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We play the same maps over and over again.

Discussion in CS:S Custom Maps started by Onett, Jul 5, 2012

  1. Jul 4, 2012
    How bout you guys add some sort of voting system in which the map that gets picked, isn't choosable again until a certain amount of time, that way, new maps that we haven't played yet, gets to be picked. Think about it, maybe one ignored map, can be the next favorite map.
    Onett, Jul 5, 2012 Last edited by Onett, Jul 5, 2012
  2. May 30, 2012
    Hey Onett,
    i understand you.
    The maps you're talking about is ze_mako_reactor, ze_predator etc...

    - These maps are made for a long time playing because of the levels and in the future will there only be maps like that because of the experience peoples will have with the SDK and GO:SK or what they are going to call it :razz:

    I have been on servers with non limited extends and they played mako over 5 hours non stop that was really borring...

    EDIT: didn't noticed it was in Minigames.
    But if this happens too often then i would say our limit should be shorter for extends
    Kim, Jul 5, 2012 Last edited by Kim, Jul 5, 2012
  3. Apr 1, 2012
    from what I heard, MG is also having this issue.
    I don't know the details on how the rotation works for MG, but in ZE, there's a system where it would take a "rotation" of 10 maps in order for the same map to be playable again.
    (e.g. ze_predator -> play 10 maps -> you can play ze_predator again)
    in addition,you need to play for a minimum of 5 minutes in order to rtv out of a map.
  4. Mar 16, 2008
    I can bump up the required maps played. Might as well test it. It will have to be Friday though, I'm busy tomorrow/today.

    You're in the wrong section :sweat:
  5. May 30, 2012
    @Josh ARh... didnt noticed that... but anyway its the problem :bugeyes:
  6. Jun 17, 2012
    This is something that needs to be changed. and possibly have it so that those 10 maps cannot be played untill 2 rotations so we can exsperience the new maps
  7. Feb 9, 2012
    see the thing is..even with all these talks about how we play the same maps over and over on rotation..if we got around to limiting it...people would get really bored and ditch those ''underplayed'' maps by rtving and such. this goes for all servers and not just mg.
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    • Jul 4, 2012
      No no, don't worry about it, I agree with you. I use to play ZE for a long time but got really tired when the server just became a Mako 24/7 map rotation. Even though you found out that this was mainly about the mini games server, this message can also be associated with the Zombie Escape server as well.
    • May 11, 2011
      as Trigger has said when you see these maps played they get rtved and the majority of the sever is voting to play these over played maps some more so really it is up to them is that not the point of voting for the maps
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      • Jun 17, 2012
        yes apollo it is. but what is the point of even having other maps if we dont play them, i believe that people just fallow others and that if we actually played the maps that usually are not played we will find a new Mako and possibly a new one more often than the same old map from last week.

        or why dont we have a mute on all mic's untill the map vote is over?
      • May 30, 2012
        The minigame server should have less more extends than zombie maybe just one extend? maybe would that make a big change who knows? :O
      • Feb 9, 2012
        honestly nobody extends in the MG server at all, nor the zm server. the only server we see map extend is usually the ze server.
      • Nov 11, 2011
        HnS office gets max extended every time..... and ZM gets extended a few times in a blue moon.
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        • Apr 1, 2012
          ha, HnS is one thing...
          but extending in ZM? what the bloody hell...
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          • Jul 19, 2011
            sorry i happen to like the common maps on mg like golden eye. In fact, i wish it was played MORE often. plenty of mg servers out there :wink:. not to be advertising, but SG doesn't play a lot of the deathmatch themed minigame maps like plaguefest does. In fact, they do not even have break-o-box on rotation. The most dm like map i see them playing often would have to be ski mountain. I think settings are fine since mg is extremely populated when we play these "overplayed" maps.
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            • Nov 29, 2010
              Unless if I'm not mistaken, are you talking about the Nominate system (we have that installed btw)? The server is always full of admins/donors that nominate their favourite maps so the voting system isn't as randomized as you'd expect
            • Feb 14, 2012
              That would make the nomination system rather moot which is a perk they give to people for donating to the server. I'm sorry you're subject to the choices of others but why don't you donate so you can nominate too?
            • Apr 20, 2011
              and that why vote should be from 5 to 9 so people don't say 1spamers and maybe like sound play before 10 second
            • Jul 4, 2012
              "plenty of mg servers out there :wink:."

              The last time I left Plaguefest for another mg server, they ended up playing Ski_Mountain and Goldeneye.
              Post Merged, Jul 5, 2012
              I seriously doubt that if that I was to donate and nominate a map that we haven't played yet, the mic dudes will just tell everybody to pick THEIR favorite maps, and even if it that wasn't to happen, the players in that server wouldn't pick it. They are afraid of picking something new.
              Onett, Jul 5, 2012 Last edited by Onett, Jul 5, 2012
            • Dec 2, 2011
              Oh gosh not this shit......
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