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World OF Warships

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Hitman 47, Jan 5, 2015

  1. Oct 25, 2012
    its taken me a bit to find someone else willing to breach the NDA but I found it...the video also had to be good :razz:

    So a few tidbits first this is the Alpha version of the game it still has a lot of features to be implemented before it moves into open beta and It doesn't show quite a few ships that the main Alpha build has.....like Carriers......derpy op carriers it takes 4 Torpedo's to sink any ship in game Battleship...Carrier anything as a Carrier you can launch 32 Torpedo bombers at a single ship and that = GG NO RE

    Anyway this is some of the gameplay watch the vid before it gets pulled

    via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJQxzDsiB5c
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    • Apr 9, 2012
      Looks pretty cool! I will need to try this out when it goes open beta.
    • Oct 24, 2013
      Nice. I like that the movement seems fairly fast and not sluggish.
    • Oct 25, 2012

      For battleships and Carriers they are a bit sluggish until you get your speed built up
    • Nov 29, 2010
      Ah I was hoping for more "Ooomph" behind those ship guns,
    • Oct 25, 2012
      that lobby is just cruiser vs cruiser they have at most 8-9 inch guns so unless you hit someone's ammo mag you wont see much damage but I've been on the receiving end of a battleships salvo and it took out half my hp set me on fire my rudder was jammed and my forward guns were blown out........I was doing 38kts as well and it jammed my rudder straight so I rammed into the battleship and split him in two :razz:

      He goes REALLY you ram me....all I said was you jammed my rudder with that salvo and I didn't feel like stopping....sue me

      it also really hurts to get hit by a torp :razz: