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ze_cathedral (Official release)

Discussion in Completed Maps started by JorisCeoen, Aug 22, 2012

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  1. Apr 9, 2012
    Hi everyone, so I finally am ready (after a lot of testing with @Dharkk for which I grant many many thanks!) to officially release ze_cathedral to the public Zombie Escape servers!

    I'm sorry that this thread is like the third? for this map but the previous one is messy and was a rushed post of which I don't want any posts anymore.

    This is the download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qnboxvhatcm9qmn/ze_cathedral_b1_1.rar

    I will post it on Gamebanana after I've been able to test it in public on a full server to see what the ideas and POV's are!



    Current information:

    • Name: ze_cathedral
    • Version number: b1_1 (Beta version)
    • Current nr of routes: 1 of 5
    • Total amount of time spent on it: 5 days (except for one model that I made a long time ago but I reused and revamped it for this map after all)
    • Expected problems: Poor timings, boring holds, holds that can be very difficult or impossible, trigger_pushes being poorly set up (At some point you 'might' understand what I mean)
    • Bug free?: I presume from yes since the last test with Dharkk. I could never know for sure yet
    • Special weapons/items?: Not yet! They can't be made because of an error in the SDK! But they were planned from start so don't worry about it!
    • Custom music?: Yes
    • Average FPS?: 60-150 (depending on your settings. I did it on all high with MSAA x 04)
    • Secrets?: No, I hate secrets :-/
    • Going to get updated and supported in the future?: Of course!
    That's about it guys! I hope you like it, let me know what you think of it, give feedback ^^
    And most of all have a lot of fun!
    • Mapping King Mapping King x 2
      JorisCeoen, Aug 22, 2012 Last edited by JorisCeoen, Aug 23, 2012
    • Apr 4, 2009
      Map "crashed" the server within 30 seconds. Only thing I saw was a missing sound.
    • Apr 9, 2012
      So it crashed due to a missing sound?
      Maybe it has something to do with the zr commands I use?

      zr_respawn_delay 3
      zr_infect_mzombie_ratio 8
      zr_infect_spawntime_min 10.0
      zr_infect_spawntime_max 15.0
      zr_infect_mzombie_respawn 1

      EDIT: I tried adding you as a friend on Steam but it seems impossible as you have exceeded your friends limit x) I did it because it might easen searching out the problem. However if it only says missing sound (of which I'm sure it shouldn't hurt especially since the first song only plays after 2-3mins of gameplay
      JorisCeoen, Aug 23, 2012 Last edited by JorisCeoen, Aug 23, 2012
    • Apr 9, 2012
      I've gone throught the entire map again and really the only things I used for the console are the zombie commands that could possibly crash the server (but unlikely as it are the same commands as in CS:S right?)

      Other than that I didn't implement any overly complicated things in the map at all... The only thing I could think of... Would be that I parented the move_rope of the big candelier onto it that's hanging in the middle of the church, and it might just lead to strange things but still there should be nothing wrong :-/ I did shot it to search it out but it didn't crashed for me, but I wouldn't know if it would crash it for the server.

      Really other than that there is no thing I can think of.
    • Apr 9, 2012
      I'm compiling a new version right now which has all prop_physics deleted as it might really have been the candelier bugging the map with it's ropes and physics. Also I removed the env_fires on the candles as they didn't seem to show up at all. It does not cahnge anything to the gameplay in any case but I hope it's either one of those 2, or as Kaemon already told me, perhaps you guys changed the code (since it needed to be rewritten) for the zombie commands?

      I will also remove the console zr commands and I will simply let your server care of it, but I'm sure it'll teleport zombies back to spawn before the zombie teleport happens and as such make the map impossible unless changed.

      If it wouldn't be either ones of those 3 (or 4 counting whatever sound was missing?) then I will become very afraid O.o
    • Apr 9, 2012
      New version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/r184996wgok5ki7/ze_cathedral_b1_2.rar
      Watch the GB page to see the changes: http://gamebanana.com/csgo/maps/168170

      In any case, if it is because the map is too heavy then I'm afraid I will abandon the project and continue with SSBB instead. I'm not wasting too much time on this one anymore if it will not work.

      The thing is, the middle of the cathedral makes everything getting rendered. I can only think of the server crashing when all players are getting rendered + all weapons + all props + physics and sound and triggers...
      The worst of all is that there is no optimization possible at all at that place. Even func_occluders, areaportals, hint and skip won't work there.

      Haplo I have the feeling you tested my map after the small update that caused ZE to completely break at that point. Are you sure the map simply didn't crashed due to that (I really hope so)?

      Reverted to b1_1 since it worked anyways
      JorisCeoen, Aug 23, 2012 Last edited by JorisCeoen, Aug 23, 2012
    • Apr 4, 2009
      Retesting the original, seems to be working only complaint is low FPS.
    • Apr 9, 2012
      Hmmm I got good FPS but anyways, it's indeed not one of the easiest to run maps...
      However it has arguably the same FPS as Predator sometimes give me and better than some other ze maps on CS:S so complaints about low FPS are basically people with their settings too high for their computer to be run.
      I'm happy it worked. However, the sound error that seems to pop-up the whole time is totally unaffected from my map since the missing sounds are the zombie sounds.

      Thanks for testing it Haplo, I really appreciated it!
    • Apr 9, 2012
      I wanted to ask (to anyone) if the map itself gave no further problems after yesteday? Many thanks! :smile:
    • Apr 4, 2009
      Only "bug" I saw was when a zombie died and respawned between zombies getting teleported to the front thing, spawned back at the start and was waiting at the door.
    • Apr 9, 2012
      Ok many thanks to mention that, I know already why. As such I'll put a teleport at the spawnzone (and enclose it) so that zombies (who respawn) get teleported to the appropriate teleport destination :smile: