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Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Aphilion, May 19, 2015

  1. Dec 17, 2007
    Well, all good things must come to an end. My subscription is about to end today and i'm not going to re-new it. It has been quite a bit of fun being an admin and hopefully i made the servers a little bit better along the way. I know I have pissed off a couple of people along the way and unfortunately I just don't see myself going any further within the community. I know that I didn't always go along with the popular opinion and had a hard headed stance on some things, but that was my opinion and yes I was willing to state it and stand by it.

    However, through all of that I have met some pretty cool people along the way and had a lot of fun playing with. @Thanh, it was fun playing endless with you, even though I still can't get to that damn spot under the construction building haha. @Aeko "hey yo that's racist!!!!", haha I don't care what anyone says that shit was never mic spamming. @Tony The Tiger yes your stump brings all the boys to the yard, but more importantly thanks for all the help when I had a question about admin stuff. And I don't care you're the best secretary that sec could possibly have. @Secprotocol thanks for changing my name on the forums, w/o you that would never have been possible. @Detonator thanks for training me, I tried to use everything that was taught and pass it along to others, even though some of them said I was being harsh lol. @Aprz I don't know just thank you. And last but not least @LC I'm glad we're friends again!, i've missed our conversations and I'm always up for some MG just hit me up.

    I'm always up for some MG and may stop by on ZM from time to time, but my involvement within the community is going to be limited. There are some life things that are coming up and more than likely will leave very little time for anything else. You all have fun, play fair, and i'll see y'all around.
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    • Apr 13, 2012
      I didnt know you very well, but I did have fun playing with you and you were not a bad admin at all. Good luck to you and dont be a stranger.
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      • Dec 27, 2012
        Stay cool Tangerine.
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        • Feb 8, 2013
          I remember you from the start of being Orange. You were THE LAST CUPCAKE, always will be. It's been a long time, and we have never really got along well.

          It doesn't matter if you were unpopular, because you were right by remaining your stance on certain things. It's alright to be the only one outa the entire crowd, and even then, who can tell you you're wrong? Always stand for what you think is correct. I have, and it's what got me into a lot of trouble, but it also got me to where I am today. I stood up against it all, and it doesn't matter what people have to say. They've got nothing on you! People only want to bring you down. Pull yourself back up, always!

          I'm glad you took your time to write us your letter of goodbye, but I'm sure we'll see again. Until then, take care and goodbye, my other half!
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          • Apr 18, 2014
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              Jeremy, May 20, 2015 Last edited by Jeremy, Feb 18, 2016
            • Jan 21, 2011
              I wish you well in your future endeavors.
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              • Dec 30, 2006
                May the force be with you.
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                • Feb 27, 2012
                  You will always be the last tangerine to me :heart: good luck with your future endeavors!
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                  • Nov 13, 2014
                    Aww Tang nobody dislikes you, but all the best in your future frolics.
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