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Why is everyone butthurt when someone hates on OWS?

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by NightFury, Oct 10, 2011

  1. Nov 2, 2010
    I mean cmon, most of these people are unemployed, can't be bothered to get a job, or similar statuses. I just think it's a bit indecent to think these people are hating on people who where having a hard time during 2008-2009, the government gave a cash injection to each of the big Wall St. banks. I have done my research for various assignments at Uni, and to be honest. All I have ever found out that's bad about Goldman Sachs etc, is that they require everyone to work extremely long hours.

    The only reason this "Occupy Wall St" even exists, is because these people are angry at the people who are actually making a very decent living, and have more than enough right to show it off. Hell the only reason im moving to America is because I am getting a job on Wall St, it's a bee hive of work. And if you look at a lot of interviews by CNBC, FOX news, ABC, etc. They get a Wall St. banker in and everytime they will tell you. "They are protesting against the wrong people, most of the people on Wall St. are making 45,000 - 60,000."

    Hell the CEO of Goldman Sachs Lloyd Blankfein, only makes around 22.3M a year. And he's the top ranking executive of the company. That's on-top of his 250,000 base salary. It's the cash bonuses and the stock options that are making them the money.

    Anyway I just wanted to point out that these people are protesting against the wrong people. The only reason America is anywhere close to good is because of it's Financial system, and the fact that Americans insist on working a LOT of hours a week, like I plan on doing. I just think that these people are ranting and banting against the wrong place, they should be going on the government. The only thing these people are doing is slowing people's ability to get to work in the early hours of the morning.

    Honestly. And Brian don't take this as a hate comment against you, if you and Dillinger love OWS, then love it. I got no judgement on you, no sense in changing your minds. I would just like to get the point across that Wall Street does anything but hurt the economy. They fight all day to make the economy work.
  2. Nov 2, 2010
    Oh and by the way, China's idiot proposition to ruin it's currency has been legislated by Washington, that should bring 3,000,000 more jobs to the US by 2015. And yes Brian I know a lot of these people can't find jobs, aren't qualified, etc. I know the economy is bad, but it'll be fixed. I mean hell 9.1% unemployed. That's bad I know. And it's been staying on that percentage for a decent number of years (almost 3-4 years now).
  3. Feb 1, 2011
    Whoa whoa I wasn't involved in this discussion at all. Edit that Dillinger out!
  4. Mar 13, 2010
    Big fucking wall of text, be prepared if you click the spoiler tag.

  5. Nov 2, 2010
    Dick fucking move Suprise. Anyway, I ain't gonna fight about this. Whatev's.
  6. Feb 21, 2007
    I say burn them all.
  7. Mar 13, 2010
    I'm not nor was I before trying to be a dick. I'm just explaining what the initial goals and outcomes of this are. Fuck, I only have a few years of school left if I don't stay in for a graduates degree. I HOPE this resolves quickly and changes are made soon. I REALLY don't want to get dumped into an almost 10% unemployment pool with no 'real world' experience.

    @Ret: If this protest continue to be forcibly put down the way it has been by the police, do not think people wont resort to violence to get their point across. I for one will be on the front lines if shit gets serious. I think it's about time we had ourselves another revolution if need be.
  8. Jul 23, 2010
    It's really hard to hate you when you post the most epic comments sometimes.
  9. Mar 13, 2010
    Would it help if I was more of an ass?
  10. Jul 20, 2010
    To bad it's not being forcibly put down by the police. There are laws they're breaking and don't give a shit about it then cry foul when they get arrested. Here's an idea follow the damn law if your going to protest. Funny thing is all the New Yorker's in the area of the protest want the OWS people to fucking leave. Since they are causing problems and breaking out into violence and waking people up early in the morning which mind you is against the the law. You can't make loud noises that can wake up people after midnight and before 7am. Mainly it's just college student's that are stupid and just want to do something because their bored. Sure times are tough but maybe they should protest against the people that actually got us into this mess hmmm I think its called the Democrats and Government. Lot's of those houses that are going under foreclosure or are foreclosed were given to people that can't afford it due to the Fair housing act. Pretty much Government said you have to give them the loan for the house or you'll be fined and called a racist company. GG government.
  11. Jul 23, 2010
    I think you and I have already reached that quota with each other.
  12. Jul 23, 2010
    In an on topic comment.

