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WA and CO: Marijuana = Legal!

Discussion in In The News started by rxn, Nov 7, 2012

  1. Sep 6, 2010

    Yeah, well tobacco is well-studied now. Numerous studies confirm it's link to various respiratory diseases including cancer. However, for many years tobacco companies were winning in the battle as they were stating that the subjects could have developed cancers from something else, for example, from the air pollution (car exhaust, factories, etc.). So the point is, that it will take years to come up with solid proof as the substance is currently illegal in most of the countries around the world. I suspect the bias due to study group ages. In one study they've compared a sample of tobacco smokers ages 62-67 and cannabis smokes ages 41 on average. This is quite a considerable age difference, about 20 years, so you can say the study may be biased and inconclusive.
    While THC in its pure form may be carrying some beneficial properties I highly doubt the regular joint does not contain any carcinogens or substances harmful for the respiratory system. I had a chance to look at the vaporizer which suppose to be much cleaner than using joints. However, the glass cover was yellow on the inside with a thick oily stuff from vaporization and if it sticks to the glass it would most likely stick to the lungs and bronchi too.
    From this website (http://lungcancer.about.com/od/causesoflungcance1/f/marijuana.htm) I found that: "Many of the carcinogens and co-carcinogens present in tobacco smoke are also present in smoke from marijuana. Marijuana smoking does cause inflammation and cell damage, and it has been associated with pre-cancerous changes in lung tissue. Marijuana has been shown to cause immune system dysfunction, possibly predisposing individuals to cancer. Marijuana likely increases the risk of testicular cancer, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, a type of brain tumor, and the risk of leukemia in the offspring of women who use it during pregnancy".

    Moreover, a lot of cannabis smokers mix marijuana and tobacco together to increase effects. Apparently, when you add tobacco, nicotine increases the effects of marijuana. This would increase the risk of various cancers. I see quite a few people mix tobacco and weed together. Maybe they've been using weed for a while now and it doesn't hit they as hard as before and they need to boost the effects.

    True. You get addicted mostly mentally but it's the hardest addiction to get rid of.

    That can definitely help. Here's what I found right on the website (http://www.marijuana.com/threads/breathing-problems.151977/):
    "I've been smoking daily for about the past 2 years. Over about the past six months I've been having increasing problems with breathing, wheezing, and just feeling like my throat is tight. At first I thought I was having allergy problems like hay fever.. I also have pet rats.. but I now know it is the weed. I quit for about a month and all my sypmtoms subsided. The past couple of weeks it has been getting worse. I wake up sometimes in the middle of the night almost gasping to get a decent breath. I know I need to quit, and I have in the meantime... but, does anyone else have problems like this? Before it was limited to only in the mornings, and now I'm having slight attacks during the day. I love my weed. I don't want to quit.. other than quitting and getting an inhaler, does anybody have any tips or advice? I'm currently looking into getting a vaporizer. It's frustrating to have friends that have smoked weed and cigarettes for years and have no problems at all. I don't even smoke cigarettes. This really sucks .. Please help me".

    I'd say the vaporizer (vape) is better but it's not that great for your respiratory system. Bong is better than joints but it's not available all the time. My friend told me that vape doesn't hit him as good as a joint anymore and he has to use much more weed in the vape to get the same results as from smoking a joint. My friend also complains of cough every now and then. Not as bad as described above.

    Here's what I found among studies on the issue of cannabis usage and mental disorders (http://bjp.rcpsych.org/content/178/2/116.full): "An appreciable proportion of cannabis users report short-lived adverse effects, including psychotic states following heavy consumption, and regular users are at risk of dependence. People with major mental illnesses such as schizophrenia are especially vulnerable in that cannabis generally provokes relapse and aggravates existing symptoms. Health workers need to recognize, and respond to, the adverse effects of cannabis on mental health"

    Yes, it would be better for the studies as when the substance is legal they can actually conduct more comprehensive and proven-unbiased studies (as in the case with tobacco smoking). It also matters how much you consume it, if you smoke once a year more likely that it wouldn't have any negative effects on your body, but if you smoke 5 joints a day and can't get by without it, it's very harmful for your body then. Just like any illegal drug more studies will need to confirm it's role in various respiratory and other diseases but I believe it'll happen for sure and there're studies done already confirming and leading to conclusions. While I haven't conducted a masters or PhD level research on the issue I studied health science for five years at university, so I'm not just someone who completely lacks any knowledge in medical/health science :smile:
  2. Jun 4, 2006
    I wrote about this issue briefly myself, studies with confounding factors, lack of studies conducted, studies with bias, etc etc. We definitely need some better research / info.

