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Why are you here?

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Peter, Jul 26, 2014

  1. May 27, 2008
    What brought you to Plague Fest?

    How did you find out about us, and what kept you coming back?

    What is one of your earliest or best memories you've had with other players?
    I might even share my story, the one thing I was thinking about prior to making this thread. [or the parts I can remember/dig up if I can find them!]

    I know these threads have been made in the past, but it's too far gone to bring back from the depths, so here's a new one!

    Edit: I cannot for the life of me find my copypasta for why/how I'm here. I ended up looking through the whole Everything and Anything section and I'm not about to look at the Introductions subforum. I'll post what I can remember soon enough when I can.

    Okay fuck it, I'm going from what I can recall. I thought way too much about my own questions, so here you go.

    I came to Plague Fest when it was just one server back in the Winter of 06, into the new year. Taters and I had just received our very first PC that we could call our own, and we shared an account, getting on at different times. I can't think if he found PF first or if I did, but I eventually came across the ZombieMod server early in the morning one day and instantly fell in love. Back then, it was a strange thing to come across for me because I had no idea there were mods for games apart from Half-Life, having it's spin-offs like Sven and the likes. I believe the name I'd been using was some variation of iSuck or Moving_Target. The first admin I ever met was the very British @Pebble, no doubt in the middle of giving some toxic player the knobbly stick. I'd play a few rounds and leave, but something was super comfortable in my being here. The players were always so nice and we goofed around a lot and I had been an admin other places, so my brain went "What the hell!" and got admin within the first month of playing. Shortly after doing so, I made a welcome message for this community using my secret talent, talking like Peter Griffin. Everyone knew me as "The guy that did Peter's voice from Family Guy", so I changed my name from whatever I was using to Peter Griffin. As time rolled on and as I lost the ability to do it correctly, I decided to shorten it to Peter. Continuing on. I met almost all the original members of the admin team [John, Dani, Brethren, Ray (Who went by Cam, our first server owner <3) Kitty and Punisher, Kyle, Josh/Spar, Brian (however I knew him as SauceHelmet :wink: ) and of course Sec and Retslag. Oh oh! And I can't forget about the beloved Mer! or round2 and sn@ck, ck27, Viva, Jesus Christ the list goes on and I remember so many people..] Time went on and we were always the tightest crew through thick and thin. We got promotions and kept a tight lock on the server, we grew closer to each other, gave out handjobs, cookies and sexy dialogue in Ventrilo, sang and played with instruments, we did a ton in short. From the small little server of 46 players, we grew and branched out, being able to spread to ZE, Customs for the short while it was live, and of course the inevitable MG thanks to Conker. Good friends came and went, we had our falling outs and back ins, but the ones who stayed are the loyalist people I know, and the ones that couldn't had a great heart and were in the right place, however it just didn't work out, and I never forgot them, or the prank Skype calls we made to gay sex hotlines, or the reason gay people hate John.

    There were many reasons I stayed. Mainly because of the bonds I forged with a lot of people who have been here, some even to this day still stand strong. I don't want to ever come across as the face of Plague Fest or give myself some celebrity status, but I am a very vocal, and animated person and a lot of people enjoy having me here. My goal in life has always been to make people smile after being told "You can't make everyone happy". Bullshit to that, I can still try my damnedest.

    At this point I'm just rambling. I love everyone here, and I have always cared for Plague Fest and everyone I have talked to since joining. To me, there was never a "Golden Age of Plague Fest", because every day I share golden moments with people here that I just can't get anywhere else. You guys have always been here for me when I needed you, and I intend to do the same in return, whether I'm an admin or not. This community has become an intense place to settle into. I can't get this experience anywhere else. I am who I am today because PF exists. Without it, I know I wouldn't be the same person. I'd be out having some sort of life. I wouldn't trade my time here for that ever.


    The happiness and enjoyment I get being here, and being part of something big in this little corner of the Internet gaming world is one of my life's high points. Bar none. In short, you guys are the reason I'm here.
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      Peter, Jul 26, 2014 Last edited by Peter, Jul 26, 2014
    • May 31, 2012
      @Aprz brought me here. I was straying away from RuneScape as it became swarmed with bots and I was playing in the Brasil worlds learning a lot of Portuguese. I was strictly a "f2p" (free to play) player and refused to pay any money for any games! Aprz was intensely involved in Counter Strike Source, and really wanted me to join; so, he bought me Counter Strike Source. I couldn't turn down a free game so I gave it a go and it was HORRIBLE because my computer was absolutely slow with a mechanical hard drive, limited RAM, etc. Once I upgraded to an SSD, I gave it a go again and I really enjoyed the Zombie Escape server. Aprz was already an admin and convinced me that it was very enjoyable. We started giving ourselves little competitions like who would be the best with a shotgun and stuff like that... it was fun... and who could play the most riskiest, etc.
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      • Oct 18, 2012
        I came here from random ZM servers and found a server I liked called pF :grin:
      • Dec 10, 2013
        My history is very long :razz: for those willing to read I will put it in the spoiler below to not enlarge this post.

