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Zakk Wylde - In This River (Tribute Dimebag Darrell)

Discussion in Music started by Vicarious, Jul 22, 2014

  1. Dec 27, 2012
    This song was played in memory and honor of Dimebag Darrell. As a huge metal fan and a big fan of Zakk himself and after such an amazing performance, I couldn't help but to shed a tear. I decided to share this with you because this is one of my personal favourite live performances of ALL TIME. I wish I was there myself to witness the complete magic. So much emotion in that guitar.

    Keep Rockin', Zakk.

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    • Jul 8, 2012
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      • Dec 31, 2013
        Dimebag Darrell Abbott was the greatest solo guitarist to ever have lived. He could do things with that guitar that no one will be able to recreate. He may have been something from another universe...
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        • Mar 12, 2008

          I just think it's funny that you have Revy shooting something in your gif signature, and Dimebag was fatally shot.

          Dimebag was a great guitarist.
        • Dec 27, 2012
          Well I've had this gif for quite some time now. Too lazy to change it to something else.

          And yeah, Dimebag was the definition of great.
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