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Discussion in Everything & Anything started by huyly913, Apr 23, 2011

  1. Apr 19, 2011
    Can any Admin find out how long i am banned? Thank you :wub:
  2. Nov 26, 2010
    one week for team killing starting on 4/22
  3. Apr 19, 2011
    1 week, isn't that kinda harsh? :thumbsup:
  4. Nov 26, 2010
    according to the notes you have a history of it. be glad its not perm'ed
  5. Apr 19, 2011
    Whoa a history of it? this is my first ban team killing, the others are from telling where the last dude are camping at hahahahha :tongue:
  6. Oct 29, 2010
    You have a ban for ghosting and a ban for griefing, 1 week seems like a nice time-out for the latest offence. Hopefully you'll learn your lesson this time and not repeat your rule breaking habbits.
  7. Apr 19, 2011
    Thanks for telling mmmmeh.... :cool:
  8. Apr 20, 2011
    I was there. You teamkilled multiple times, even after getting kicked for it. Be glad it isn't a perma.
  9. Feb 1, 2010
    1 wk :razz: You have enough time to read rules :razz: