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ze UT2004 Convoy, tactics and stuff

Discussion in CS:S Zombie Escape started by SubDelt@, Jan 13, 2014

  1. Feb 12, 2012
    As promised, here's my tactics tutorial for my ze_UT2004_Convoy map (v2_1). I'll try to include everything.
    I'll start with the items and finish with the boss tactics.


    There are 5 special weapons in Convoy. I'll describe them in order of possible appearance. Please note that the boss gets NO damage from any of them. Also, all the items are filtered to exclude the possibility of spam.

    Berserk Adrenaline Combo

    The first item is Berserk Combo. When activated, it gives infinite ammo to all nearby allies. The combo stops working 18 seconds after being activated. Single use item.


    Location: The boarding platform vehicle, under the boarding platform
    Appearance: Every round
    Number of uses: 1
    Reset time: N/A

    To activate Berserk Combo, do the following:
    - Press your [USE] key ("E" by default). You'll see the following text on your screen:
    "Press the combination to use combo. Press USE (E) again if you are not ready to use it yet"
    - After you see the text above, quickly tap WWSS to activate the combo. You have to do it really quick. You will know that you've activated it successfully if you hear a hissing sound and see orange trails flying around you.

    Recommended places of use:
    - The final holding point, inside the N.E.X.U.S. trailer, after the missiles reach the middle of the room;
    - Boss fight, after the turrets start firing.

    Known BUGS:
    - Sometimes, in a big crowd, may give ammo to everyone except the user.


    The second item is the Redeemer. It launches a small nuke missile that detonates when hitting a wall or an enemy, or in 10 seconds after being launched, and kills all nearby enemies. Single use item.


    Location: The forward weapon cache
    Appearance: Every difficulty (50% chance to spawn)
    Number of uses: 1
    Reset time: N/A

    To launch the missile, simply press your [USE] button ("E" by default) on the item.

    Recommended places of use:
    - The holding point inside the Repair Vessel. Use it in about 3-5 seconds before the side doors open to give your teammates time to fall back;
    - The last holding point, inside the N.E.X.U.S. trailer. Use it when you see that your team can't hold all enemies off.

    Known BUGS:
    - Sometimes, it may not detonate if hitting a wall at a small angle;
    - Sometimes, the Source's engine randomizer glitches and it causes the Redeemer to have about 10% or even lower chance to spawn;
    - Sometimes, it may not kill all enemies nearby. It doesn't kill newly infected people. I already know the reason of that, so it will be fixed in the next version of the map.

    Lighting Rifle

    This weapon fires an electric beam that goes through walls and kills every enemy on it's way. Doesn't spawn on every difficulty or every round. See "Weapons spawning theory" below.


    Location: The forward weapon cache, or the Repair Vessel
    Appearance: See "Weapons spawning theory" below
    Number of uses: Infinite
    Reset time: 150 seconds

    To use this item, simply press your [USE] button ("E" by default) on it. You'll hear an electric sound when the weapon is recharged.

    Flak Cannon

    Each shot of the Flak Cannon knocks enemies in front of it back.


    Location: The forward weapon cache, or the Repair Vessel
    Appearance: See "Weapons spawning theory" below
    Number of uses: Infinite
    Reset time: 4 seconds

    To use this item, simply press your [USE] button ("E" by default) on it. Be advised: it has a short range of fire, so use it carefully because you'll have to get close to enemies.

    Rocket Launcher

    The last item is the Rocket Launcher. It launches small sized rockets that explode when hitting a wall or an enemy, or in 6 seconds after being launched, and sets nearby enemies on fire for 2 seconds.


    Location: The forward weapon cache, or the Repair Vessel
    Appearance: See "Weapons spawning theory" below
    Number of uses: Infinite
    Reset time: 7 seconds

    To use this item, simply press your [USE] button ("E" by default) on it. You'll hear a mechanical sound when the weapon is recharged.

    Known BUGS:
    - Sometimes, it's rockets may not explode if hitting a wall at a small angle.

    Weapon spawning theory

    The first 2 items (Berserk Adrenaline Combo and the Redeemer) are simple. Berserk Combo spawns every single round. And the Redeemer has a 50% chance to spawn in each round.
    The other 3 weapons are different. They are not available on the NOVICE difficulty. They start spawning on higher difficulties: 1 random weapon on EXPERIENCED, 2 random weapons on MASTERFUL and all 3 weapons (randomly placed) on GODLIKE.

