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ZE needs a map clean

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by Andrew, Jun 27, 2013

  1. Apr 12, 2012
    When I started playing ZE a little over a year ago, pF was full 18 hours of the day. Yes, it usually had 50+ players for 18 hours, and often more. Currently, that's not the case, and it is NOT because ZE isn't as popular as it was a year ago (certain servers that I wont name are still full like pF used to be).

    I think this is due to two things: bad map choices, and the voting system that sometimes encourages these bad map choices.

    There are three 'issues' with the voting system. These issues cause unpopular/'server killing' maps to be played.
    - maxing out the nominations before the 2nd extend, which causes 6 random maps to be in the map vote (yes, I agree - its a good way to play underplayed maps.. but SOME of those maps are hurting pF's popularity).
    - people voting for a bad map 'because its not mako/westersand/paranoid/etc'
    - people nominating bad maps they KNOW will be rtv'd, just so the map they really want to play goes through the recent maps list faster so it becomes available for nominate

    When one of these bad maps is chosen, it inevitably does one of the following:
    - causes a near instant RTV and a switch to a new map
    - empties the server out and 'kills' it for the night, sometimes as early as 9PM Pacific
    - causes players to go populate competing servers (no names, but you can guess which I mean)

    The voting system issues don't need to be fixed or changed, they would simply stop being issues if some of the bad maps were removed. I, and I'm sure many others, would like the map list on ZE to be trimmed slightly, just enough to get rid of a small number of the server killing maps. I'm certain that there will never be 100% agreement on which maps people would like to be removed, as every map is probably liked by someone. However, I'm pretty sure that 90% of players would be able to agree on 10-15 maps that could be removed in order to make pF more popular and attractive to ZE players.

    Examples that I've noticed that always get RTV'd or kill the server for the night (please tell me if you honestly like any of these maps enough where you would rather have them on the server instead of having 60 players for most of the day):

    - 2012
    - Alien v predator
    - barrage
    - infected prison
    - gods wrath (note: I REALLY like this one... but its unpopular and I would be willing to give it up to make pF more popular)
    - infected sewers
    - motanumInc
    - nuke (again, I really like this one)
    - ocean base escape
    - resonance cascade
    - sewer escape
    - sorrento
    - sst_v1
    - stalker escape
    - train escape
    - volcano escape

    Ideally, if management happens to agree with this idea (and if there is not a horde of people trying to crucify me for this thread), it would be great to have a poll for people to vote on the worst 10-15 maps that could be removed (like was done with ZM).

    Please remember, all of this is aimed at increasing pF's popularity because I think its an awesome server and community. If I happened to put a map on my 'examples' that you disagree with, or if you disagree with this entire concept, just politely tell me. If you're a person who likes pF ZE, I'm bringing this up for your own best interest :smile:

    tl;dr - spend the 3 freaking minutes to read the post. reading is not hard, and I tried not to use big words.
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    • Dec 30, 2006
      Also it doesn't help when we keep getting DDoSed by little kids. Shows how jealous they can be. :cyclops:
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      • Dec 6, 2011
        Gotta keep Barrage, God's Wrath, Ocean Base, Resonance Cascade, Sewer Escape, and Train Escape. They're enjoyable if we do well on them, and are actually really great maps.

        I don't see a reason in removing any maps to be honest, maybe just fix the nomination system? Even then, I like the maxed nominations limit, because then we get to play maps that are only on once a week. The people that usually leave are the ones who are constantly looking for Mako, Skyrim, Minas, Predator, etc. I've seen a lot of people enjoy a smaller or less played map, such as Infested Industry. We had uncommon players (less frequent ones) extend twice because they all wanted to beat it, they had a great time doing it too.
      • Jan 30, 2013
        I actually like the less played maps. Its always goot to get away from the same map cycle (you know the ones) one in awhile. Most of them are pretty decent, but are usually shunned due to being either "easy/classics" or having no levels/bosses. Some I'll agree should be looked at for removal.

        No need to fix nominations. Max noms plus double extends are always fun :grin:

        P.S. Im sure it's more of CSS' dying and changing population thats causing the player drop, as its happening everywhere(some not as effected as others), not just here.
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        • Mar 12, 2008
          Didn't we already do this?

          I'd rather go off map stats than personal opinions for removals. We have many ZE maps that have yet to be played, even : http://stats.plaguefest.com/maps/css3 (Ignore the stock maps; and yes I know lots of those are old versions/removed maps). I believe if anything that a few of those maps should be trimmed rather than ones people are familiar with and like to play. I could say trim the slightly less popular ones too so the other maps have a chance to be played (i'm talking more than a day or so). However this goes against the grain and would force people off our servers to go to other servers that are running their favorite maps. Everyone just votes for crappy maps anyways to trigger the reset for mako/pred/shroom/skyrim and other maps anyways, so what's the point?

          I am not opposed to informed and logical decisions when it comes to removing maps. I'm after facts.
        • May 31, 2012
          I like the variety of options we have and believe that the main killers are when the popular maps are already played; there are other variables that affect population such as time and season (ie. school, work, sleeping... etc.)

          There is obviously a player-base/population that prefer overly played maps which we will always have whether or not there are a lot of maps on rotation, but there are groups of players that enjoy trying new maps, playing something not "overplayed" or different... I strongly believe that removing some not "overplayed" maps will not help with the problem you describe and will go against our efforts.

