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What a horrific night!

Discussion in The No Count Section started by Orange, Jun 7, 2015

  1. Feb 8, 2013
    So, I went home at 11:30, and the second I got into my room, I grabbed the keys to my S2000 and took it for a ride. My goal was to get a shot in the dark somewhere along the way and I wanted to coast around, and I did, with my top down. Many places were dark, and I felt more safe speeding through everywhere while it's midnight. I went somewhere far, then onto a one-way road that led me to a unfamiliar freeway, and being that I was unable to make a U turn, I went on the freeway looking to find the next exit available for me to turn back. So I go ways till I found an exit, then I got off, noticing that a loud ass biker followed me. Well, I made a left turn into a tunnel, and the guy couldn't be more obvious that he wanted to show off his bike as he revs and speeds behind me, deafening me with the echos from the tunnel. I couldn't even hear my car over his. At the end of the tunnel, I took another left turn, back onto the freeway, and just as he found enough space for him to pass me, he did. His intentions of following me remains unknown. Maybe he just wanted to make a turn around, also. Well, about ten seconds later, I see sparks and flare off the ground, knowing that most likely, it was from the guy's bike and thought he was done for. Either his exhaust dropped to the ground or he skid and fell off his bike. He was in the middle lane of the freeway. As I approached this guy and his bike, I captured an unforgettable moment - him lying on the side with his bike on top of his left leg. I knew he was struggling, because he was probably going 50 - 60 mph. It must've really, really hurt. The car behind him came to a halt, followed by the cars behind that car. The biker should be really thankful that he didn't get his life jacked from him, 'cause even though it's midnight and the streets are empty, the freeway was roaring with cars and trucks. I did pull over to the side, but with fear that something may also happen to me too. I closed my top, shut my car, and was about to get out of my car to see if assistance was needed, also to feed my curiosity of what's going to happen next. But as soon as I was about to get out, the car behind me that also pulled over, decides to leave, and seeing that he was in the middle of the freeway, I probably could have done nothing beneficial to his accident, and with traffic slowed down, I can get back on road easier, so I drove off, but with a pretty haunting imagery of him lying on the floor that stayed with me on my trip back home.

    I just wanted to share my first hand experience of me witnessing a guy and his bike spill over on the freeway, if any of you care enough to read my long ass paragraph. This thread isn't to point out that racing and speeding is dangerous, well, it is, but it shouldn't be seen as a bad thing, but the guy trying to impress me or race with me, really nearly lost his life. If you have a boosted car, feel free to enjoy your ride, but just be careful! What you try to show off may cost you your life!
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      Orange, Jun 7, 2015 Last edited by Orange, Jun 7, 2015