    On EXPERIENCED difficulty, random weapon spawns inside the forward weapon cache (watch the screenshot below).


    First, you must open it. To do it, stay near the circuit hatch (1) for about 12 seconds. After that the doors (2) will open, the console will say "THE FORWARD WEAPON CACHE HAS BEEN STOLEN" and the weapon will be inside.
    Note: there's also a buy zone inside it, so, if needed, you can rebuy weapons there.

    On MASTERFUL and GODLIKE difficulties, weapons spawn behind the doors in the rear part of the Repair Vessel (watch the screenshot below).


    These doors open when you open the rear door of the Repair Vessel (when elevator rises up). On MASTERFUL difficulty random weapon spawns behind the 1st door, on GODLIKE - behind both doors 1 and 2.

    Major tactics. Going through the map's holds

    Now I'm going to show the map's holding points and give my advices and recommendations on how to successfully hold them.

    Spawn Room


    Didn't expect to see this one here? Well, unfortunately, about 20% of fails on this map start in this place.
    The only advice I can give is get to any corner as soon as possible, and only then buy weapons. And stay sharp. If it's just a spawn room doesn't mean zombies can't get to you in there.

    The boarding platform


    After being for some time in the spawn room, you get teleported to the NEG vehicle (the green one, watch the screenshot above). You must make your way to the boarding platform vehicle and extend the boarding platform by pressing the red button behind it to proceed further. The boarding platform will be extended in 35 seconds after the button has been pressed.

    This is where about 50% of fails happen. The best tactic here so far is to hold the 1st jump between the NEG vehicle and the boarding platform vehicle (number 1 on the picture above). Since the button is far ahead from this holding point, it's better to have 2-3 people going ahead and pressing it. Also, don't forget to check the forward weapon cache: it may be some weapon there.
    If you hold that point successfully, you better fall back to the boarding platform when the console says "THE BOARDING PLATFORM EXTENDS IN 5 SECONDS". This way, when you reach the holding point 3, the platform will be already extended and you'll be able to reach it faster. Don't forget to cover your teammates.
    If you have failed the 1st hold, try holding at holds 2, 3 and 4. Holding point 4 may be even better to hold than 2 and 3, because there's a good possibility to shoot zombies off the vehicle there.

    The Repair Vessel (outside)


    After extending the boarding platform, you must get inside the Repair Vessel. To do so, you have to place explosives on the back door of the vessel. Just run near the door to place explosives, and the door will be destroyed in 40 seconds. The explosion can kill you, so don't stay too close!

    The most successful tactic here is to hold at the end of the boarding platform (holding point 1 on the picture above). But keep in mind that in 10 seconds after the explosives have been placed, zombies will be able to teleport right to the middle of the platform (red cross on the picture), so don't stay too close.
    If you hold this point successfully, you should fall back to the holding point 2 when the console says "EXPLOSION IN 5 SECONDS". But you can also hold at point 1 a bit longer than that, but not too long: after some time you'll have to fall back fast to avoid the air strike.
    If you couldn't hold point 1, keep holding at point 2. It's going to be a long hold, but you don't have any other choice.

    The Repair Vessel (rear door)


    When entering the Repair Vessel, the first thing you have to do is to open the rear door. You can do this by pulling the lever on the wall right next to the back door you're going through (number 2 on the picture above). Without doing this, you can't proceed any further. To pull the lever you have to stay near it for about 20 seconds, until the rear door is opened. When it's opened, the team has only 10 seconds to get into the vessel before the air strike comes.

    The best way to deal with it is to keep holding outside the Repair Vessel (holding point 1 on the picture above, the same as point 2 on the previous picture). Keep your eye on the console messages. When it says "THE REAR DOOR HAS BEEN OPENED", you have only 10 seconds to get in, or you will get killed by the air strike. It's also a good place to use Lighting Rifle (if you have it) before falling back, to keep your team in safety while falling back.
    If you fail to hold point 1, your only chance is to try holding the back door and not letting zombies get in. Otherwise, the lever won't be pulled and you will not be able to proceed.

    The Repair Vessel (inside)


    After opening the rear door, you must open the side doors of the repair vessel. You can do this by pressing the button in the front part of the vessel, the doors will open in 45 seconds. Note that you can not open the doors if you haven't pulled the lever in the rear part of the vessel.

