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Why I Love Bender

Discussion in Creativity started by Brett, Apr 21, 2013

  1. Dec 6, 2011
    Behold, all of the random shit @Bender Rodriguez says:

    "I can make a thread with all the random stuff I spew in my day, but it will be too random for anyone to handle, I will be responsible for the collapse of the Western Civizilation.

    Sometime my mind wonders and I try to focus, but my wondering goat mind gets the best of me, and I'm found Yodelling from the High Mountains of James Earl Jones Peak.

    Another thread has come and gone in a blink of a light. Light the Ceremonial Cat5E cables and sacrifice a a platypus. Tis the way handed down from the teaching of Heathcliff huxtable. Known to the nomads as The Fire Goron Elder.

    A monkey once try to mate with my cereal box. I am now the proud owner of a Orangutan who can also double as a Koala.

    A milk dispensing pen has been proven to reduce Athlete's foot.

    A tree trunk has won best educator for 7 years in the tri-state area of Upperton, Middleton, and Lowerton.

    Learn how to make a salad in under 5min, you will then find life is easier.

    Since I can't give you a negative rating without affecting your rating, I'll give you a "Informative".

    Lady and Gentleman...The Aristocrats.

    Ain't no party like a Dirtbag party cause a Dirtbag results in male genitalia.

    yeah but it's canadian fat which is american super skinny.

    GET THE TORCH LIGHT THAT ON FIRE... Seriously that thing needs to die in a blazing fire of blaziness.

    Welcome to our humble abode, I don't have cheese and crackers left but please enjoy the wine that taste like water...it's water.

    I would duct tape the skins of apples together thus creating a net to make what I would call "The Fonzie Apparatus". And I would strap pigeons at every centimeter and strap each of them with firecrackers (like about 10/pigeon). I would then roll this into a ball and fly on my hot air balloon which is piloted by Superman because using his powers to fly me there which is faster is illegal in 75 states. Which in then release the The Fonzie Apparatus accompanied by the Symphony of Pigeons 5 and half in sub-orbit. And since a layer of opaque skin is covering earth I can't re-enter, thus I would hail a space taxi cab and go to Mars where I will chill with that Martian from Bugs Bunny. I would call him Martian which is cooler and it sounds like he's from Mars or something like that.

    Argh matey, sailing the 7 seas is not good when the British are hunting you down.

    Brett likes to thumb people.

    I've gone to slumber in my bed made of 100% dream.

    Have an awesome Birthday, just watch out for them Crab People/Martha Stewart/Some kid always dying/and heap of nonense.

    Do [draw] Dirtbag in a bikini...

    Sometimes a moose can hold two lightsabers while tranquilizing The Herald of The Scorekeeper. Sometimes I feel like a octopus, blind like a bat. There's a plethora of these things that I can't stop laughing at.

    !spike Meeko water

    Butt saxamaphone.

    There's no place colder than my current forsaken location. Except The Poles, but they don't play games.

    The Koala Empire have been encroaching on the Walrus Republic. Someone warn the High Chancelor of the Walrus Order of the Knight. Danmaku I must stop the Sith Koala, they are going towards the poor Walrus Knight kids.The Koala Empire and their Sith must be stopped at all costs. The Walrus Republic have asked the Jedi Orangutan Order for help. I don't trust Danmaku anymore ever since he placed his allegiance to the Sith Bear. Jedi Ouragutan Order is gonna prevail you watch. Orangutan Order has fallen back to their Starting Place of Tython.

    Welcome welcome, please do try to make it to our monthly cheese and wine event.

    (in a Canadian Standoff) I left my door open on many night. Sometimes with my car keys still on the lock from the outside.

    Is your dog a snowman, on that note why is your dog a snowman?

    Not things, responses...maybe silique... oh wait Silique is a fruit, what the heck am I thinking of... ... ...simile..siloquy....soliloquy. Oh wait that Soliloquy a way a character speaks to himself or herself.

    yeah............. gonna get beauty sleep need to put one of those avocado mask. but I hate avocado so I'm gonna substitute for peanut butter. It's not a good idea but whatever...You Only Peanut Butter Once. (YOPBO!)

    Why is water gushing from my butt? My pokemon apparently does that.

    Thank you protocol of the secondary degree.

    No man, that breaks space time continuum or something.

    Giving a kid expresso at the age of 9 is not a good thing.

    Have a wonderful night, Koala Humper!

    I can be persuasive using my canadian cunning skills.

    I love you all 5ever.

    The day both of you die is the day you both get old.

    Brett will use two Ford Trucks for boxing gloves, Satsukii will use two Volkswagens for boxing gloves, the most epic fight there ever was.....

    you're a pancake.

    This is for all the boys and girls to come on down and enjoy some wine and cheese on the fresh cut lawn for a lovely match of croquet. It's wonderful day.

    I brought the funk and chocolate cookies.

    Combine with a diaper still petrifies me.

    Sometimes I like to roll around in lint and pretend I am the world largest dust bunny.

    You know what's cool job, Gordon Freeman in the last minutes of HL2.

    Subdor Deltor needs to speak in the mickor. This has to be written in the law.

