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ze_FFXII_Westersand (New Version)

Discussion in Work in Progress (WIP) started by .K., Oct 23, 2012

  1. Oct 22, 2012

    CREATOR: Slayerdragon
    MAKE HELPERS: K. and DJ-Kagalera

    "Starting from 0"
    The map has been made from 0, with more professionalism, more details and more gameplay. But keeping the same idea and story. If you are a lover of the mapping in CS:S map will be good that you see it.





    The map contains 3 levels EASY, HARD and EXTREM...


    "Materias and Skins"

    On the map you can get up to 7 materias for Humans or 3 for Zombies!






    In the map you will find 3 skins, with a skill to each...


    It throws zombies with his shield...



    It can hit zombie, damage them...



    It can heal humans...


    "The Fucking Boss"

    This is "secret", only imgs... :O






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      Kaesar, Oct 23, 2012 Last edited by .K., Nov 3, 2012
    • Jun 18, 2012
      Looks a lot better from the pics, I got to say that the earlier version is kind of a cheap rip-off of mako too. Hope the running inbetween the holds is more exciting. But again, looks a whole lot better already. :wink:
    • May 30, 2012
      Looks pretty good compared to the old one. :thumbsup:
    • May 31, 2012
      The bossfight area still seems slightly cheap and unnatural, for example, the completely round rocks (I guess he just applied subdivide to a cube, where he should have, in my opinion, applied both subdivide and noise to make it look 'alive' and real). The style on some screenshots remind me of Eddie's a bit; and although the improvement is obvious, I'd say some areas still look blocky and boring. I do understand it is a WIP, so I won't consider this the real deal. Also, I really like the idea of giving zombies materias/magics (although they should look more different imo, as they still feel too Mako-ish).

      I'm looking forward to this (I want to see Kaem's models in action too).
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      • Feb 14, 2012
        Looks really well done.
      • Dec 3, 2011
        Map seems nice update, though the materia's is a bit a steal-off from mako (like the white one pretty looks like a rip-off from the healgun in mako - seems like exact same settings only bit changed), you always could make them "not looking like a rip-off", its cool to have items but less cool to just rip-off other people's idea's.

        Like Enviolinador says "although they should look more different imo, as they still feel too Mako-ish", i totaly agree with that one

        Further then that i love the new update! Pics seems nice
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        • May 14, 2012
          i like this version alot better the older version just seemed to be plain
        • Oct 22, 2012
          If you need to highlight something that difference to the previous version, is the philosophy with which made east change. The mapping is much better, always tries to give a touch of professionalism, and I think that "lila panic style" is absent in this version.

          Really congratulations Slayer, you've taken a big step as a mapper.

          Envi, nothing impressive xD, the 3 controllable skins have only 2 animations, Run + Action, and the boss have Odahviing animations from Skyrim.
        • Mar 30, 2012
          I'd suggest changing something in the map name, because having two westersands that are pretty much different will cause shit ton of confusion.
          Something recognizeable like _ultimate or _platinum or something silly like that at the end of the map name.
        • Jun 18, 2012
          Replace the old crappy version with the new fun one?

          (lol sorry for calling the previous version crap.)
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          • Jun 15, 2012
            wow any eta on this? looks real good (alot bettter than current, and current is not bad at all)
          • Nov 6, 2011
            i gott get on the ze band wagon soon mang this map looks decent
          • Jan 11, 2011
            This really surprised me. I wasn't expecting a new version of Westersand, much less one made from scratch.
            It shows that you learned a lot about mapping and you now know how to make it look less like Lila Panic and more like an actual good looking map, good job.

            Specially nice are the 3 first screenshots; and I think it didn't use to have an Admin Room and now does, so thats a nice touch aswel.