    The best, yet the hardest tactic here is to hold the space between the tank truck and walls (numbers 1 on the picture above). After the air strike, all zombies are getting teleported above the door humans got through (red cross on the picture above), so make sure you're not staying too close. Also, don't forget to take special weapons if it's MASTERFUL or GODLIKE difficulties.
    You can make that hold easier if you use the oil tank (blue circle on the picture above). If you shoot it, it explodes and sets the space between the truck and walls on fire for 27 seconds. Everyone who touches this fire is being set on fire for 7 seconds. Note that both zombies and humans can be affected by this fire, so be careful to not slow down your own teammates.
    If you hold points 1 successfully, retreat to the front side door in 2-3 seconds before it's open. If not - fall back and hold next to the front side door (number 2 on the picture above). Zombies can use boxes (number 3) to jump on the upper level of that hold, so you better have a few people up there as well.
    If you successfully hold point 2, you should think about using the Redeemer. This will give your team more time to fall back and get ready for further holding. But doing so is not necessary. If there's no a lot of zombies, you can just throw 2-3 grenades at them. This will give you enough time.

    The N.E.X.U.S. trailer (outside)


    You made your way through the Repair Vessel. Now you have to get into the N.E.X.U.S. trailer to retrieve the N.E.X.U.S. missiles. To get in, you have to open the trailer's upper hatch. Just run near it, and it will be open in 40 seconds. It will close only when a zombie comes close to it.

    This is a 2 steps hold. Right after you get outside (holding point 1 on the picture above), you should stay and hold there. Someone, of course, has to go ahead and open the hatch. Zombies also can jump from the side using the green jeep that goes between vehicles like a shuttle (red cross on the picture above). Make sure you watch it as well.
    When console says that the hatch opens in 20 seconds, fall back to the front part of the trailer (number 2 on the picture above) and keep holding there.
    From this point on, you have 2 options:
    - When console says that the hatch opens in 5 seconds, fall back to the hatch and hold at the last holding point inside the trailer;
    - (was not tested enough, but in my opinion it'd be better than holding inside the trailer) Even if the hatch is open, keep holding at holding point 2 for some time. In 2 seconds after the hatch is open, zombies will start teleporting on top of the vehicle the trailer is attached to (red circle 1 on the picture above), so you still can hold there. 40 seconds later, zombies will start teleporting to the front part of the trailer (red circle 2 on the picture above), so you should fall back (number 3 on the picture above) and try shooting zombies off the trailer. If anything goes wrong, you can always retreat to the last hold inside the trailer and keep holding there.

    The N.E.X.U.S. trailer (inside)


    You made it into the N.E.X.U.S. trailer. The last thing you must do is to retrieve the N.E.X.U.S. missiles. To do it, you have to keep staying at the button in the front part of the trailer (number 2 on the picture above) for about 93-94 seconds, until the console says that the truck with the missiles is leaving in 10 seconds. Be sure to be on that truck when it leaves.

    Well, here you just simply HOLD. You need to hold the right side hatch. One guy stays at the button, everyone else is forming a semi-circle (number 1 on the picture above) around the barricade (if there is one). Semi-circle is needed to prevent zombies from going behind the supports on both sides of the hatch, and also to provide humans a better field of view.
    If humans start failing that hold, you should use the Redeemer (if you've got one) to clean the area and give humans some time to go back to defending.
    Unless it's the GODLIKE difficulty, when the missiles reach the middle of the room, you should use the Berserk Combo. There are 2 reasons for that: missiles block people's FOV and zombies start teleporting closer to the holding point. If it's GODLIKE difficulty, you should try saving combo for the boss fight.
    When console says that the truck is leaving in 5 seconds, get on the truck to escape (or to enter the boss fight if it's GODLIKE difficulty).

    Dreadnought (boss)


    So, this is Dreadnought. The boss. It's the armored truck that caries heavy weapons.
    The only way to destroy it is to try killing the driver or damaging the engine. Both are located in the front part of the truck (marked with red borders on the picture above), so this is your target.


    The more people have escaped on the missiles truck, the more health Dreadnought has.
    Dreadnought's total health is divided to 2 parts. Lets call them HP1 and HP2. Each of these parts are meant to be dealt with during different parts of the fight.
    Basic health for each part is 80 hits (160 in total). Each human adds 300 more hits to HP1 and 200 to HP2 (500 in total).
    Each grenade thrown at the front part subtracts 40 hits from both HP1 and 2 (80 in total).