    "The best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter."-Winston Churchill
  13. Mar 13, 2010
    This isn't about republicans or democrats. The problem is that a lot of the times both sides are in it to line their pockets with more gold and don't give a fuck which way goes where so long they get their cut. Hence my take on lobbying. Being pepper sprayed in the face without resisting arrest or to subdue you when you're using force is against police ethics, and the law for that matter. You are right, they should not be waking people up or keeping them up. They all should be following all the laws of the area they're in, but it is a large group and not everyone is a properly trained in how to protest. Even MLK would hand pick his protesters and give them VERY specific instructions so they would not be liable for arrest or abuse and it be 'legal'.

    Again, you say it's just college students. And while that is a fair chunk of the population right now, that is slowly changing to not be the case. More and more people are growing discontent and making a conscious effort to give this all a thought or three. This is not about foreclosed homes so much about injustice in general that has been brought from poor practices. Bailout money that was supposed to be used to help stop foreclosing of homes (to use the example given anyways) was used for most things BUT that purpose. I think the estimated statistic was 10% roughly of homes were actually saved with this money that was handed out. These corporate giants are still getting their huge paychecks even though they almost ran their companies into the ground, people homeless, etc etc. (I mean ffs, 23 million dollars? How many mortgages could that have saved?) And to the comment about it being all the Fair Housing Acts fault, I partially agree, but the banks KNEW that some of, if not most of these loans would default and had some hope they would so they could collect real estate at a fraction of the cost. There are plenty of times where banks refuse a person a loan based on poor credit worthiness, or other criteria. I think the FHA had little to do with them HAVING to give these people a loan.

    It is the governments fault in a lot of ways. Both dems and repubs. House and senate. Stupid wars, and stupid spending. This isn't going to go away by dismissing the issue as 'not my problem' because soon it WILL be your problem. When we have noone to fix your car, your pipes, run your gas or electricity. When there isn't someone to fix your heating this winter for 4 weeks because they couldn't afford more people and they're backed up that long. It IS your problem. Being apathetic to problems in your own country and those living right next door is the most retarded thing you can do. You're setting the stage for a violent revolt one way or another, and you'll be in the center of it, just like the rest of us. You might think now, it's not affecting you, but one way or another it will. If things don't get better soon, they're gonna get a hell of a lot worse FAST.
  14. Jul 20, 2010

    Actually they get sprayed and arrested if you ignore the orders of the police if they order you to leave a park because it has been closed then you resist and don't leave they can arrest you. So again they breaking the law and trying to say the police are not letting them protest. Also they blocked the Brooklyn Bridge for hours last I checked protest's can't block other people's access to roads and needs. If they had a permit to walk on the bridge like that then fine but they didn't. And yes there are older people now I.E. Labor Unions busing in people and other Democrats. The fair housing act was the main reason we had the housing crisis, they were giving two options lend money out to people they know can't afford it or be blasted by congress and fined then called racists by the media for being smart and not lending to people that can't pay it back. The FHA had a lot to do with those loans, there are records of the congressional committee on housing led by Barney Frank asking the banks why aren't they lending to minorities and poor income people. Which they simply said they can't make the payments so why lend them money we won't get back. Which is when they were then forced to lend that money out.

    This is what happens when you have people in power who think everyone should be given everything on a spoon. No you earn your shit and work for it, how do you think the people that started great companies did it? They had an idea and worked hard and made it work. I know things are going to get worse just look at the stock markets they have been dropping hell gold has gone down which is odd. I just don't believe in people being given everything to them just because they failed on their dream. That's how the world works deal with it. People will always protest against people making money because people will always be jealous of them for having that money. Go out get a degree, learn a trade or start a company and you can then start making a nice living. I would put more blame on the Democrats since their the party that wants to give shit to everyone because they want votes from the poor and minorities along with labor unions which make up a small fraction of the work force(labor workers). Country is going to hell in a hand basket with Democrats just throwing money out the window to everything 9.1% unemployment that number is higher if you include people who gave up and stopped looking. Our debt has gone up so fast in the past 3 years from all the entitlement spending that the Democrats have done in the first 2 years when they had control of congress and the white house.
  15. Oct 27, 2010
    My experience with this matter:

    I got on the T today.
    Two girls get on in front of me on the train.
    Their attire was that of individuals who are ... remarkably free and agreeable.
    They were on acid.
    They were holding OWS signs.
    All I heard them say to one another was: "It's a great day for a protest."
  16. Mar 13, 2010
    I'm not saying we should look for handouts. Fuck that. The welfare system is already abused enough as it is. I'm saying we need to stop passing and making laws that are not helping anyone but companies. We also need to get rid of lobbyists these companies control and support. No more gifts (bribes) for politicians. We need to put more power back in the hands of the people.

