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You people are pretty cool

Discussion in Everything & Anything started by Beggar So, Jan 3, 2016

  1. Jan 5, 2014
    Hey all, time for my own goodbye-but-not-really thread.

    Long story short, I'm at a place in my life where I really have to focus on more real-life stuff. I'm moving to a new place, doing a lot of career-advancement work, focusing on IRL relationships, getting new hobbies, learning an instrument, etc. etc. etc.

    This isn't a "peace out plaguefest i'm outtie 5ever" thread. I'll still be on from time to time, so it's not like I'll be gone forever, but:
    • I've been losing a lot of interest in video games
    • I just don't have the time to play as much anymore
    Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge and recognize those who made the past 2ish years I've been here memorable. Whether you realize it or not, each of you impacted my life in your own special way, even if it was just shit-talking in-game or unimportant chitchat.

    This definitely isn't an exhaustive list, and if I forgot anyone, sorry, it wasn't on purpose.

    @Tony The Tiger
    @[pF] jedi
    @[pF] ghosted
    @Trigger [Red]
    @J BomBer's Booty Hole
    @Dora The Explorer
    @ιɴғιɴιтy ∞
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      Beggar So, Jan 3, 2016 Last edited by Beggar So, Jan 3, 2016
    • Dec 28, 2014
      -first- awe dang mang thats sad. well I hope you can get whatever it is out there you need so you can come back :laugh:
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        [pF] jedi, Jan 3, 2016 Last edited by [pF] jedi, Jan 3, 2016
      • Jan 3, 2013
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        • Feb 27, 2012

          Oh Beggar So, you magnificent being, how dare you leave me. :frown: best of luck, bro. Life always takes priority. Don't be a stranger!
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          • Jan 5, 2014


            Nah, IMHO it's not really that sad. I think it's about time I moved onto the next chapter of my life, I've been neglecting tons IRL shit ever since I got my first gaming computer back in Nov. 2013 (which is around the time I started playing here). I'm pretty excited to see what the future holds for me.

            Nebula? kek

            I won't :wink:
          • Jan 25, 2014
            cya begwhore way you let your hair flow free in the wind
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            • Apr 18, 2014
              We are always gonna be here for you, no matter what, even for shit talk, i hope we can play again someday, thank you for the amazing experience that was to meet and get to know you. Ill miss you <3
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              • Apr 26, 2015
                Now whose going to voteban me?
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                • May 31, 2012
                  Good times with the perm votes with each other. Gonna miss you man <3
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                  • Dec 27, 2012
                    You gotta do what you gotta do. Thanks for letting us know, just want to let you know that having you on the server makes it so much more fun. You da real MVP, man. Take care and visit when the mood takes you.
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                    • Oct 29, 2010
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                      • Jan 3, 2013
                        Beggar you LIAR, you told me you will leave when your admin abuses runs out and that your admin powers gets taken away. It's only 3 abuses so far, 4 more to go. Lair lair pants on fire. :rosedead:

                        Also you promised me to take me out for a nice dinner in NYC, and then never call me again. pls keep your promise.

                        still waiting......
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                          Sicachu, Jan 3, 2016 Last edited by Sicachu, Jan 3, 2016
                        • May 16, 2013
                          Beggar you sexy hunk of man. Take care man I hope everything goes well for you
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                          • Jun 17, 2014
                            Glad to hear you're focusing on your priorities! I wish the best to you buddy.
                            We gotta roll 4 Phat Dutchies before you leave though :callme:
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                            • Jun 29, 2014
                              Sad to see you go, dont worry i will still be there at the staircase in Firewall when you decide to try and pile up the staircase with shit, good times man!
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                              • Aug 11, 2013
                                Later :smile::coffee:
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                                • Feb 15, 2012
                                  Good luck in your endeavors and may you return some day....**whispers in your ear** soommmmmme daaaaaay.....
                                  Until then be safe, have fun and...
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                                  • Jul 7, 2014
                                    I love you
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                                    • Mar 10, 2014
                                      @Beggar So if your like me you wont make it past 2 days xD, wish you the best man, look forward to you comin back around.
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                                      • Mar 29, 2015
                                        :frown: :frown: :frown: Gunna miss you man. Good luck with everything tho. Wish you all the best.