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xENIA's Random ban

Discussion in Help Desk started by PurpleHaze22, Nov 27, 2011

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  1. Aug 20, 2011
    Well, i'm just doing my normal job witch is administrating, around 1:35 i get a message from xENIA saying he was banned, i automatically looked in SB, Nope not a single ban came up, i asked him what server he was banned from, he replied i don't really now to be honest, i told it would be hard to know for sure where and when he got banned.

    1:36 PM - xENIA': heyy

    1:36 PM - xENIA': im banned off of plauge fest..

    1:36 PM - xENIA': -_

    1:36 PM - xENIA': -_- *

    1:36 PM - [pF] PurpleHaze: ill have to check.

    1:36 PM - xENIA': idk what for.

    1:37 PM - xENIA': i went to forums and they said hacking.. i dowloaded the DEM They have of me but it doesnt work.. i DONT Hack so idfk why i'm banned.

    1:37 PM - [pF] PurpleHaze: Whats your name in game?

    1:37 PM - xENIA': xENIA'

    1:37 PM - xENIA': <-

    1:38 PM - [pF] PurpleHaze: There isnt any ban.

    1:38 PM - xENIA': Says im banned..

    1:39 PM - xENIA': Yeah

    1:39 PM - xENIA': my name on there is either

    1:39 PM - xENIA': xelm or xenia

    1:40 PM - [pF] PurpleHaze: What server where you banned from?

    1:40 PM - xENIA': i have no idea

    1:40 PM - xENIA': thats the thing..

    1:40 PM - [pF] PurpleHaze: Was it a zombie map?

    1:41 PM - [pF] PurpleHaze: ?

    1:41 PM - xENIA': i really honest dont know

    1:41 PM - xENIA': i tryed joining one day and it said i was banned

    1:41 PM - xENIA': honestly

    1:41 PM - [pF] PurpleHaze: have you rejoined today?

    1:41 PM - xENIA': ive tryed

    1:42 PM - xENIA': says im banned

    1:44 PM - xENIA': well help?

    1:46 PM - [pF] PurpleHaze: Ill try my best

    1:46 PM - xENIA': Thank so much
  2. Feb 18, 2011
    Steam id? IP?
  3. Jul 14, 2010
    We need a STEAMID or Ip atleast.
  4. Aug 20, 2011
    Well it seems his name back then was iRun i looked through his steam ID he was banned for hacking by Badgriuel. Therefor issue resolved, i will have him do a ban protest and see if he get's unbanned. witch for the most part i don't think he will :locked:
  5. Jul 20, 2010
    He's not gonna get unbanned if he protests he was banned for hacking if he wants to hack he can go do it on other servers. I caught him speed hacking on ze I'm gonna lock this silly hackers claiming they don't know why they got banned.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.