    Again though, the government is putting it's nose where it doesn't belong. It should not be telling banks how to loan money UNLESS there is an ACTUAL issue happening where there is active discrimination which I highly doubt is possible on a national scale in every state in every bank in the US. I think that's more of a media grabbing headline someone played up rather than something based in actual facts saying 'all banks need to loan more money to mexicans and minorities'. The banks would most likely just laugh and say fuck that shit and sue if it were really truly stated in such a way. If you could be more specific though, like which banks, where, and maybe some links to this. I'd be willing to listen to what you got though.

    Going back though, I do not expect the government to hand me anything on a spoon. I'm saying look out for basic needs of the general populace. If you have a lot of people with no healthcare/dental, out of work, no place to live, and no food, what do you think is gonna happen? Personally, I'm gonna go with 1700s France scenario. If a person has these basic needs met, you have a much happier populace. The problem is we're embroiled in wars we don't need to be fighting. Supporting counties that should be able to stand on their own or make a new system. Foreign dictators. Illegal occupation of other people's land. And a slew of other things where we're 'aiding' other nations. If we stopped doing a lot of that shit, we'd have money for things like healthcare, government spending, and lower taxes.

    On the arrest and pepper spray thing, search youtube for OWS pepper spray incidents. It is unlawful for a police officer to use pepper spray on a citizen unless they are physically resisting arrest. There are quite a few videos where people are just standing around minding their own business and police officers just roll up or through the crowd and pepper spray people without reason or cause. If they were committing a crime, why not arrest them instead of spraying them then walking off. Does that make sense? No arrest was made, just pepper spray to the face. Totally legal right?

    My point here is, we need to fix some shit. Whatever going on as of the last 10 years is not working. We've been through a 'war' and now that it's pretty much over, we need to pull back and fix our domestic problems which are fucked all to shit right now. If we're smart, we'll use some of the money we'll be saving by not being in Irag/Iran/Afghan to fund and fix some problems. Because once people are back on their feet, making money again, and able to spend money, the economy will go back up instead of into a shit dive straight into another great depression.
  17. Mar 13, 2010
    Again, if you want control in a protest of anything more than say 5 or 10 people, you gotta have strict guidelines. How many are down there now? Upwards of a few hundred to a few thousand? Fuckwads are everywhere. Just look around you as you walk to work.
  18. Jun 4, 2006
    These are the kind of individuals that just illegitimize movements like OWS. It's the same shit where people hold up stupid ass signs... they're just detracting from the cause, not adding to it. Fuck those girls, all they're good for is their contribution to the protest count...

    Why do you presume this? I mean, I can guess why, one might think gainfully employed people can't go to multi-day/week protests, but there are a number of fully employed/part-time/underemployed people that are going to these after work and on the weekends. I'm also sure plenty of them have vacation time that they can dig into too, and are. Sure some of them are doing ok, have good jobs, but that doesn't mean they aren't REALLY pissed off. To say that OWS protesters are just lazy and can't be bothered to get a job is nonsensical and sets the stage for your entire argument on the matter and frankly is partly why I won't even give you my time of day to discuss OWS.

    I'm going to stay out of this thread, if you guys wish to continue do so, but don't turn it into a flame war.
  19. Mar 20, 2011
    What drives me crazy is how all these people take time off work or have no life with no job and are there to just cause trouble. If they wanted to make a difference they could go bank somewhere else, or simply not engage with business with companies they dislike. I can say one thing, with all the recent bank charges I think it is pretty brutal but you have a choice, negotiate with your bank, or find another. Citibank wanted to start charging $15 a month for my accounts and I simply told them, hey guys been with you for 10 years, can you waive my fees, if you don't I am going to another bank. Of course I said this is good mannerism and they went ahead and waived them. This is capitalism! People in CEO positions make money because they have gone to school and have worked their asses off. They were not just given their job on a silver platter. People bitching and complaining ohhhh they have all the money, get off your fucking ass and go to school, and get a job. Also stating this economy is so bad I can't find a job, I call this bullshit, you can network yourself, get out and walk into companies, if you are a hard dedicated worker, you will go far in life.

    That is my stance, what is yours....
  20. Feb 21, 2007
    if they turn into zombies and come this way, I am ready for them.