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Yahoo - Noobie!

Discussion in Mapper Portfolios started by Si˚, Apr 20, 2012

  1. May 5, 2011
    Well Hello All! I am planning to slowly and gradually get better at mapping. Can't wait till I learn a lot more of what I can do with Hammer. So far I have created only two maps:


    Those are my maps I started with and knowing the things I could explore with hammer, i am planning to come up with more maps for mg and ZM. Right now I am working on a project for ZM, its slowly getting there, been busy with school so yep. And if you are a pro mapper send me where you get your tutorials or hit me up on steam and show me a few things :grin: or I might hit you up and ask for some guidance.

    Current Projects:

    zm_desert_burial // Lost, gotta redo
    mg_diehardsmee_beta (Maybe????)

    Not set names but ideas / plan to build:
    zm_training [To train horrible zombie players, includes pictures to help zombies]
    zm_propless [No props, straight up team work, but no cheap spots too]
    zm_pf_town [Town with pF stuff]

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      Hevn, Apr 20, 2012 Last edited by Yahoo, Jan 12, 2015
    • Nov 11, 2011
      SCREENSHOTS! :clap:
    • Mar 31, 2012
      there's enough screenshots.. just check his Signature lol...
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      • May 15, 2011
        Needs more Asians.
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        • Nov 2, 2011
          i request zm_asians
        • May 5, 2011
          haha when I have time to fix some parts of the map I will post some screen shots of zm_desert_burial :smile: and for mg_diehard That is my 2nd project haven't started on it yet.
        • Feb 24, 2011
          Sounds sweet, we surely need more mappers in the CSS community to provide and keep it alive!
          Don't hold back, feel free to ask for help when in doubt.

          I also vote for mg_diehard, it seems kinda badass.
        • Oct 17, 2011
          Woooooo. Mg_diehard is too much for a name and seems familiar. Change it to mg_mariowillkillyouhard_v1 and it's all good yahoo.
        • Nov 6, 2011
          yahoo i just wanna say gl and i liked ur last map and cant wait to see how u improve :smile:
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          • Apr 14, 2011
            I love Yahoo!