of my maps Void and GrandBoatEscape, but this is not just any update, no no no. This update going to bring in a lot of new and interesting features some of which was suggested by you guys/ladies. But, that's not it you will also be able to suggest things here that will be seen by me and will be token into count. So please feel free to give me as much constructive criticism or suggestions about the two maps getting updated. But wait there more! After both Void and GrandBoatEscape are done I will then start doing a whole new map, that will be a super duper hipster secret until then.

    Things will be released as followed:
    Void and GrandBoatEscape will be released at the same time, soon followed by "secret project". times may change.

    So lets get onto the good stuff:

    Void 'mostly finished'

    I been doing this one for a little while now and i think i have improved it drastically since the last version. Most of the update is done now though, but that dosent mean you cant chip in and throw in a suggestion or two.

    So what bean changed?

    I cant go into too much detail about everything that has changed, but i can go through the main new features that will make a drastic difference to the player experience:

    1. More ways to get on top of the spire. I added one large tower to both sides of the spire, that allowed people to take lifts to top of spire but this will not be any cake walk no no no, the lift will be very slow and will have ladders all around to let zombies attack from. Don't worry though you still be able to climb the spire, if anything its a tad easier now to climb the spire and will also allow you to just about beat the lift to the top.

    2. Visuals have been changed a lot. such as the lighting in void is much more better now. Also overall brightness has been changed so it's not too bright now. But if its still a tad too bright for you then you be happy to see whats below...

    3. I have created a second version of the map that plays at night, this is no cheap change of the lighting though, a lot has changed in the midnight version to make it look just as good in the dark as it dose in day light.

    4. Music and sound effects have been edited a lot giving a much better experience through the level.

    5. Removed bugs that were destroying all fun within the map.

    Screen Shots are below...

    ze_void_main_v50000 ze_void_main_v50002 ze_void_main_v50019 ze_void_main_v50020 ze_void_main_v50030 ze_void_main_v50025 ze_void_main_v50031 ze_void_night_v50005 ze_void_night_v50016

    Now please bare in mind that this list is only showing off some of the major changes in the next update, and dosent go into detail about all the other smaller cool tweaks through out the map that people will find out when playing the map.

    Grand Boat Escape 'work in progress'

    Grand Boat Escape will have a load of changes done to it, if anything, will most likely have the most done to it. This is because i feel that Grand Boat Escape is.... boring, if anything its too much like the original in my opinion. Some people like it that way and I have nothing against that and will keep two version on game banana for any one that wants a Grand Boat Escape more like the original. But if your anything like me then your getting very bored at Grand Boat Escape and i don't blame you its pretty much run out of a action packed spawn into a constant snooze fest and then defend a op fort at the end. This was all fine at the start due to the fact people did not know what they were doing and there were always a ton of zombies to fight, but now people know what they are doing and there hardly enough zombies to make the middle and end parts any fun. Sooooo in this update I aim to make Grand Boat Escape much more harder, but also add a lot more details to the visuals. any suggestions you may have on how to improve this map is very much welcomed

    I have only just started this update, but i have already improved it a lot since i started. this list shows some of the main features that will be in the next update.

    1. added 3d sky box. Some of you may not know what this is, but to put it simply it allows me to make everything look much bigger, example being the updated version of Grand Boat Escape now looks as if it is now based on a large flouting ruin city instead of a flouting river of pointlessness. bean doing this for most part of two days, and have pretty much finished this part.

    most of the list from now is "to-do" due to the fact i haven't finished the update for this map yet.

    2. create a more deadly journey from the spawn to the end fort. I hope to do this by adding more areas where the player will need to jump or shoot instead of constant running. I hope to do this in a number of ways. Such as the tunnel in the middle of map now has a much different and interesting game-play feature that will remain secret for now. Also note, i really don't want to make playing this map any more annoying or straining by adding in really annoying traps or features that seem unfair, so don't worry you still be able to chill out and listen to some Jimi Hendrix on the boat.

    3. The fort 'end game' will hopefully get a total redesign to be much more harder to defend, but also a lot more ""FUN"". I hope to do this by adding two lines of defenses instead of the one, this allows for so much more in terms of features and game-play. to add to this I will make all defenses weaker allowing the zombies to come from a lot more places with much more ease. Other features for the fort 'endgame' are still unknown, but i am hoping to make the end fort a much more challenging and entertaining experience for new and old players alike.

