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Weapons Question for Zombies

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Mod started by MrJensen, Feb 27, 2014

  1. Feb 13, 2014
    Does it make a difference in the size of the bullet/gun you use? I know the P90 is the choice among 99% of the people who play in the zombie servers. I know it shoots the most bullets per minute. But wouldnt a larger bullet be more beneficial and do more damage and have more knock back power? I do not have access to the weapons right now but doesn't the m4 have a larger bullet than the p90? What about the TMP?

    This is for ZOMBIE MOD, unlimited ammo, so NO RELOAD required.

    This would be best used in a cade built or an area holding off single handedly or with another person. or in a tube alone for most occasions. Usually never in the open running like an idiot getting his head cut off.
    MrJensen, Feb 27, 2014 Last edited by MrJensen, Feb 27, 2014
  2. Apr 3, 2013
    I think bullet doesn't matter, more like the wep0n of your choice.
  3. Feb 3, 2012
    I don't think bullet sizes are different as far as I know.
  4. Feb 13, 2014
  5. Feb 27, 2012
    The TMP has a better knockback than the P90, but it is all over the place when you're full auto firing it. As well, the M4 has good knockback, but it has a slower fire rate and is all over the place. The Para/M249 is one of the other popular choices. It fires at a good fire rate, does the most damage, and has the best knockback for any Automatic Rifle, but the recoil is insane and the bullet spread is insane, so it's only good for close range or in short bursts.
  6. Mar 20, 2012
    Serveradmin can adjust the knockback of each weapon. P90 is not the fastest weapon though^^

    I just would consider not buying pistols and rifles/ "big guns in css" of the same ammo type, otherwise you use up only 1 ammo pool instead of 2.

    With unlimited ammo Autoshotgun has most hits. On some maps M249 deals more damage to the boss.

    Just a copypaste from Subdelta's infoguide.

    I noticed that some weapons deal more dmg/bullet than others. For example, M249 deals ~2dmg/bullet while MP5 - just 1dmg/bullet.


    And what Kaemon said: What happens when 1 bullet counts as 2 hits is that it went through the model and hit it again; this happens mostly with stronger weapons (like M249).

    So actually on predator, try to aim for the head it will double the dmg(because of the doublefacemodel)
  7. Sep 25, 2010
    Relevant to ze, this is zm!
  8. Feb 27, 2012
    P90 has a B/s of 7.35, next closest is the Para/M249 with 7.25 B/s. Unless i'm missing something.
  9. Feb 13, 2014
    -L- didnt realize this was for ZM. So what would be the best weapon to use for majority of the time? 1.In red crate and you have multiple zombies rushing in in a line. Would the m4 and machine gun be best to use in this situation since they have the most knock back or would p90 work better since it shoots more rounds but less knock back? I would think the bigger the knock back the better since it would push them back faster but lose a couple bullets. "of course having help in crate is the only way to survive". 2.in a tube/tunnel again knock back is important, but if the m4/machine gun do more damage wouldnt that kill them faster and push them all back as well? Can anyone confirm if the damage is still the same for the weapons? I like the p90 but sometimes feel it needs more knock back so I am considering losing a couple extra bullets for more knockback. I am a horrible aim anyways so that shouldnt matter to much, usually monsters are within easy target distance and within almost knife reach.
  10. Mar 20, 2012
    Ye noticed a minute later after my post-_-and it took some time until my post was finished and I do not refresh it always before posting

    But if you just want the rate of fire you can simply check the buymenu anyway..
    The times subdelta did are with reload time. Famas has 1100 RPM, P90 ->900, and TMP ~860... TMP has same weight class than a pistol, so I like it more
  11. Dec 27, 2012
    Well, as it's still in discuss, it depends on what spot you wish to setup yout tent or maybe even more luxury, a cottage.

    For example, P90 is a overall good weapon in most cases because it provides with a high fire-rate and with decent accuracy along with a decent knockback. In red crate, this SMG works really well because it's way more reliable when you're in a pinch and need to shoot that pesky half zombie out of the way quickly. In this situation, TMP would be very unreliable due to its very unpredictable spread of fire. I usually call it "The SMG that goes where it pleases" because that's what it basically does, at least for me. However, as Tony has stated, it provides with a better knockback so it all depends on your choice of weapon; A more reliable spread of bullets with nice fire-rate and decent knockback (P90) or a more unreliable spread of bullets with slightly better rate of fire and better knockback. When looking at this, it may seem like TMP would be the way to go but the reason most people uses P90 over TMP is because it's easier to dish out more damage with it due to its much more reliable accuracy.

    MP5 is another rather underrated SMG. The rate of fire isn't anything spectacular nor is the knockback any good BUT the accuracy it provides is godly. You will pull off a lot of headshots if you yourself can put that crosshair around the throat of zombies. However, it's a bad weapon for building cades and even worse if you plan to solo due to its next-to-bad knockback and below average fire-rate.

    UMP is a SMG that is left alone in its darkness for a reason; It's bad in all aspects. Does not shine in any area, at least not when I've used it.

    Let's have a little look at rifles. M4A1 is actually better than people think, the rate of fire is so-so and the spread of fire IS in fact quite predictable, and provides with a good knockback. However, it loses out to P90 for obvious reasons. Rate of fire may be so-so but it's not close to fire at the same speed as the P90 nor is the accuracy as good either.

    AK47 has a very good knockback but the price it pays for the knockback is not worth it in my opinion. Below average rate of fire and the accuracy isn't any good either. On the rare occassions where I use the AK47, I try to pick off zombies from a distance by slightly tap the fire button and release it in quick succession, as it hits over 100 damage if you hit the head. A damage that should not be looked down upon. I would recommend that you don't solo with this weapon unless you are good with it.

    To sum things up:
    - P90 is THE weapon for building barricades and hold off zombies from windows but can be used in pretty much any spot due to its balanced stats.
    - TMP is good in spots where you are relatively safe even if you would miss a couple of shots. Don't use it if you plan to keep the zombies away from a distance; TMP excels at close range.
    - MP5 should not be used in close quarters due to it's so-so knockback, go to spots where you keep the zombies away from you with a decent distance in between.
    - UMP should never be used because there are a lot better alternatives in every aspect.

    - M4A1 is fine in most places but don't spray with it if the zombies are too far away. The accuracy may be decent but at longer ranges, tap the fire button in quick succession for maximum damage output. In close range, keep firing.
    - AK47 shouldn't be used in close quarters, use places such as roofs where you can "snipe" zombies.

    All these claims may not be 100% accurate nor correct and are ONLY based on MY experiences and opinions.
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