            However, I'm not a fan of your Materias. First of all, as some mentioned, its a little of a copy-cat from Mako; but more important to me, since I'm making another FFVII Themed map (Junon), wich will have Materias (wich are from FFVII) and many will be very similar (if not equal) to the Mako ones, this will make 4 maps already with almost the same powerups (including Mushroom Forest).
            But Mushroom Forest is quie different/weird on its own, has an identity; I haven't played this new version but Westersand used to look/feel like "Cheap Mako" (Gather Materias, Go Down, Fight Dragon, Go Up, Figh ChocoboSephiroth). XD

            Being a Final Fantasy game, I understand that there is a magic system in FFXII, and that there is only so much that you can do with "Fire", "Ice" or "Wind" for Zombie Escape (Ignite, Froze, Push). But... Is it really necesary to make them look like Materias? Why not try to make them more different on their own (even if they will still have similar effecs)? After all, there are no Materias in FFXII, they use Magicks there.
            This being told... I wouldn't know personally how to make them different from Mako while still being the same elements. XD (Talking is easy)

            But now that I think about it... Didn't you call them "Magicks" in the old version? Did you rename them "Materias" because that what everyone kept calling them? XD

            Anyway, nice work updating the map.
            Kaemon, Oct 25, 2012 Last edited by Kaemon, Oct 25, 2012
          • May 30, 2012
            I fully agree with Kaemon.
            Another kind of magical system will be an idea.
            Materias will be the same as in Mako_Reactor and i(probably others) would love to see a new kind of Magic spell, new ideas and the way they are used.
            Also let peoples call them Materias if they want, but i would still prefer to use their right name.
          • Aug 18, 2012
            Looks much better!
          • Aug 10, 2012
            I've had the privilage of seeing the map in progress a few times, and the items etc.
            All I can say is it looks amazing! So good, I can't wait to play this awesome map.
          • Jun 18, 2012
            ''Ice'' Instead of frozen zombies, extreme slippery ground for the zombies, allowing for more knockback from bullets?
            ''Wind'' Allowing for all humans to fly for a particulair amount of time.

            Imagination :wink: Lol I know those 2 things can be griefed easily but it's just something that popped up in my head when I read your comment.
          • Oct 22, 2012
            Materias, Magics... the name da same.

            What you can try to do is change the action of these so that they are not something similar to the those of Mako. Thanks for the ideas Fornax, safe Slayerdragon will look at your post.

            Slayerdragon is currently focusing on details for the entire map, airport, desert, cave...and Re-Mapping some areas for one good vision. When he finish all this, focus only on the gameplay, which is when see many suggestions of people (Materias Reactions, Other tips...)
            Kaesar, Oct 25, 2012 Last edited by .K., Oct 25, 2012
          • Nov 3, 2012

            I have made the latest version of ze_FFXII_Westersand_v4b (see link at bottom of the post). Hope u will enjoy the map :smile:

            This map contains:
            • 3 difficulties (normal, hard, extreme)
            • 7 human materias
            • 3 zombie materias
            • 3 human models (basch, ashe, balthier of FFXII)
            • 2 zombie chocobos (why not)
            • a bossfight (with a flying dragon)
            • a chocoborace (random at level easy)
            • a random bossevent in the desert
            • 2 shops in the airport with human and zombie items (the shops only open when reach certain points in the map!)
            • a "surprise" at extreme end :smile:


            GAMEBANANA link: http://gamebanana.com/csszm/maps/169948

            I'm not finished with the map, i will add more difficulties/details when i have time (which i dont have now), if there are bugs (and there will be) post them here, or send me an email, i will fix them ASAP.

            And thank u all by giving tips, ideas, critics. Thank u Kaem for the beautiful animations to all models and giving a lot of tips for detailing. Thanks to all testers for giving ideas, and ofcourse testing the map.
            @Kaemon i change the materias into magicks by adding a staff and slightly change the animations (adding movements to the staff, etc..). I hope u like it xD.

            And at last, i hope u will enjoy the map :wink: Tips and ideas are always welcome!
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            • Apr 9, 2012
              A I see you took the staff idea ^^ nice!