          I'm against removing maps off the rotation unless there are a set of maps to replace them with.
        • Apr 12, 2012
          I had another thought too - what about a plugin that would limit the maps we could play to the top25 most popular maps during non-peak hours (9PM-9AM)? That would solve the entire issue, I think, without having to remove any maps at all.

          Yeah, I'm not saying my suggestions are the only ones that could be considered, or that my suggestions are disliked by everyone (hell, I really like God's Wrath). Those were just the maps that stuck out to me as hurting the player population. But as I said, everyone has different favorites, and so this thread is aimed at getting the discussion going... because I think almost everyone agrees that the map choices/nomination system needs some sort of reorganization.

          I have to disagree, simply because there are still North American servers that are as popular as pf used to be. And last year when pF was the most popular server, there were no other North American servers that were nearly as popular. Its not that the ZE population has decreased, its that they have simply started switching servers (especially late night).

          I agree. I would have no problem removing the less played 10% or 20% of maps, or using whatever other fact based system is used to determine which maps could be removed. My goal here isn't to remove certain maps - its to make the ZE server full like it used to be.

          But you do realize that there are over 90 maps on the ZE server, right? And of those 90, about 10-12 are played nearly constantly.. making the rest of the maps hardly played at all. I'm just proposing we remove the worst of those 80 maps - there would still be many, many underplayed maps available.
        • May 31, 2012
          But how will removing those map improve the server?

          I think all that removing them will do is reduce the amount of options for players who do like a variety. From what I have observed and spoken between other players the server is almost always low-population after the "overplayed" maps are finished. The trend will still continue even if you remove some of the other maps so all we will be doing is upsetting players like myself.
        • May 14, 2012
          everyone always says they love the less played maps and they are fun but half of them don't even play them. and they always empty out the server, i think its just stupid how people still want to keep the underplayed and boring maps when only a few people "enjoy" them. unless you like playing ze when the server is 20/63.
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          • May 12, 2007
            I would have to agree with the "lets keep them until we have no more room" idea, these maps although old, are nominated and voted on, if people didn't want to play them they shouldn't vote for them, i think it's that simple.
          • May 14, 2012
            Alls it takes is a donor or admin to say vote for the map.
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            • Mar 12, 2008

              I can understand that.

              A lot of it has to do with summer vacation too. I don't think our playerbase would waste away playing cs:s all summer. We recently got a huge influx of kids not only in ZE but in ZM also. Even minigames has been lively now and then.

              Once we get into late august/september everything will go back to normal and we'll have jam-packed servers.

              Zombie mod is a great after-work/school stress relief.
            • Nov 17, 2012
              Could trial removing !nominate for all players so that the map-list is completely random. Not sure if it would suit everybody though.
            • Apr 12, 2012
              Removing those maps will improve the server by not killing it when it gets to be 9PM.

              If you mean reduce the amount of options from 80 underplayed maps to 65 underplayed maps... then yes.

              I'm not sure when you started playing, but a year ago, the server was not almost always low-population after overplayed maps. Any map could follow mako/pred/paranoid and the server would stay full.. even at midnight. Now, the-server-that-must-not-be-named enjoys the ability to stay full, and pF no longer does.

              If only it were that simple.. please read the part of my first post that talks about the voting system. There are several reasons why bad maps get picked. If people vote for maps they want, why do some maps get RTVd so much?

              I dunno... I would like to agree with that, but some north american servers are full while pF is not, even granting that it is summer :/ As far as I remember, last summer pF was much more full than it is this summer.
            • Jun 23, 2013
              Lools like some of you want to leave just "mako" and play it 24.7 ^^

              One more thing which i had notice: sometimes there are a lot of spectators on the server online, for example: 16 specs and 6 active players, and players can't RTV the boring map, thats need to be fixed. I would like to kick all specs and RTV the map, but it's "admin abuse".

              !nominate command looks good (prevent play recent played map). But there are a lot of boring maps like: "mario escape" and due to spectators problem map can't be changed. :<

              Sorry about my english btw :smile:
            • Mar 12, 2008

              A lot of times donors stay in spec on some maps. Even admins stay in spec. I do this all the time, because I like to watch people play some maps instead of playing them myself. Since we/they have a reserved slot for the server they're more than welcome to take up a spot, playing or not.
            • Jun 23, 2013
              Yes of course, but yesterday i saw interesting picture: 3 players and 14-17 Specs, almost all specs == AFK, and boring map and can't RTV it.

              How about idea(mb its bad, but still an idea): disable RTV count on Spectators.
            • Mar 12, 2008

              In an old thread: (http://plaguefest.com/threads/spectators.12414/#post-170939)

              And brian posted this as a response to my question (Not the whole paragraph, just a snippet):

              So we would need to find a way to make this work if this were to happen.

              Nominate is a feature advertised in the donor description. It cannot be removed.
            • Apr 12, 2012
              I can't view it... permission error. Just me?

              I don't think spectators should add to the total RTV's needed (which would also make it so they can't RTV), but this is really not much of a problem now that we have the AFK manager kicking people from spec. A good number of the RTVs come from spectators anyway.
            • Jun 23, 2013
              Really? Than seems AFK manager is drunk and not doing any job. -_-

              But in fact, i think donators and admins have immunity from kicking.