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Where does it all go?

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Noodles, Mar 22, 2012

  1. Feb 12, 2012
    This thread may not be the best way to ask or question the staff, but I have a serious question:

    There are about 100 Server Admins and 150 Donators.

    If Server Admin is roughly $14 a month (taking into account some people got locked into the deal going a while ago) and $4 a month for Donators (Same circumstances), that would mean there is, in gross, about $2000 collected monthly. So the big question remains,

    Where does it all go?

    I understand server costs and such, but is there other sources that it all goes to?
  2. Nov 29, 2010
    Well, some people buy 3-6 month admin so that number goes down.

    Also, server costs go well into the thousands
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    • Dec 6, 2011
      @retslag1 goes to the male strip club every Friday night.
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      • Apr 9, 2007
        @Ray can answer this one probably the best.
      • Feb 20, 2011
        Ray bought $40,000,000 worth of Moonrocks, ground 'em up into powder. Turns out powdered moonrocks are pure poison, who'd have guessed?
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        • Oct 4, 2011
          Huh. Good question. Where indeed does it all go?
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          • Jul 5, 2008
            well, theres probably a few nonpaying admins or even donators so that drops it alot.
            i believe they have 2 server boxes? which is anywhere from 150-400$ each. plus upgraded bandwidth for the server usage which can sometimes be costly.
            if the website is hosted on its own server so probably 10-20$ a year for the domain and 5-80$ a month for the hosting.
            and then brian, ray, kyle all really like cheesecake, so every friday they go eat 30$ each of that, so 4 times 90... 360$ a month in cheesecake.

            so it kinda builds up
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            • Feb 12, 2012
              I believe the system updates the Donators/Admins, because it's an automatic thing. I remember when I paid for admin, it automatically made me server admin.
            • Apr 9, 2007
              Server bills bring us to $8700/m~. I'm not sure if Tax is charged or not. But it's Tax season soon and Paypal is reporting transactions to the IRS...

              With this being said, I don't have access (by choice) to view the old paypal account, so I have no idea how many subs we truly have. There are some floaters, though.
            • Jul 19, 2011
              they PAY ME to be a donator....