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Discussion in Completed Maps started by thegregster101, Oct 12, 2011

  1. Feb 14, 2011
    Here i have a special version of my mine craft themed zombie escape map. I have made a few changes to it:

    • zombie pushes time reduced to 5 seconds from 7 in the first area of the map
    • push trigger at house now 1100 push rarther than 1000
    • fixed a rare bug with the minecart at the end (could turn around and go the other way)
    • trigger in the "volt" now holds zombies for less time
    • removed the "secret room" secret
    • added plague fest banners to end safe room and wooden houses
    • rock at first hold does not break as fast
    • wood that holds the rocks has more hp
    • removed music
    • fixed hdr bug that pF had with their own edit version "nm_pf"
    • added another ladder at end area for zombies
    • tree spawn path made more easy
    • changed the clouds to look better on servers with no fog

    This version will be a little more harder but nothing drastic. Hope you upload and enjoy :smile:

    note: if there are any bugs created by this update or the map has become unbalenced i will update it to "pfv2"