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        • Apr 9, 2012
          I think I just browsed the server list for new map types as I played surf for so long and wondered if there was anything else, until I bumped across ze and PF which had always the most players. Then I saw the link in the forums and decided to join to get myself known as a mapper because 2 years ago I had ambitions to make ze_SSBB which have long since vanished.

          That's about it.
        • Nov 29, 2012
          I quit Counter Strike Source for about 4-5 years and came back to playing. My old server that I was a main admin in was no longer around. So I found Plaguefest, ended up meeting some really cool people. And became apart of the community and I'm so glad I have. I've enjoyed my time playing here, and have met some amazing friends. I always have fun and my nights never get boring. Even if I'm ever feeling a bit down I get in game and the people here just auotmatically made me smile. So I decided to stay for good, and I haven't regretted my desision. It's like a big family, and we help eachother out. Without knowing you guys have helped me through some of my toughest times, and I thank you all for that. <3 Been here since 2012 and I plan to stay around much much longer. I can't think of one bad experience I've had while at pF, because there is none. In my counterstrike playing history, this is definitely my favorite community. I think when I first played and didn't know about illegal spots I told an admin to stfu for warning me..oops. But yeah! I learned. Hahaha, so that's my first memory at pf. :razz: Everyday I meet more awesome people and make new friends, and I've made the best here. You guys are awesome.
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          • Sep 30, 2013
            I went here to play Mako, my most enjoyable memories were me pissing people off.
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            • Feb 3, 2012
              I honestly got here just for admin in the first place. This was back when I was Noobery :razz:. Basically didn't no anything about pF or how to handle admin responsibilities. After I had gotten into the whole admin thing I asked for level 2 and I later got it. After that I realized that I wanted to start supporting pF more and making a difference on the servers. I had later asked for level 3 and unexpectedly I got it. After this I knew that PlagueFest would be my community to serve. And of course harassing Detonator. :grin:
            • May 27, 2008
              You are a pizza. A pizza shit. I love the replies so far, and I edited in my story. If you read it, congrats! It's early morning ramblings and I have a lot on my mind. Please keep them coming!
            • Mar 12, 2008



              well which one is it

              Yes there was, back when all the cool people were in and out of the servers (ZM/Panic(?)/possibly MG/customs) and we could spend hours on end just having a good time.

              edit: Your font color is AIDs
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              • Sep 14, 2008
                I came here around the summer of 2006 and I had watched someone I knew playing CSS and they would play regular and some other servers that didn't look at all interesting to me until they came to ZM and pF. I remember the first person we met. It was Pebble. I really liked him because he was British. I stayed because of all the awesome people I met. One of my best memories was when we used to sit in Skype and prank call that gay hotline...I laughed-cried so much and had a good time. Or anytime with CK and Kyle abusing each other like crazy.
              • May 17, 2014
                (3 years ago) I just watched a few videos of Counter Strike Source on Youtube and I came across something called zombie mod well i tried it out on Plaguefest (very awesome name) and I kept coming back because whenever people lose they don't rage like others and the people there are hilarious.
                Well after I found out about zombie mod I found out about zombie escape and it has got to be the funnest thing I have ever played well in that time Tony Montana was still playing and my strongest memory of old Plaguefest is him soloing Paranoid.
                Post Merged, Jul 26, 2014
                Awesome story, did you know SoadY1991 is actually Silas he plays on PF a lot he even had a video with me mic spamming (3 months ago) you should see the comments it is hilarious.
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                • Apr 2, 2011
                  I first came here after I started playing on the two ZM servers we had at the time. Due to my messed up sleep schedule I would be on at 2 in the morning when it felt like there were no other admins on. I don't remember the map name but about a week into playing on the servers at said ungodly time I got angry over the fact that folks were using illegal spots and there were no admins around to get on their case over it. So it lead me to the site where I found I could become an admin... and go after those assholes that used illegal spots... so I became that admin. I kept coming back because it felt like I made friends here: First: ^marines^, Jzx, and M_Infantry. Then it morphed after the Army to: Ray, muffinfuhrer, Anathema, Celexie and company (too many to list really.) But sure enough after my admin sub ended I eventually left.