    Sacre bleu! They will not be ablez to parler. I must informed President Sarkozy, he will be most not happy about this.

    I am going to find you and slightly berate you.

    I won't kill him, I'll just dump concrete on him and throw him in the ocean.

    shh I'm in bed sleeping...

    Use acid, it works better.

    Welcome welcome, join us for tea and crumpet for the lawn bowling match of this afternoon.

    time to partay... quietly.

    Them fighting word you spread on my enclave. Take them back and feel the wrath of men with diaper on head or teenager with stick in ear. lol, someone was stupid enough to give me a phone with internet... that someone was me. so, Welcome to my vagina monologue. No vagina, all monologue. Sometimes I question my own sanity, but green tea comforts me to forget my worries. Well phone needs to be charged, time to stare at goats. baaaaaah.

    I shoved my dinner in my velociraptor mouth to find out it was Saturday and not Friday. Not a good idea...

    sleep is catching up to me. I'm starting to hallucinate. I'm passing out on this chair I'm sitting on. Slowly drifting away to sleepy land. I shall see you all at my earliest convenience. harumph farumph.

    Ponder with lasagna

    someone is using a big BBQ in the middle of the ocean, that's all, nothing to worry

    Sent from my blanket using an Lysol Spray

    "i like to wear tights and play the tambourine. i smell like pussy and grapes." - compliments of Brian.

    People in chat, It's your job to make sure that the world continues while I slumber. Failure to do so will result in incomprehensible sentences. I will type as though I was always typing but not quite the same way.

    Bad is a woman and likes to eat poop

    Yeah, even if I'm tired and have been up for 3 days. Meeko needs to clean up his rapecave though.

    This sucks, chat sucks, america sucks, my sleep doesn't though.

    Brett took a break from Gorilla Fighting the mouses that are trying to usurper his throne and for that I thank ya.

    Autism Elite Unite*. Also Welcome and please don't use your ungawdly power prior to training by Brett.

    Bring us the girl...and wipe away the debt

    Run kids ヽ(`Д´)ノ (д´ノ) ヽ(   )ノ (ヽ´△) ヽ(´△`)ノ Brett is a toucher

    Dirtbag could be my brother from another mother.

    Only ducks that matters is the Mighty one.

    (in regards to the big mice problem Brett was having) BRETT HAVE YOU NOT SEEN RATATOUILLE! YOU KILLED CHEF GASTON OR WHATEVER! "Mais Monsieur, I waz only le cooking for Brett" ಠ▃ಠ...

    stop being gay. sincerely, the gay people

    Tapioca Pudding in pants? Madness I must say

    Sometimes at night I image he goes and strangles tiny ants, then necrophelia their tiny body"
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      Brett, Apr 21, 2013 Last edited by Brett, Jul 27, 2014
    • Feb 8, 2013
      Alright we have his words time to start the CULT OF BENDER
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      • Feb 8, 2013
        I love Bender too, but he calls me Tomato, so I love him a bit less! :blush:
      • Jun 11, 2012
        This comes no surprise to me. My mind is a wondering goat perpetrating the downfall of the Icelandic Sheep Empire.

        Also my description wasn't a simple joke, it is the molecular representation of my sole existence.
        Post Merged, Apr 21, 2013
        It will be the worse cult ever. I can't stand myself for more than 5 min or else I go crazy.
      • Dec 6, 2011
        Well shit, there's a cult for pretty much anything nowadays, so why not this? :dance:
      • Apr 1, 2012
        the 1st thing that draws my attention = KOALA HUMPER!
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        • Oct 29, 2010
          Bender will always be best Bender.
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          • Dec 6, 2011
            Bender will always be the most random motherfucker I know.

            Brett, Apr 22, 2013 Last edited by Brett, Apr 22, 2013
          • May 31, 2012
            I like this thread :grin:
          • Jul 8, 2012
            This thread needs a bump.
          • Dec 30, 2006
            I approve.
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            • Apr 28, 2013
            • Jed
              This message by Jed has been removed from public view. Deleted by Brian, Nov 13, 2013, Reason: this isn't no count..
              Nov 13, 2013
            • Mar 4, 2012
              Bender saving the day once again! Go Bender!


              Oh and just a friendly reminder to everyone that this happened:

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              • Jun 11, 2012

                I'm sad that I forgot to record my voice and it was only 1 sided. Also I love how "I Need Hero" started playing when she got into zombie town and I was raining rockets.
              • Mar 4, 2012
                You can play it off all you want pretending you're still not raging about that Bender...

                Pic related.

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                • Dec 6, 2011
                  Bindr is still mad because he kept saying I wouldn't like Saint's Row. He kept telling me to never play it, and would yell at me about it. Well I sure showed him.
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                  • Apr 3, 2013
                    Who's bender
                  • May 2, 2013
                    Bindr pls dont try to change subjects and forget this bitter defeat you suffered to me not killing me once!!! :cute:
                  • Jun 11, 2012

                    Hey tard I kept telling you to play it but you were like "gta clone rip off gg pass" derp.

                    It was never concluded, meet me back in SRIV when I feel like playing.
                  • Dec 6, 2011
                    @Benderius don't you dare forget about this happening. These are you commandments.
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