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ze_predator_ultimate final boss

Discussion in Tutorials started by Luffaren, Jan 8, 2012

  1. Feb 24, 2011
    Time to sum it all up in a shorter tutorial, here ya go!

    Killing the Predator on ultimate have become easier since Ray fixed the servers, so everything you need to pretty much do is..

    * Throw ALL the grenades exactly as the predator lands (this means releasing the left mouse button at the exact moment as he lands, otherwise the nades won't really count If being thrown earlier)

    * Make sure you got players who knows what they're doing to some level, circle around the Predator avoiding him as you shoot

    * ALWAYS have a few players defending the platforms, so the zombies can't get over (3-4 players should do just fine, could be even less with some skilled people)

    * Make sure the alien device stays safe, and use it once the ragemode begins. You need to make sure it gets activated *after* he starts his running animation (if you do it too early it wont count). Also, activate it near the zombies since it'll slow them down and helps the defenders out. It doesn't matter how far you are from the predator, it still counts.

    * When the predator starts laughing and a stairway appears, everyone except for one player needs to hold off the zombies. Try to shoot them off the sides while one player climbs up the stairway towards the core, that player needs to jump right in the middle of that red/yellow glowing ball thing which represents the core.

    * Once the core has been destroyed you need to keep holding the zombies no matter what! and gradually fall back to the final room, preparing for the alien.

    * Just before the alien appears (you gotta listen to the music and learn when he comes running at you, it's quite easy) make sure that EVERYONE
    has reloaded. Once he appears everyone needs to shoot at him, if too many players misses/doesn't shoot at all you'll die (unless it glitches)

    That's pretty much all you need to know, some advisor on the mic would be recommended aswell.

    Have fun and good luck beating it, make me proud.
    sincerely, your most ..beloved?
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    • Jul 19, 2011
      nice tutorial
    • Nov 29, 2011
      Quite nice tultorial Luff hope it will help us win and now for my loved signature emoticon :banana:
    • Dec 6, 2011
      Finally one of these have been added. This should be pinned so I can reference it to noobs. I think the major part is having someone on the mic that people listen to and that everybody holds the zombies as long (and well) as possible. :thanks:
    • Jan 14, 2012
      Small video guide for the final room, on how to kill the Alien (skip to 6:40).
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      • Jul 19, 2011
        bG server im guessing?