                  And I came back due to issues on my computer wouldn't let me play other games like Warframe with other friends so I came back to Plaguefest servers and something clicked. It wasn't nostalgia but like it was right to come back. Can't say I fully know how to explain it. I had only a couple admins remaining on my friends list and I did chat with them every now and then, not to mention I did game with @Peter a couple of times in APB and PayDay 2. Well I guess I am just rambling now, but yea I am staying because it is fun and feels like the right place for me currently.
                • Mar 26, 2012
                  Broke my computer with Archlinux on it. Bought a new computer with Windows 7 on it. Remembered playing CS:S in high school, and downloaded Steam and CS:S. Played a couple of days with noobs101 I think is the name? They just play CS Office 24/7. Remembered my cousin talking about zombie mod so I searched for anything with zombies in it, and I played I think on various servers (didn't know the difference between ZM or ZE at the time). Kept getting kicked for lousy latency, and saw the message about donator/admin. Was gonna get donator, but decided to go all out with admin. After getting admin, I just always stuck to playing pF only. Oh, I also stayed cause Peter is hot and Tony showed me his titties.
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                  • Apr 28, 2013
                    This is my story.
                    After seeing a bunch of fail on GFL, I heard about plaguefest as they were there for a while, I first joined them about march of 2013 to see they were doing good on predator ultimate compared to GFL. Two months later, I met Doctor. He was a cool person and good model at the time I met him. I also met FluffehKitteh and tarot at the time as well. This was back when pF was good when they played westersand, skyrim, predator and mako during spring-summer of 2013 and those times were just the best in my opinion...well with the exception of nazi admins at that time to but I don't want to get too much into that. Well the good times to me ended when skyrim v3 was updated, mountain escape was remade with the crazy modes, and pirates port royal becoming a level map. Rip in peace :frown:.

                    Summer 2013 never forget.
                    @null, @Doctor, @tarot, @last_whore_of_hakurei_shri, @GANGSTALICIOUS, @Blue Dragon, @FluffehKitteh, @ΣZΣ | Like a Bauxe, @Bunghole650, @Benderius, @Kloud, @meeko

                    Sniff. Even though the good times will be missed, people come and go. I guess people will have to learn to move on one day.

                    P.S. Doctor, if you want me dead, I'm right here. I won't go down without a fight.
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                      Hydreigon, Jul 26, 2014 Last edited by Hydreigon, Jul 26, 2014
                    • Feb 25, 2014
                      Peter made me join and i realized there was a server where they auctally punisht racism that made me stay plus the good athomsphere.
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                      • Apr 4, 2009
                        I was told there was cake.
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                        • Oct 29, 2010
                          >Newfag at university. Suddenly: freedom. Dorm internet was fast.
                          >Bought CSS beginning of Oct 2010.
                          >Discover ZM, then PF first few days into CSS.
                          >First few memories of PF: ZM, grown men horseplaying on mic, Femme Fatale talking, Atix (EIGHT DICKS), Peter [Griffin] talking, micspam circus that I loved, Mako without EX2.
                          >>PF 2010 was chaos, PF 2010 was a wild zoo, I relished it all.
                          >Register forum account here
                          >Took break from CSS beginning of December.

                          >Summer 2011
                          >Classes kicking my ass, I still have not figured out my stuff
                          >July: reinstall CSS
                          >First memories: ZE gone wild with recent releases of Predator and Minas.
                          >Start donor few days after bday
                          >Rest of summer: ZE/ZM 24/7. The summer of GRUDGE, Minas/Pred and our futile efforts to win, being on CSS 24/7, etc.
                          >Befriend ppl here for first time
                          >continue playing, CSS fun

                          >all stories cont'd later
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                          • Apr 28, 2013
                            I'm telling you meeko, it was hard to quit ze in 2011-2012 when it was starting to get interesting.
                          • Feb 8, 2014
                            I'm pretty sure I ran across PF a few years ago, back when the original Jurassic Park (with the plane that you could jump out of and parachute almost to the end of the map) was around and still fun to play. Lost it in a reformat, found Natalya's and others, then eventually came back here last year some time. All in all I'm happy to have found PF again. The only reasons I stay are the community and being an admin, otherwise I'd have moved on a while ago. The community is pretty awesome, even with the disagreements amongst its members, and being an admin is actually an enjoyable way for me to "play" the game.