    It does contain carcinogens and harmful substances, of course, and that wrapping paper on the joint sure isn't helping. Another reason why vaping is one of the recommended methods.

    That's a pretty stretched presumption. Our lungs are far more complex than a glass piece on a vaporizer.

    This was actually one article whose references included at least one study with potential confounding factors such as no cannabis only cohort so I question some of their bullet points. Not to discredit anything it says as there's factual info there, but I wouldn't stop there without further extensive research.

    Well no shit this would increase the risk of various cancers but this was one of my points with studies that do not have a cannabis only cohort and instead make cancer claims based on their tobacco and cannabis smoker groups. I don't smoke tobacco, never. I'm strictly a cannabis user, I never mix it with tobacco. I want to know the effects of purely smoking cannabis and nothing else, and it seems increasingly hard to find info/studies that include a cannabis only cohort. The people who do mix the two aren't ones that have used weed for a while, increased their tolerance, and then are trying to increase it with tobacco. That's not why people smoke cigs following a joint. They do this as a 'chaser', it basically just relaxes them and calms them, or so this is what everyone who does it has said. Everyone I know that does this, was already smoking cigs when they started smoking weed, or they were weed and cig smokers from the git go. I don't know anyone who started smoking weed, and then moved on to cigs, or thought cigs would make up for their high weed tolerance, cause that simply won't work and it will not give you the effect you think it will if that's your goal. If one's tolerance is too high, they simply need to smoke less often, or move on to higher grade bud and concentrates... but ultimately smoking less / taking a break will kill your tolerance.

    Can't say I agree here. While psychological addictions are tough, mix that with physical addiction and physical withdrawals and it can't be easier.

    His situation seems pretty unique, and damn that's an old post (2003). I'm in his boat, actually been a daily cannabis smoker longer than he has, and I have no such issues. Him waking up in the middle of the night gasping almost sounds like sleep apnea. I would imagine that user has other problems that weren't a direct result of his habit, but I'm not claiming smoking didn't hurt him, it definitely did. He claims later on in the thread that he has problems with allergies and dust so he isn't surprised he's having these issues.

    It's by far the least damaging to your respiratory system. Insanely better than regular smoking. Look into the difference between what you're inhaling when you burn it versus vaping it. If he's using more weed vaping, he's vaping wrong. Vaping takes practice to perfect and a cheap, shitty vape, will yield shitty results. But if you do it right, it can definitely conserve weed and often get you as high or higher than regular smoking. The issue most have with vaping is it's not instant, there are no anti-bodies that react right away which is part of the physical high. Vaping takes about 15 mins to kick in generally, and most cannabis users aren't in the habit of vaping, but some are and it's becoming increasingly common especially with portable devices like the MFLB. Bong is indeed better than joints simply because it eliminates the wrapping paper needed. Blunts are worse than joints as it uses cigar wraps (made from tobacco) as the papers. Blunts are the worst way one could smoke weed. Your friend is coughing cause he's inhaling smoke into his lungs, perhaps if he was strictly a vape user his lungs would be in much better condition... well, not perhaps, they would be.

    I've read about the effects of it on existing schizophrenia sufferers, and that was actually what I was referring to when I said you could regulate the chemical balance of the drug. The studies I've read indicate that THC is the culprit (not a surprise given that's the psychoactive component), but CBD would have no effect and thus medical patients in particular would not be at increased risk from anything THC could potentially cause.

    Yeah once a year ain't gonna do shit when it comes to smoking it, but this is why I mentioned the studies where the cannabis control consists of users who rarely smoke the stuff. Those studies don't give me any useful info/insight, and is just one more reason more comprehensive studies need to be conducted as we both seem to agree.
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    • Sep 6, 2010
      [IMG] Just remembered I had this funny pic..
    • Nov 15, 2012
      CO resident here... smoking marijuana in public has been pretty relaxed ever since they passed medicinal use, which was in 2000 I believe. A few years ago, Breckenridge removed all criminal and civil penalties which was model for why the state voted in a similar fashion. The people got tired of law enforcement and legal resources being used to regulate marijuana usage.

      Not a smoker myself... but its about damn time it passed.
    • Feb 18, 2011
      420 blaze it
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      • Feb 14, 2012
        I was about to say now is time to disprove all the negative stereotypes about pot. But nevermind anathema just proved them all in one post. Facepalm.

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        • Sep 7, 2010
          Honestly... its time the gov got off everyones back and fucked off.
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          • Jul 18, 2012
            The funny thing is all the hoopla over marijuana when drugs like kratom, ɑ-PPP, and 2C-E are available online and essentially unregulated.