    4. Improve all visuals for the map, for the most part this will be easy, it be a case of adding cube maps that add reflections to surfaces 'a feature void already has'. But I will also add a lot more detail to the general structure of the map most of which will blend in with the added game-play features 'mention above' through out the map. I also hope to add improved lighting as well as seen in the new void update.
    Read more on: : i3D.net Game Forums Void/GrandBoatEscape/SecretProject

    5. will hopefully do two different versions that are based at different times in the day 'like with the void update', to give the servers a bit more choice.

    6. Music and sounds will be improved as well, to meet the standard of the voids update.

    No Screen Shots of this map yet...

    Secret Project 'Its a secret'

    No word on the third secret project sadly yet, not until these two updates are released.

    ze_void_main_v50019 ze_void_night_v50016

    Like i said many times before post any constructive criticism or suggestions you may have on features you will like added in the update or features you don't quite like in the two maps. Also sorry if there any grammar errors bean a long day...
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    • Feb 21, 2007
      sweet!! :thumbsup:
    • Feb 18, 2011
      I don't have any criticism to give, but I will say it looks lovely.
    • Oct 16, 2011
      Thanks for the replies and likes. The progress on the updates are coming along really well.


      Currently there one feature being added to Void and GrandBoatEscape that will be very helpful to Plague Fest ze server and any other ze server's with a spawning system like Plague Fest's. What i am doing is adding a command in the updated maps that will change the number of mother zombies spawned to 1, spawn times will be shortened and the send back to spawn trigger will be disabled. Meaning the overall pace will play out how it was intended to on all servers set up this way, for people not in the know how my spawns tend to work: Things will play out by trapping everyone in three different sections in the spawn, only connected by vents. Then dropping '1' zombie into the mix to create zombies, after 20-25 seconds the 3 spawn doors will open up and allow the humans and zombies out. Humans getting out first of course.

      If there any problems with how I will be doing the spawns please do tell me. Lets say there is a problem I go to plan B for the spawn, and make a altered version so all the spawns on my updated maps open up much faster and allow plague fest and any server with spawning like it to remain how they wanted it. But... that's plan B, i feel the way said above will be the best for everyone though, it has the map working how it was intended on every server.

      There will also be re-spawning zombies for the two updated maps what will be made to re-spawn all dead zombies or any human that dies, into a zombie. Not much of a change here for Plague Fest though, it already has re-spawning on i think, but will never less improve the game-play a lot on any other server that doesn't have this feature.

      GrandBoatEscape development 'Void update is all mostly done now, so there not really much to talk about, unlike GrandBoatEscape what hasn't had much said in detail about its update due to the fact GrandBoatEscape feature list was mostly a to do list. If you want most of the detailed info about void take a look at top, there a list of whats been added not including some of the stuff i keeping hidden for people find out'

      -Changed boat: its a little longer now, and has a lower deck instead of a captains cabin. This is good due to the fact it allows zombies to bash there way through the metal grated windows from the water and jump into the boat.
      -Added a few more routs: before if you sow a zombie in-front of you, you would be in a lot of trouble and trapped. But... that's bean changed now, with the added number of routs in the game it allows humans to have more choice in where to go. They still can easily get them self killed, but that choice is there for them to fail around with or skillfully use.
      -Basic 3dsky box is mostly all done, but am hoping to do some very interesting stuff in the later stages of development like flouting islands, and air-ships/sky-ships flying about.
      -Ton of optimizing. Cant really go into much detail here, but there were a lot of poor mistakes i made back in the day, mostly all fixed now of course.

      Here are screen shots of the new boat and old boat side by side. 'NOTE' This is alpha version of the big update, and dose not even have half of the new visuals i am hoping to have by the end of the update. Never less here are the two boats side by side, old boat to the left, new boat to the right. feel free to comment.
      ze_grand_boat_escape_v40028 ze_grand_boat_escape_v50008
      Sorry about grammar, getting a tad late.
    • Feb 18, 2011
      The boats look like noah's ark or some shit, I LIKE IT! Are you planing to make teleporters for the zombies so if they die they don't have to walk another 9000 miles to get to where the humans are?
    • Oct 16, 2011
      Most likely. I want to try and get rid of as many annoying features as possible. There already a basic teleporter to take everyone near to the end at a certain point, but i want to improve it a bit more because its never fun in my opinion to run a ton to get back to where you was when you died.