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Your Song of The Day

Discussion in Music started by Brett, Jan 23, 2013

  1. Sep 6, 2017
    Song: Animus Vox
    Artist: The Glitch Mob
    Genre: Electronic
    Heard today: While streaming one of my Amazon Music playlists at home.

  2. Sep 6, 2017
    Song: Run
    Artist: Foo Fighters
    Genre: Rock
    Heard Today: While hiking some trails in Colorado near Brek today.
  3. Feb 27, 2012
    Song: Lil Uzi Very - XO Tour Life
    Genre: Really bad
    Heard Today From: Didn't necessarily hear it today. A bunch of my coworkers are obsessed with this song and it has grown on me and now it's stuck in my head.

  4. Sep 6, 2017
    Song: Pursuit of Happiness (Steve Aoki Remix Feat. MGMT & Ratatat) [Explicit]
    Artist: Kid Cudi
    Genre: Electronic / Rap
    Heard Today: While listening to my morning station. My morning station is random and today this is the song I took my morning poo too and thusly it is today's song for me.

  5. Sep 6, 2017
    Song: Space Unicorn
    Artist: Parry Gripp and Brianne Drouhard
    Genre: Electronic /?
    Heard Today: On my 2yr old's children's station this morning.

  6. Sep 6, 2017
    Song: In Hell I'll Be In Good Company
    Artist: The Dead South
    Genre: Modern Folk
    Heard Today: While looking for logging delays with one of our LM apps.

  7. Sep 6, 2017
    Song: Bitcoin Baron
    Artist: ytcracker
    Genre: Nerd Rap
    Heard Today: While working on a BaaS solution in Azure today and then getting a PagerDuty notification. I put this goody on to get me in the mood.

  8. Dec 6, 2011
    I don't even know anymore.

    Song: SIMPSONWAVE - mistakes
    Heard today from: SIMPSONWAVE livestream from Ryan Celsius. I hope you're doing fine and dandy @Benderius wherever you are.
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    • Aug 6, 2016
    • Dec 6, 2011
      Song: Mathew Chaim - Homemade
      Genre: Downtempo Chill or whatever
      Heard today from: R y a n C e l s i u s ° S o u n d s live stream.
    • Oct 27, 2017
      Song: Everyday is Halloween (remix)
      Artist: Ministry
      Genre: pre-"industrial metal" ministry, synthpop
      Heard today from: Found the cd 12InchSingles (1981 - 1984) at a flea market last week.
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    • Aug 21, 2017
      Song: Lovely bunch of coconuts
      Artist: Monty Python
      Genre: Comedy
      Heard Today: Kids were watching Lion King. Zazu was singing it.
    • Oct 25, 2012
    • Oct 25, 2012