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Weird Sound Glitch - Cutting Out Completely

Discussion in Technical Support started by errl, Feb 26, 2014

  1. Jan 17, 2013
    herro all. a random issue my pc has a had forever, but seems to be happening a lot more lately.
    i'd say about 35% of time, when just loading a new map from a map change, all my audio will cut out and stop working. in game, outside of the game, my music. even if i go to the sound options and right click to "test" the speakers, it will say they failed to test.
    all i have to do is restart my computer and it works again. but sometimes even then, as soon as i load the game up and join, my sound cuts out AGAIN and i have to restart again.
    this happens with, or without music from pandora/itunes playing. anyone have any idea on a fix? thanks for any help!
  2. Oct 13, 2011
    What we need in order to help you moar.

    1) Your sound card.
    2) Your headset. (if you're using one)
    3) Your motherboard.

    For your headset, if you're using one try to play without using it. I mean try another headset or use your speakers. My g930 had a problem like this, I solved it by downgrading its driver. Damn you logitech!

    Yeah so updating your drivers is option #1. And also are you using w8 or w7 ?