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Who likes Cookies ?

Discussion in The No Count Section started by Richard420, May 18, 2012

  1. Dec 2, 2011
    My appologies to all, But Remeber i just attended my cousins funeral today that died in a car crash No Drugs or dui just bad timing.
    But whats your fav junk food. Maybe something you used to love but cant find anymore.

    I liked those wax candy shaped like a bottle of soda with a fruit juice inside. Once you bit the top of you drank it, Way small amounts inside tho. The wax bottle then was usable as gum :grin:
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      Richard420, May 18, 2012 Last edited by Richard420, May 18, 2012
    • Aug 1, 2011
      I hear car wreaks are the leading cause of teenage deaths. Find that funny?

      Being in a wreak myself which totaled my car, I don't find wreaks funny at all. I don't see how you can.
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      • Mar 19, 2012
        wat is dis thread even...
      • Sep 14, 2008

        Agree...I lost both my cousins to a 17 year old who was speeding and she hit them head on.
      • Apr 12, 2012
        I'm sure he's aware of that based off of a previous thread. But reading that one... not sure why he'd make this tho?
      • Aug 18, 2006
        I've been in two car accidents myself (wasn't the driver in either case, but having a Cadillac traveling at 65MPH hitting my side of the car wasn't fun at all).
      • Jul 1, 2010
        Totaled a few cars in my day, including flipping one not too long ago.. Took me about a month to recover. Not too much fun :/
      • Feb 21, 2007
        Aww, I thought this was gonna be a thread on what you have actually seen, lol. Cuz I am pretty sure I have seen more stuff taking trauma call, than everyone else combined on pf :doctor:
      • Aug 1, 2011
        I almost flipped my current car once going too fast taking a turn on a soaked road. That kind of experience I NEVER want to go through again. Scary stuff...
      • Richard420
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        May 19, 2012