    The fight starts when Dreadnought gets on the position next to the humans. At this point it starts getting damage.
    The fight is divided to 2 parts.
    During the first part Dreadnought is using laser guns, that can be dodged. Only the first part of it's health (HP1) is being damaged. This part lasts for 20 seconds. Laser guns are firing every 4.5 seconds (5 shots in total during the first part).


    During the second part Dreadnought is using machineguns instead of lasers (picture above). This is the natural selection part. Machineguns can not be dodged, so people who dodged more lasers will survive longer. And now the tricky part about health. HP2 can only be damaged during this part of the fight, and only if HP1 is being already killed. For example, if you have killed HP1 before the second part of the fight, you still can't damage HP2. Then, when the second part of the fight starts, you can damage HP2. Another example. If you haven't killed HP1 before the second part of the fight, you're still able to damage it during that part, but you can't damage HP2. Only after you kill HP1, HP2 will start getting damage.
    Dreadnought gets destroyed if both HP1 and HP2 get killed.


    I was able to beat Dreadnought in solo game. This is the tactic I was using.
    You've got to have Berserk Combo and body armor. Save your grenade and combo for the second part of the fight. The reason for that is that during the first part some bullets and grenades may get wasted because only HP1 gets damaged, while during the second part both HP1 and HP2 can be damaged. Shoot the front part of Dreadnought, and when the second part of the fight comes, use your grenade, use Berserk Combo and don't stop shooting.


    And few more words about the first part of the fight. As I said, lasers can be dodged. During that part, Dreadnought randomly selects what laser to fire. You can see which laser gun is about to fire by looking at small purple light glows (picture above). The gun fires in 1 second after such light appears. If the lower laser gun (on the left) is about to shoot, jump to dodge it. If the upper one (on the right) - crouch to dodge it.

    The end

    Well, I guess that's all for now. When I release the new version, I'll edit this thread to fit the new version of the map.
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    • Apr 3, 2013
      tl;dr version

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      • Feb 12, 2012
        Your version doesn't fit the boss fight :cute:
      • Jul 17, 2012
        Thanks for posting this, and the boss stuff
      • Mar 8, 2013
        this seems pretty crucial on Godlike difficulty. normally, everyone falls back at 5 secs before NEXUS hatch opens. it would be wiser to stay on top for 30 seconds longer, and then jump down on the side of the trailer just before zombies start getting sent to the front teleport destination.
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        • Dec 8, 2013

          was thinking the same thing too after i read that. next time we do this, we should definitely follow that guidance.
        • Feb 11, 2012
          Really nice thread Subdelt@ will come in handy for sure.
        • Apr 9, 2012
          Dat redeemer; seems familiar... :question:
        • Mar 30, 2012
          So, you make us do all that work during the event, and only now tell us that we should use the combo during phase 2.
          Or that the boss has 2 hit boxes. And that you can only deal with the second part after the machine guns start firing.

        • Aug 12, 2012
          everyone read this and lets do the event again!
        • Apr 1, 2012
          informative and thanks for the guide.

          hopefully you can quickly fix existing known bugs.

          but I feel that you should've posted this long ago (but better late than never. I guess??)
        • Jun 11, 2012
          I like this. This should be sent to people by e-mail.

          Also the flak cannon and rocket launcher pictures make me reminisce about good old competitive UT2004.
        • Oct 11, 2013
          I'm ready for another Convoy event! Thanks Sub!
        • Aug 12, 2012
          looks like we got to trim a LOT of fat with that boss
        • May 31, 2012
          What's that big red "x" in the middle of the boarding platform? Should I hold there or in front of it? :blahblahblah:

          haha jk.

          Excellent guide! It's got a lot of detail about future levels but enough to help us get through the first. I hope more people read it.
        • Apr 1, 2012

          that's where zombies teleport. zombies can teleport there roughly 10 seconds after Explosives are planted.
        • Dec 11, 2013
          HP of the boss is determined by the number of us?
        • Feb 12, 2012
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          • Jul 20, 2012
            I did not even know about these weapons. Maybe because we never win the stages.
            How do you outline that vehicle with a red line?